Tales From Taylor

Today I take a trip down memory lane with former Rider defensive lineman Gary Lewis. Tales From Taylor is brought to you by Maaco Collision Repair.



Me: So Gary what was your first impression of the CFL and Saskatchewan?

GL: My first impression of the league wasn’t very good. I had just left training camp in the NFL and showed up in Ottawa and it wasn’t very good there so I was having second thoughts. I played one game there and was traded to Saskatchewan. I thought well I’ll give it a shot and see if it’s any better out west and thankfully it was a whole lot better!

Me: How did you find the atmosphere here in Regina?

GL: Well at Taylor Field it had a real collegiate feel to it for sure. When I got there I didn’t know what to expect. But that town and province really is warm and inviting and they support you win or lose. I’m from Oklahoma City and it reminded me of home!¬† One of my favourite Tales From Taylor was the 1988 playoff game against the BC Lions. It was damn cold and I wasn’t used to playing in weather like that but once you get out running around you got used to it. The crowd was really into that game because the Riders hadn’t been to the playoffs for 11 seasons. Unfortunately we froze up in the big moment because BC kicked our tails.¬†However, it did set the table for our 1989 championship run. That is another big memory for me. After we won and came back to Regina the stands were packed on another cold day to celebrate with us! I’ll never forget that as long as I live!