Ryan’s Revenge

With the Seattle Seahawks down 16-0 in the third quarter, the pride of Regina Jon Ryan ignited a comeback for the ages. Ryan faked a field goal and threw a 19 yard TD pass to 360 pound back up lineman Garry Gilliam Jr.  Seattle QB Russell Wilson started off poorly but finished strong. The Seahawks quarterback threw a 35-yard touchdown pass to Jermaine Kearse in overtime to seal a 28-22 comeback win over the Green Bay Packers. Willson was intercepted four time before the Seahawks rallied to advance to a second straight Super Bowl appearance. They’ll defend their title against New England two weeks from now in Arizona. Jon is smiling like a butcher’s’ dog this morning. Not only is he going to his 2nd straight Super Bowl but he beat the team that cut him!  The former U of R Ram and Sheldon Williams Spartan was active on twitter last night:

jon ryan


Jon Ryan        @JonRyan9

Apparently I make a really terrible face when I throw footballs. Much better when I do interviews.


Jon RyanVerified account@JonRyan9 4h4 hours ago

Fun fact me and have the same birthday. Coincidence?


Tom Brady is back in familiar territory. The Patriots Q-B threw for three touchdowns to thump Indianapolis 45-7 and advance to the Super Bowl for the sixth time in his career. LeGarrette Blount (blunt) ran in three more T-Ds for New England, which won the A-F-C championship for the eighth time.

CHECK OUT THIS STORY…At some point during the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP, the referees apparently wondered if the football(s) were deflated. Bob Kravitz of WTHR reports on his Twitter feed.

Breaking: A league source tells me the NFL is investigating the possibility the Patriots deflated footballs Sunday night. More to come. I’m told at one point the officials took a ball out of play and weighed it. Should hear more tomorrow on this subject. Didn’t have a chance to talk to colts officials about this. They were long gone when I heard this. Nobody is suggesting this is why the colts lost obviously. They were manhandled. Told if a league investigation confirms deflated footballs it will result in lost draft picks. Stay tuned.

Deflated footballs are apparently easier to throw and catch. This could be a big story.


1.  For all the talk about Seahawks fans being “The 12th Man” that helped propel the team over the top . . . some of them QUIT yesterday’s game early, and left the game when the Packers seemed to have the game under control.



Then, as they were walking away, they heard the crowd FREAKING OUT.  The stadium has a “no re-entry” policy, so they were stuck standing outside, wishing they wouldn’t have left.  (Here are some sad photos of those fans.)




2.  It was all celebration inside the stadium after the Seahawks completed their comeback in overtime.  One fan ran onto the field . . . dropped his pants . . . and chugged a (likely alcoholic) drink.



And defensive lineman Michael Bennett rode a police bike around the field.  Naturally, that led to a fair amount of Internet memes.





3.  Seattle running back MARSHAWN LYNCH was going to wear a pair of expensive, custom GOLD CLEATS during the game . . . but the NFL reportedly threatened to eject him from the game if he did.



He may also be in hot water for grabbing his crotch after scoring a touchdown.




4.  In the closing minutes of the Patriots’ rout of the Colts, CBS noted that this is quarterback TOM BRADY’S 20th playoff win.  Which is more than 21 current NFL franchises have in the HISTORY OF THEIR EXISTENCE.



There are 32 teams in the NFL.  So that’s about two-thirds of them.




5.  Patriots coach BILL BELICHICK was showing off his usual style before yesterday’s game.




6.  A 21-year-old male Patriots fanatic has Tom Brady’s name tattooed INSIDE HIS BOTTOM LIP.  (???)  Even crazier, he got the tattoo while in Indonesia.


One other football note from this weekend…U of R Rams receiver Addison Richards had 2 catches for 19 yards as he played this weekend in the East-West Shrine game in Florida. Richards is expected to be a first round pick in this spring’s CFL draft. 



I spent Saturday night in Shaunavon as we raised money for the Badgers hockey team. I was accompanied by former Riders Mike McCullough and Matt Dominguez and tough guy Georges Laraque. It was Georges first time in our province and he was shocked when I told him we needed to travel 3 and a half hours. Once we got there it was wonderful night. I love going to these towns and meeting great people. Thanks to Ken, Ray, Vince, Linda, Janice, Blaine and Cory for inviting me to sit with them at dinner. If you’re ever in that town make sure you check out Crescent Point Wickenheiser Centre, what a nice place!

(By the way, the 38 year old Laraque has agreed to come out of retirement in March to play two  games in Norway. He’ll be paid 30 thousand Euros for his efforts.)