Renee..What Have You Done?


RENEE ZELLWEGER attended an event on Monday night looking like . . . ANYONE BUT RENEE ZELLWEGER.  She has had something done to her face, to the point where she doesn’t even look like herself.  For one thing, her signature SQUINTY EYES seem to be a thing of the past.


OZZY and SHARON OSBOURNE are worth around $236 MILLION.  Yet their daughter KELLY thinks they’ll need some financial help in their retirement.  She says, quote, “My dream is to make enough money doing what I love so that my parents never have to work again and I can look after them.”


A company has invented a HOVERBOARD like the one MICHAEL J. FOX rides in “Back to the Future 2” . . . but it has its drawbacks.  It can only hover over a special metallic surface, the battery life is A FEW MINUTES and it only hovers three-quarters of an inch above the ground.  Also, it’s really noisy..Still, it hovers . . . and you can actually ride it.  It’s called the Hendo Hoverboard.  (Check it out here.  And here’s the hoverboard scene from “Back to the Future 2”.)



George Lucas said movie studios don’t have any imagination or talent:


. . . Then he cashed a check for the seventh, eighth, and ninth “Star Wars” movies.






Sexy Pictures of Famous People 



RIHANNA has a silly case that makes her phone look like a STONE AGE cell phone.


BLAKE LIVELY busted out some pregnant cleavage.


MICHAEL STRAHAN showed off some EPIC ABS on the set of “Magic Mike XXL”.




Frank press conference

It has been a gut wrenching season so far for the University of Regina Rams. The club has dropped 5  games in a row including last week’s crippling 33-32 defeat in Vancouver. In fact , three of their five losses, have been by a combined 8 points.  I’m hoping the “Boys in The Horns” will battle hard right until the final whistle for their outgoing coach Frank McCrystal. A lot of people love the fact McCrystal appears to be leaving football without a playoff berth but I predict this team will play it’s finest football of the season beginning this Saturday.  The Rams (1-5) aren’t mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, but will need to defeat both Manitoba and Alberta in Week 7 and Week 8 to have a chance at qualifying for the postseason. Both of those games are at home, Our coverage of  Saturday’s game  begins with the pre-game show at 1:45 on 620 CKRM…

One other note…I’ve always said going to a CIS game is like watching the Stars of Tomorrow, Today. So with that in mind make sure you get out to Mosaic to watch a top 3 CFL prospect by the name of Addison Richards. This 6’5 215 lb receiver has 774 receiving yards on the season, already the fourth most in University of Regina history with two games still left on the schedule. Richards is definitely worth the price of admission.





With World Series underway I thought we’d check out some baseball fun facts:


The average career span of an MLB ball is 6 pitches..


In the average baseball game, there are 300,000 to 1 odds that a fan will get hit with a baseball.


13 years after Babe Ruth died, Roger Maris broke his home run record. 13 years after Maris died, Mark McGwire broke his record..


Between 2 and 3 jockeys are killed each year. That’s about how many baseball players have died in baseball’s entire professional history.



we are marshall

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY says that part of the reason he became a Washington Redskins fan as a kid in Texas is because when he’d watch Westerns, he always rooted for the Indians.  And when asked if he thought the name was offensive, he didn’t really say . . . although he wishes it wouldn’t change.  He adds, quote, “I dig it.  It gives me a little fire and some oomph.”  He explains, quote, “What interests me is how quickly it got pushed into the social consciousness.  We were all fine with it since the 1930s, and all of a sudden we go, ‘No, gotta change it’?

MICHAEL SAM has been cut from the Dallas Cowboys practice squad


Khloe Kardashian reportedly wants to reunite with former Laker Lamar Odom.  Though unless she magically transforms into a giant crack pipe, I’m guessing he’s not interested.

Here’s a gallery of 26 hot hockey players.




Here are 10 things you’re doing that might be SHORTENING your life.  Happy Wednesday!



1.  You’re single.  Studies show that being single for long periods of time could shave a decade off your lifespan.



2.  You sit for long periods of time.  Researchers found that if you sit for over three hours a day, you’re cutting a few years off your lifespan.  And that ratio just increases the more hours you spend sitting.



3.  You don’t have a lot of friends.  People with weak social connections die at higher rates.  Experts found that being lonely can be as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.



And elderly people with a TON of friends are 22% less likely to go.



4.  You watch a lot of TV.   This is bad news for binge-watchers over age 25.  Every hour of TV you watch supposedly reduces your lifespan by 21 minutes.  Go ahead and do the math . . . if that’s not too depressing.



5.  You eat unhealthy.  Obviously.  But you might not know that eating red meat can shorten your life by 20% if you eat extra portions.



6.  You’re unemployed.  Not having a job can increase your risk of premature death by 63%.



7.  You don’t get the big O enough.  Basically, if you’re not getting any, you’re 50% more likely to die than the people who are getting lucky.



8.  You put up with annoying co-workers.  Luckily, whether or not your BOSS supports you is NOT a factor in your mortality.  But people with strong social support at work from their OTHER co-workers tend to live longer.



9.  Your sleep is messed up.  If you get less than five hours or more than NINE hours, your life expectancy decreases.




10.  You fear death.  The fear of a shortened lifespan is called “thanatophobia” . . . and it can actually CAUSE you to have a shortened lifespan.


QUOTE OF THE DAY: The key ingredient to any kind of happiness or success is to never give less than your best.