Public Enemy #1

boBo Levi Mitchell is one of 60 CFL stars in Regina for the inaugural CFL week. I had a chance to sit down with the Calgary Stampeders star quarterback and I have to say I like the guy.


Me:  How does it feel to be here in the place where you are usually public enemy number 1?

BLM: Ya, I’m not their favourite person out here but it’s awesome. It seems like there is more media here than a Grey Cup. I’ve always said Saskatchewan fans are the best in the league. You want to be hated. It’s fun to be yelled at in the visiting park. And the new stadium looks great, I can’t wait to play in it and try and quiet the crowd!

ME: You’re a new dad?

BLM: I sure am and man am I ever excited. I think it fits me well. I’m having fun and there’s nothing better than her wandering eyes locking on you and she smiles or giggles or poops on you!

ME: Are you good at changing diapers?

BLM: The fastest, I’m the best!

ME: Who taught you?

BLM: I practiced on my 2 nephews, so I perfected that skill, in fact the wife hasn’t changed one diaper when I’m around.

ME: Your daughter’s name is ELE is there any significance behind that choice.

BLM: Just  ELE–Everybody Love Everybody. We need that in the world right now.

ME: Have you re-lived the end of that Grey Cup?

BLM:  Only about 3 thousand times. It’s a painful way to end the season. I’m going to bottle that feeling and use it as motivation this year.

ME: What would you have done differently at the end of that game?

BLM: Oh gosh man I can’t answer that. I got a little hot headed and wrongly called my coach out after the game. But it’s because I’m selfish on the football field in that I’m confident in my ability and I want the ball in my hands.  Don’t get me wrong I believe in Buckley and Messam too but I believe in me.  If you look at the tape we had scored a touchdown on the exact same play going the other way. So we thought we’d flip sides and catch them adjusting  but they fell into being the right position and made a helluva play!

ME: So a new dad on the road I imagine you a getting some much need rest?

BLM: No way Ballsy I was up till 4 am playing poker at the Casino with Matt Nichols. We won some money because poker is my game. I was going home early but this fan sat down beside me. He is a long time season ticket holder here and he started talking about Moon, Flutie and Conredge Holloway and I just love those old stories so I stayed up late.