This week I speak with Riders punt Josh Bartel. Pro-Files is brought to you the Saskatchewan Abilities Council Wood Products Division.


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Me: Last year you didn’t play football what did you do?

JB: Worked on a construction site back home in Australia. I didn’t like it.. I like kicking footballs for a living.

Me: What do you like to do away from the field?

JB: I like to golf, me and a couple of the guys like Graig Newman  like to hit a few balls over at Aspen Links. If I could play any other sport professionally I’d be a pro-golfer.

Me: You played Aussie Rules football…worst injury?

JB: I injured my AC joint in my shoulder.

Me: Does it bother you when the teammates bug you about doing very little in practice?

JB: Hey now Ballsy, we do lots of work behind the scenes..(Laughs). Actually they should bug us we don’t do that much!

Me: How do you occupy yourself during the game?

JB: Well I do watch the game, but I like to go around and piss guys off!

Me: Best sideline prank this season that you have pulled.

JB: Well I loosened the top of the water bottle on Greg Jones and he spilled all over himself. He’s vowing to get me back.

Me: Favourite restaurant in Regina?

JB: Mr. Mike’s because we get 50 percent off

Me: 2 biggest Halloween costumes this year are supposed to be Donald Trump and Pokémon Go..what do you think?

JB: That’s dumb. Halloween wasn’t a big thing in Australia so I like the fact it’s celebrated here. I dressed up as a crocodile a couple of years in a row. I have some big plans for this Halloween but I’m not telling you.

Me: Make your bed everyday?

JB: Nope

Me: Biggest pet peeve?

JB: Besides answering your goofy questions? (laughs) Oh messy people.

Me: Says the guy who doesn’t make his bed.

JB: Hey nobody sees that and I’m just crawling into it again..