Now That’s A Tip!



WADE DAVIS is a relief pitcher for the Kansas City Royals, and he’s been LIGHTS OUT in the eighth inning this year.  But his wife Katelyn is in the news right now too . . . for being a VERY good tipper. Before Game One of the World Series on Tuesday, Katelyn and some friends were at a restaurant just south of Kansas City called Rock & Brews.  And their waiter was a guy named Ryan O’Connor, who looks to be in his 20s. And after Ryan dropped off their check, he started to walk away.  But then Katelyn called him back . . . and asked if, instead of a tip, he’d like to have a free TICKET to the game that night. Ryan’s manager ended up giving him the rest of the night off so he could go.  We’re not sure where his seats were, but he sat with Katelyn and her family.  So I assume they were VERY good seats. According to the website SeatGeek, the average World Series ticket is going for $950.  And really GOOD seats have been going for as much as SIX GRAND. Unfortunately for Ryan, the Royals ended up losing Game One.  But he talked to a reporter at the game, and it sounded like he was having a pretty good time anyway.  (KMBC / Yahoo)



A Boxer Goes Nuts on a Referee After He Loses a Match



At the European Youth Boxing Championship in Zagreb, Croatia, two guys named Vido Loncar and Algirdas Baniulis were competing against each other in a match.

Loncar ended up losing the match . . . and he didn’t take it too well.  After it ended, he walked over to the referee and beat the CRAP out of him.

First he knocked the guy to the ground . . . and then he just kept punching the poor guy repeatedly.

Now the International Boxing Association has banned Loncar and his coaches for life.

(Search for “Boxer Vido Loncar Attacks Referee After Losing Fight.”  He lays into the guy at 1:13.  You can see another angle here.)



Doggie Style….


According to a new survey of 2,000 dog owners, people with PUGS earn the most money, and they’re also the most likely to be happily married.  Here are seven more things the survey found.



1.  Chihuahua owners give their dogs the most attention.


2.  People with Dalmatians spend the most money on them.  And randomly, they’re also the most likely to drive a sports car.


3.  People with golden retrievers are the best educated.


4.  People with Yorkshire terriers are the happiest overall.


5.  People with Labradors are the most likely to be single.


6.  People with bulldogs tend to be in bad relationships they want OUT of.


7.  People with French bulldogs are more likely to believe their dog “knows what they’re thinking” than other dog owners.


renee zellweger

Yesterday on “The View”, ROSIE O’DONNELL asked the question we’ve all been dying to ask:  Are we supposed to pretend we don’t know RENEE ZELLWEGER did something to her face?


She said, quote, “If somebody who is a public figure drastically changes their appearance so that they’re unrecognizable, are we as a society supposed to pretend we don’t see it?


(I’m with Rosie on this.  There’s been such a backlash against people simply for mentioning that Renee Zellweger suddenly looks a lot different.  And I don’t care what anybody says:  She does look A LOT different.   Why should we have to dance around it in the name of political correctness?  Man I wish Joan Rivers was still with us, because she would have just let it rip, and she would have put all these people being overly-sensitive on Renee’s behalf in their place. After all Joan was one of the all-time plastic surgery disasters herself!)




A 26-year-old woman in China recently got over a bad break-up . . . by sitting at Kentucky Fried Chicken, stuffing her face for a WEEK STRAIGHT.  She says she couldn’t go to her apartment, because it was filled with stuff that reminded her of her ex.  And she needed time to think, so she even called in sick to WORK.


Two guys dressed as evil clowns were working at a haunted house in Illinois earlier this month.  And one just got arrested for battery . . . after he pretended to attack a woman and her 17-year-old daughter, while threatening them with a VIBRATING SEX TOY.  The woman is suing for negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.


A guy in Tennessee tried to steal some stuff from a sporting goods store last Thursday.  But one of the employees runs hundred-mile ULTRA-MARATHONS.  So he just chased after the guy until he ran out of breath and gave up.


Mosquitos carrying yellow fever were found in L.A.:

. . . So, to recap:  Texas is stuck with Ebola.  California’s stuck with yellow fever.  And worst of all, our iPhones are stuck with a U2 album.