In The Trenches

Today Rider Plaza of Honour inductee Scott Schultz talks about this special weekend in Rider Nation and previews the Riders/Eskimos matchup. It’s brought to you by Bennett Dunlop Ford.




Me: Is it hard to believe it’s been a year since you were inducted big man?

SS: Ya time flies for sure. If Ivan Gutfriend and Matt Dominguez are anything like me it will be a weekend they’ll never forget. Outside of winning a Grey Cup it’s the single biggest accomplishment in my sporting life for sure!

Me: What are your thoughts on the latest inductees?

SS: Ivan was a locker room anchor. He’s a guy who really was a key not only to getting us ready to play physically but he’s so instrumental in the psyche of a player. When you’re hurt you think the world is crashing down on you but Ivan was great and calming your nerves and explain your injury. And Ivan has 3 rings. That’s a great accomplishment! As for Matt when he was healthy he was a dominant game changing receiver. The guy was leading the league in receiving in 2007 when he got hurt. It was sad but also uplifting too because he didn’t sulk, he picked up his lip and helped the other receivers get ready for a championship run. Even though he wasn’t on the field he played a big part in winning that title.

Me: This team has been so close lately, is this weekend where they break through in the win column?

SS: Boy I sure hope so. But a football game is defined by 4 or 5 plays. Those are the plays we aren’t making right now. If we are going to beat the Eskimos and deal them a blow to their playoffs hopes we have to make 4 or 5 big plays. And play the game till the end because Edmonton doesn’t hold on to the lead!