Idiots In The NFL




Some serious boneheadedness went down in the NFL yesterday.



1.  Rookie Buffalo Bills wide receiver SAMMY WATKINS made a ROOKIE MISTAKE during a game against the New York Jets yesterday.  He caught a pass that very well could have been an 89-yard touchdown reception.


But he started celebrating a little early, and got tackled by SAALIM HAKIM at the 5-yard line. No big deal.  The Bills scored a touchdown two plays later, on the way to an easy 43 to 23 win.



2.  Defensive end LAMARR HOUSTON of the Chicago Bears should have had more perspective.  It was the fourth quarter, and his team was losing to the New England Patriots 48 to 23.  So he really had nothing to celebrate.

But when he sacked backup Patriots QB JIMMY GAROPPOLO, he decided to jump; around like an idiot.  And he BLEW OUT HIS KNEE.  We don’t know the extent of the damage, but he’s having an MRI today. By the way former Alouettes coach Marc Trestman is in trouble in Chicago.


3.  JEREMY MACLIN of the Philadelphia Eagles got pushed out of bounds, and ended up taking out the Arizona Cardinals’ Gatorade table.  He wasn’t injured.


4.  I really hope this doesn’t catch on:  After a sack yesterday, J.J. WATT of the Houston Texans pretended to take a selfie.


–The Pittsburgh Steelers have their first winning streak of the season following Ben Roethlisberger’s ( record-setting performance in a 51-34 win over Indianapolis. Roethlisberger set franchise records with 522 passing yards and six touchdowns, with three TDs coming in the Steelers’ 28-point second quarter. The yardage total was the fourth highest in NFL history and made him the first quarterback to go over 500 passing yards more than once. It was the 1st time in NFL history that 4 QB’s threw for over 400 yds in one day!

— No team in the NFC SOUTH is over .500 and no team in the AFC NORTH is under .500.


kerry joseph

At one point in that game on Friday I turned to my son and said there is no way Riders QB Kerry Joseph is 41 yrs old. You know if the Green and White can tighten the screws on defence and special teams I think the Riders can make some noise in the playoffs..

Frank press conference

The U of R Rams kept their playoff hopes alive with a thrilling 56-41 win over Manitoba on Saturday at Mosaic Stadium. Both offences combined for over 1200 yards with the big story being Rams tailback Atlee Simon. The 18 year old running back had 243 combined yards and 4 touchdowns! The Rams (2-5) can qualify for the postseason with a win over Alberta next weekend along with victories by both Calgary and Saskatchewan. The Rams could also qualify for the playoffs with a Calgary loss to Manitoba and a three-point U of R win over Alberta, or a Saskatchewan loss to UBC combined with at least a 15-point win over the Golden Bears. Kickoff Saturday is 2 pm at Mosaic Stadium.

madison bumgarner

— Madison Bumgarner smothered the Kansas City Royals for the second time in a week, pitching a four-hitter that led the San Francisco Giants to a 5-0 victory and a 3-2 World Series lead. Bumgarner struck out eight and walked none in improving to 4-0 in four World Series starts. He has allowed one run in 31 Series innings, an astonishing 0.29 E-R-A. That is World Series record for a pitcher throwing a minimum 20 innings. . For the record, in 1985,  the only time the Royals won the World Series they trailed the Cardinals 3-2 before winning the last 2 at home..


–Joe Madden Is a free agent? That is bad break for the Rays. The Cubs should hire him right now.



A Girl Cried and Spilled Milk Everywhere, Because Her Football Team Lost

Here’s someone who got WAY too upset about football this weekend.  There’s a video making the rounds of a woman who’s about 20, freaking out and CRYING in her kitchen . . . after LSU upset Ole Miss on Saturday with a last-second interception.

At one point she yells that Ole Miss football is her LIFE . . . and she hopes the entire LSU team DIES on their bus ride home.  She also slams an open gallon of MILK down on the counter at one point.

(Search for “Ole Miss Fan Girl Loses Mind After Loss to LSU.”  She slams the milk at :22, and really starts to freak out at :40.  WARNING:  F-bombs ahead!)





Just days after TLC cancelled “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” because Mama June dated a convicted sex offender, new show offers are coming in.  Here are The Top TV Shows Being Pitched to Mama June.



“Keeping Up With the White Trashians”

“So You Think You Can Squander Your Only Revenue Stream”

“2 Broke Chairs”

“Two and a Half Chins”

“Here Comes Child Protective Services”

“Everybody Hates Salad”


 Forgive yourself for your faults and your mistakes and move on.

Stay Frosty! Ballsy