Friday Football Fun


Sorry Budweiser . . . Snickers has the Super Bowl commercial to beat, so far.  And we’re not sure how ANYONE can top it.



If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if STEVE BUSCEMI and DANNY TREJO from “Machete” were on “The Brady Bunch” . . . well, wonder no more.  (Check it out here.)



And unlike the Budweiser ad, it’s actually CREATIVE, and has a narrative that actually attempts to sell the product.



Because the ad is so great, I actually found myself wishing I hadn’t seen it before the game.  Not to be an old geezer, but there was a time before YouTube when we had to actually wait until GAME DAY to see the commercials.

Here are some other Super Bowl ads:






1.  ABC News has chosen the 10 best Super Bowl ads.  They gave the top spot to the MEAN JOE GREEN Coke commercial from 1979.




2.  Always has a great spot about changing the perception of what it means to do something “like a girl.”




3.  Here’s the Super Bowl ad for “Terminator:  Genisys”.




4.  Check out massive collections of Sunday’s ads here and here.




5.  As silly as it seems, I could see this Mophie ad causing some controversy . . . because it shows the world devolving into chaos because God’s cell phone battery runs out.




6.  Dish is doing a thing where you can skip all of the game except the commercials . . . but not live.  You have to record the Super Bowl and watch it the next day.







The standing rule is to drink a shot every time a Seahawk acts like an A-hole.



The bartender is Bill Cosby.



The pizza rolls don’t feel like they’re fully inflated.



You got the seat next to that one idiot who keeps screaming at everyone to be quiet during the timeouts, because he’s only watching for the commercials.



The host’s father keeps grabbing your arm and whispering that you’re the star of his “fantasy team.”



The dip looks weirder than Bob Costas’s face.



You slowly crack open a cold beer, but no Clydesdales run by or bikini-clad women suddenly appear.



Ten people were just stabbed, after someone decided to let the Raiders fans out of their cage. Right Premier Wall?




The Super Bowl is slotted to last up to four hours, but check this out: You’re only going to see about 17 minutes of actual GAME time.

The Media Education Foundation analyzed last year’s game, which took three hours and 23 minutes between kickoff and the end of the fourth quarter. Here’s the breakdown . . .

1. 72 Minutes: Footage of the field where the ball is NOT in play. Like players huddling, standing at the line of scrimmage, or just milling around between snaps.

2. 48 Minutes and 34 Seconds: Commercial breaks and on-screen promotions.

3. 23 Minutes and 46 Seconds: Replays.

4. 17 Minutes and 30 Seconds: The actual, live game, with the ball in play. Amazingly, that accounts for just 8.5% of the broadcast.

5. 16 Minutes and 37 Seconds: “Miscellaneous” stuff, including shots of the crowd, cheerleaders, and the sidelines.

6. 12 Minutes and 28 Seconds: The halftime show.

7. 7 Minutes and 30 Seconds: Promotion for Fox TV shows, since Fox was hosting last year’s game.

8. 4 Minutes and 52 Seconds: The halftime report.

For what it’s worth, this is less of a Super Bowl issue than a football issue. A researcher says, quote, “It’s not that different from any other game of football. It’s a game of intense activity around a lot of people getting ready for the next play.”

And if you think about it, it makes sense. A typical NFL play lasts just SIX seconds. After most of them, the clock continues to run even after the ball is blown dead . . . then the team on offense has 40 seconds to snap the ball again.

The clock only stops occasionally . . . after stuff like incomplete passes, scoring plays, and timeouts. So roughly TWO THIRDS of the time, the clock is running without anything happening. has a list of “12 Super Bowls that Actually Lived Up to the Hype.” The most recent one on the list is Super Bowl 47 from 2013, where the Baltimore Ravens edged the San Francisco 49ers 34-to-31.

Super Bowl 49 might go down as the most expensive in history. Yesterday afternoon, there were only 20 tickets available on StubHub that cost less than $10,000. The cheapest ticket was selling for $9,205.’

Seattle cornerback RICHARD SHERMAN could actually miss the game, because his girlfriend might go into labor DURING the Super Bowl. Yesterday he said, quote, “You know, I’d not like to miss the birth of my first son, my first kid . . .

“Thankfully and hopefully and God willing we won’t have to cross that bridge . . . he’s gonna do his father his first favor, and stay in there for another week or two.”

The NFL is supposedly tracking all the footballs used in the game with “added security” . . . to make sure they’re all properly inflated. But both teams are still allowed to practice with the balls they’re going to be using in the game.

 New York Giants wide receiver ODELL BECKHAM JR. has set a new Guinness World Record for the most one-handed catches in one minute . . . with 33. The passes were thrown by New Orleans Saints quarterback DREW BREES.

They stood ten yards apart on a stage at ESPN, and Odell caught all 33 passes with one hand. At one point, Drew ran out of balls, so Odell threw back some of the ones he’d caught, so Drew could throw them again.

(Here’s video. It was based on a Visa commercial Drew did with Arizona wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Larry heard about it, and Tweeted, quote, “Congrats to my boys . . . I’m coming for that record though.”)




The Patriots will have more answers for the Seahawk’s offence, while LeGarrette Blount will present problems for Seattle. Seattle gave up the 3rd most TD passes to tight ends in the regular season. It will be interesting to see if they have an answer for Rob Gronkowski. And let’s not forget about the intangibles. This could be Bill Belichick and Tom Brady’s last chance to win The Big Game together. With so much Deflategate-driven, mind game material at Belichick’s disposal I think the Pats play with an edge to their game. It’s still a PICK’EM game but I’m going with a New England 24-21 win. Sorry Jon Ryan I hope for once I’m wrong! Haha.