CFL Friday Night Football concludes with the Calgary Stampeders hosting the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Kickoff is at 7:30 pm with our pregame show on 620 CKRM beginning at 5pm from the 4 Seasons. The last time the Riders won a regular season game at McMahon stadium was August 1, 2009, a span of 6 games. Here are some other game notes:

12 spots in 13 years…This year’s playoff spot is the Riders 12th in the last 13 seasons.

4 straight losses…The Riders have dropped 4 games in a row overall and also their last 3 road games. They haven’t lost 4 straight road games since the end of that miserable 2011 season. Their last 5-game overall winless streak was in July-August 2012.

OPPONENT PTS OFF TURNOVERS…In their first 12 games Saskatchewan was the league leader in fewest points allowed off turnovers with 23 opponents points. Since then over the last 4 games, they have given up 51 points after their 14 turnovers.

Good starts…The Riders have blanked their last 2 opponents in the 1st quarter and allowed only 2 points in the opening 15 minutes in the last 3 games. However, over that span, the 3rd quarter has been a problem as they have been outscored 45-16.




Last night the two Rochdale Rivals went at it again with their playoff hopes on the line as Riffel played Winston Knoll. Mason “Montana” Nyhus threw a pair of touchdown passes to lead the Royals past the Wolverines 33-7. Next up for the Royals a date with the powerful Leboldus Golden Suns. The playoffs roll along tonight with 4 games:

5:15 PM
5:15 PM
7:30 PM
7:30 PM

Good luck to all the teams…The future of football in this province is bright thanks to these young players.



There’s a new domestic violence / sexual assault PSA featuring NFL stars.  It only took an afternoon to shoot.  But it took a year to find enough NFL players not facing charges of either domestic violence or sexual assault.

kitten bowl


Former Bengals QB Boomer Esiason has been named the first ever commissioner of a kitten football league according to a very important press released from the Hallmark Channel earlier this week. The press release included this picture which shows a kitten looking at a small football.  Esiason will serve as spokesperson for the FFL, which includes a Scouting Combine, draft, season games and playoffs that lead up to the biggest feline showdown in history, “Kitten Bowl II,” premiering Su-purr Bowl Sunday, February 1, 2015.



17 years ago . . . In 1997, MARV ALBERT was spared a jail sentence after he apologized in court for BITING HIS LOVER’S BACK during some VERY taboo relations.


Now lets turn our attention to some lifestyle stuff:



A Guy Gets Trapped in a Bus’s Door After He Tries to Steal a Purse . . . Then Gets Beaten Down by the Bus Driver



Earlier this month, a guy in Concepcion, Chile boarded a city bus.  When he hopped on, he tried to steal the purse of a woman sitting in one of the front seats.



He tried to grab the purse and run TWICE . . . but failed miserably.  Then as he tried to jump out, his hand got caught in the bus’s door as it closed and he was trapped inside.



The driver took off and hit the guy relentlessly with a baseball bat . . . making him CRY.



This went on for about a minute, and eventually the bus driver pulled over and the guy was arrested.  Lucky for us, it was all caught on the surveillance camera inside the bus.



(Search for “Bag Thief Battered by Bus Driver“.)



47-year-old Jonnie Boggess was arrested in Miami, West Virginia on Wednesday, after an animal rights group tipped off police that he’d been having relations with his DOG, a two-year-old female beagle-mix.

It’s not clear how the group KNEW about it.  It’s possible Jonnie’s girlfriend is the one who ratted him out.  Yes, he has a girlfriend . . . or DID.

He eventually admitted it happened while he was drunk . . . and tried to explain to the cops why he thought that LEGALLY, he was in the clear. First of all, he said he was extremely GENTLE in his lovemaking.  He also said he spent a lot of time PETTING the dog afterward, and telling her he loved her very much.

But the main reason he thought it was okay was because the dog is over 40 pounds, and it’s been fixed.  (???)

He was arrested on animal cruelty charges, and released on $5,000 bond.  Apparently the dog is okay, but he won’t be getting her back obviously



Most of us grew up hearing that you should never mix bleach and ammonia, and that’s true.  But there are lots of other common household products that should never come near each other.  Buzzfeed has a good list to keep handy.



1.  Bleach and vinegar.  Vinegar is a weak acid, and when you add an acid to bleach, it creates toxic chlorine gas.  You could suffer chemical burns to your eyes and lungs.



2.  Ammonia and bleach.  This is the one we all hear about.  It creates toxic vapors . . . and in a worst-case scenario, it could form liquid hydrazine, which can be explosive.



3.  Rubbing alcohol and bleach.  It creates chloroform and hydrochloric acid.  And don’t try it for ‘fun’ because you saw someone use chloroform in the movies.  It’s not a prank . . . forcing someone to inhale chloroform could KILL them.



4.  Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar.  It produces peracetic acid, which is corrosive and can scar the skin, the eyes, and the lining of the throat and lungs.



5.  Baking soda and vinegar.  It’s not a miracle cleaning formula.  Both of them work great if you use them separately.  But mix them together and you end up with WATER.  Vinegar is an acid and baking soda is a base, so they neutralize each other.




6.  Two different battery brands.  You could cause a battery to leak, and ruin your stuff.  Different brands will run out at different times, so one battery is dead and the other is still producing electricity.  And that can lead to a corrosive leak.



7.  Medicine and grapefruit juice.  Drinking grapefruit juice can cause your body to absorb some drugs at a higher rate.  So the regular prescribed dose could turn into an OVERDOSE.



8.  Tylenol and alcohol.  It leads to PERMANENT LIVER DAMAGE.  You should NEVER take Tylenol for a hangover.  It could cause liver failure, and 200 people DIE every year from doing it.



9.  Red Bull and milk.  Not that anyone would ever do this.  But Red Bull causes milk to curdle almost instantly.  If that happened in your stomach, you might be in for some serious vomiting.



10.  Ibuprofen and alcohol.  Doing this can tear the lining of your stomach, or give you ulcers.



11.  Antibiotics and dairy products.  The calcium in dairy products can decrease the absorption of the antibiotics, making them less effective.  You can still eat dairy while you’re on antibiotics, but not within a few hours of taking them.


TODAY’S QUOTE: “The one who works harder will come out on top.”