Dating Deal Breakers And Sex At The Gym!



Say you’re on a date with someone who’s great in all the most important ways . . . they’re attractive, they’re good-looking, they’re really hot.  You’ll probably give them a little leeway if they don’t see eye-to-eye with you on everything.



Except for these.  A new survey by OKCupid found the six dating questions that are GUARANTEED instant deal breakers.



So if you don’t agree on the answers to these six broad questions, you’re doomed.



1.  Do you discriminate against any race?  The most common answer is “no.”


2.  Is interracial marriage a bad idea?  The most common answer is “no.”


3.  Do you do any drugs harder than weed?  The most common answer is “none.”


4.  How often do you shower?  The most common answer is “at least once a day.”


5.  How often do you brush your teeth?  The most common answer is “at least twice a day.”


6.  Do you think using contraceptives is morally wrong?  The most common answer is “no.”



Um . . . is there an orgy going on at the gym when I’m not there?



Pumping Iron or someone!


A new survey found 25% of single people say they’ve had SEX at the gym . . . in the past YEAR.  How is that possible?  Doesn’t that seem ridiculously high?



Here are some more results from the survey that’ll make you want to use EXTRA hand sanitizer after you touch ANY surface at the gym . . .



1.  20% of people say they’ve had sex with their personal trainer.



2.  70% of women have fantasized about their trainer while they were getting-it-on with someone else.



3.  10% of people carry condoms in their gym bag.



4.  And 66% fantasize about sex at the gym to help push their workout.

It sure gives  new meaning to “getting ridden hard by your trainer.”