Darian Durant Returns To Regina

Montreal Alouettes grabbed most of the attention during day 2 of the Mark’s CFL Week in Regina. Below are of some his thougbts:


It’s bitter sweet, it’s a good day meeting my new teammates and putting on that Alouettes jersey but it’s tough putting away the Riders gear and saying good bye to the community.  I didn’t like how the Riders handled my release with taking the personal shots. I was never a Chris Jones guy. That’s why I only signed a 1 year deal.  But I’ve closed the door on that chapter. Today was the first day I put on the Als jersey and it feels good. It’s a fresh start and I’m excited..I’ve leaned on my good friends like Chick and Dressler because they went through this before me. So they definitely helped me through this process.


I’m sad I won’t be here to open the stadium but I’m happy for the community and the players that they have a state of the art facility. And I’m proud I played a part in getting it built. Im really happy to see some old friends and touch base with people again here in Regina for CFL week I’m enjoying myself so far. And I can’t wait to go against Rider Nation in week 1.