CFL Week Kicks Off

kevin glenn


Veteran QB Kevin Glenn was front and centre at day 1 of the inaugural CFL week in Regina. I asked the Riders quarterback what he thought when he heard Vince Young had signed with the team.

KG: I wasn’t overly shocked when I heard and I didn’t think it was ridiculous. I wouldn’t want to people to question the team signing me. You know kind of  like why did they sign that guy he’s in his 17th year, it’s his third time here he’s old news! We all have to still go out and compete for the job. It’s just another name and I’m not taking anything away from Vince Young the person because I don’t know him but we are all just football players trying to make a squad. Honestly the first thing I was thinking was if Vince Young makes our team we will get more exposure in the U-S and then more of my family and friends can watch ME play. ( laughs)

Me: Is this Kevin Glenn’s team to lose then?

KG: I wouldn’t say that. What I would say is that I’m confident enough to know that I can go out and be a starter in this league if I do what I need to do. After that it’s up to Chris Jones and his coaching staff. If it’s not Kevin Glenn then I have to support whoever they put on the field just like I’ve done all my career. But I’m really excited and may the best man get the job. Now get out of my way because I going across the parking lot to look at the new stadium!