Brady’s Balls…Give It A Rest Already!




There doesn’t seem to be much chance of this happening, but Las Vegas is now placing odds on the possibility that New England Patriots coach BILL BELICHICK will be suspended for the Super Bowl over “Deflate-Gate”.



They’re LONG odds . . . 15 to 2 . . .which reflects just how unlikely it is.  But the odds that Bill will be suspended for at least one game at some point are a lot closer to even:  3 to 2.



Most people are expecting the NFL to do SOMETHING, given that the Patriots are REPEAT CHEATERS.



Meanwhile, there are now reports that the Baltimore Ravens think their KICKING balls were under-inflated during their playoff game against the Patriots the previous weekend.



But the Pats wouldn’t have had their hands on those balls . . . (This is just the story that keeps on giving, isn’t it?) . . . so they couldn’t have messed with them.



And Ravens coach JIM HARBAUGH doesn’t think they were tampered with.  He says, quote, “I chalk it up to being cold.”  (On a related note, a coffee shop in Boston is selling underinflated football cookies.)


By the way, it wouldn’t be Belichick who let the air out of the balls, it would be a ball boy instructed by Tom Brady to let the air out of the balls..All anyone wants to talk about is Tom Brady’s balls.  I don’t know what the debate is.  They’re sitting in a jar on Eli Manning’s desk, where they’ve been since 2012!!!







According to “Forbes”, the most valuable NBA teams are:  The L.A. Lakers ($2.6 billion), the New York Knicks ($2.5 billion), and the Chicago Bulls ($2 billion).  The LEAST valuable teams are:  The Milwaukee Bucks ($600 million), and the Minnesota Timberwolves ($625 million).


The Raptors are the 14th most valuable team at 920 million dollars…



Big Softie


WWE superstar TRIPLE H is one of the top villains in pro wrestling.  But during “Monday Night Raw” this week, he broke character to console a young fan who started CRYING.



Triple H was at ringside to watch three of his fellow villains deliver a beat-down to the WWE’s top good guy, JOHN CENA.  It appears that either Triple H said something to the kid or just gave him a look . . . and the kid started crying.



So Triple H actually went up to him and gave him a HUG.  After the match . . . which Cena won . . . the ring announcer gave the boy some Cena merchandise.  He was also reportedly invited backstage.  (None of this happened on camera, but you can see it in a series of photos here.)




Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice turns 28 today.  And out of habit, tomorrow NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will deny he saw the tape of Rice beating the piñata.





86 years ago . . . In 1929, the NEW YORK YANKEES announced they would put numbers on the backs of their uniforms, becoming the first baseball team to do so.  The first numbers were based on positions in the batting order . . . BABE RUTH was #3 and LOU GEHRIG was #4.



26 years ago . . . In 1989, JOE MONTANA led the San Francisco 49ers to a last-minute victory over the Cincinnati Bengals at SUPER BOWL 23.  49ers receiver JERRY RICE was the game’s MVP . . . setting a Super Bowl record of 215 receiving yards on 11 catches.





Ram Rumblings….


— U of R receiver Addison Richards, who is a lock to be picked in this year’s  CFL college draft, turned some heads at the East-West Shrine game. I’m told the Arizona Cardinals have the 6’5 target on their radar.


–Veteran receiver/QB Zach Oleynick has been let go by the team.


–Head Coach Mike Gibson has yet to name his coaching staff.. Despite the club’s defensive struggles the last few years, my sources tell me that Defensive Coordinator Paul Dawson will be retained.


–Did I miss the press release from the University of Regina thanking long time Offensive Coordinator  Bernie Schmidt for his years of service? THAT IS A REAL HEAD SCRATCHER ISN’T IT? 








1.  A Woman Misses Her Ferry by Five Minutes, and Has a Complete Meltdown



A woman in Canada who missed a ferry to Vancouver on New Year’s Eve is all over Facebook right now . . . because she missed the boat by five minutes, and had a complete MELTDOWN.



Apparently she was angry because the ferry hadn’t left yet.  But she missed the cutoff time to board, so they wouldn’t let her on.  (Search for “Ferry Freak Out.”  She starts flipping out at :15.  Warning:  There are F-bombs at :24 and :28.)







2.  A Little Kid Explains How Awesome His First Kiss Was



A video of a little kid talking about his FIRST KISS is making the rounds online.  His name is Griffin, and he looks about six or seven.  And he has trouble explaining just how AWESOME it was.  He says it was, quote, “mind-blowing”.



(Search for “Griffin Describes His Very First Kiss.”)




3.  A New Type of Metal Is So Water-Resistant, Drops of Water Literally Bounce Right Off It



Researchers at the University of Rochester in New York have come up with a new type of metal that’s so water-resistant, drops of water literally BOUNCE right off of it.  And they posted a pretty cool video that shows how it works.



They’re hoping to use it for electronics some day, or on airplane wings to prevent them from getting covered in ice.



(Search for “Staying Dry in a World Covered with Water.”)




RIHANNA is reportedly bringing LEONARDO DICAPRIO home to Barbados to meet her family because things are getting serious.  A source says, quote, “She’s always thought he was cute.  She loves his look, his sweet smile and his little nose . . . The one thing that makes her weak every time she looks at him are his eyes.  That alone makes her knees tremble.”






SCOTT WEILAND is launching another “super-group” . . . and again, he’s doing it with someone from GUNS N’ ROSES.  The new band is called ART OF ANARCHY, and it includes Guns guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, former Disturbed bassist John Moyer, and twin brothers Jon and Vince Votta.  Their debut album will be out sometime this spring.



When HOLE bailed on a tour with MARILYN MANSON back in 1999, it seemed like Manson and COURTNEY LOVE had a major falling out.  But now, Marilyn says things were just “weird” between them, because Courtney had sex with all of his friends, but NOT him.  Yesterday, Courtney responded by Tweeting, quote, “All this time I thought you were gay.  Of course I’ll [eff] you. I’m free Friday from 1:15 to 1:18.  That gives us plenty time for a smoke too.”


There’s one sex tape I hope doesn’t see the light of day.





A RONNIE JAMES DIO MUSICAL will open in Australia in March.  (Full Story)





George Lucas says Disney didn’t use any of his ideas for the new “Star Wars” movie:


. . . So at least we know Luke won’t survive a nuclear blast by hiding in an old refrigerator.


Sexy Pictures of Famous People 



1.  Sexy Video:  The new Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl ad features a model named CHARLOTTE MCKINNEY . . . who may or may not be all-natural . . . pimping their new all-natural burger.




2.  MIRANDA KERR lingerie photo shoots don’t get old.  Ever.




3.  (NC-17)  HILARY SWANK bares her butt in a spread for Germany’s edition of “Interview” magazine.




4.  Here’s ALEXA RAY JOEL . . . daughter of BILLY JOEL and CHRISTIE BRINKLEY . . . showing off her bikini body.




5.  If you look this good with your shirt off at the age of 62, THEN you can make fun of DAVID HASSELHOFF.


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:   Do good, feel good.