Brady Hurt By Cheating Accusations

–In an interview yesterday, Patriots quarterback TOM BRADY admitted that he was a little sad when everyone accused him of cheating.  He said, quote, “I personalized a lot of things, and thought this was all about me, and my feelings got hurt.  And then I moved past it, because it’s not serving me.”  .  It got so bad he spent several nights crying in the bosom of his supermodel wife.





–In a new poll, 47% of Americans say they think the New England Patriots are “cheaters.”  And 39% do NOT believe coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady when they claim they knew nothing about the doctored footballs.



That said, a majority (57%) says the “scandal” is not a big deal, and “only” 25% think Brady should be suspended for the Super Bowl.  (Well, that DEFINITELY won’t be happening.)



(In order for the NFL to mess with the Super Bowl at this point, someone would’ve needed to MURDER someone.  Which, actually, is also something that the Patriots have been known to do.)







–Every year, EA Sports runs a simulated “Super Bowl” using the latest “Madden” video game.  It’s been right EIGHT of the last 11 years.  And this year’s simulation says the Patriots will beat the Seahawks 28-to-24.



TOM BRADY will win his third Super Bowl MVP award.



Among other things, the game predicts that Rob Gronkowski will make an awesome, one-handed touchdown catch in the first quarter.



It’s unclear if Gronk’s grip will be aided by more deflated footballs, or if the Patriots are playing this one clean.  (Here are highlights from the simulated game, and here’s a video.)



—- A former radio host in Phoenix was supposed to be on the field for the Super Bowl this Sunday, but lost his pass last week . . . after he posted a PHOTO of it on Facebook.  On the back of each pass, it says you can’t post photos online.  Because if people know what they look like, they can make fakes.




—Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler Tweeted that he needed his wife back home because the kids were driving him crazy.  Man, is there no situation this guy won’t bail on?




ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER will be inducted into the “celebrity wing” of the WWE Hall of Fame.  I thought Arnie was still wrestling did you see Lesnar the other night? He looks like Schwarzenegger.



Sexy Pictures of Famous People 




Check out the husband-and-wife hotness of JOHN LEGEND and CHRISSY TEIGEN’s new “GQ” photo shoot.




I guess one picture of TAYLOR SWIFT in a bikini is all we get.  Here she is, back in her one-piece(WARNING!!!  Toward the bottom of the page, you’ll see a partial NIP-SLIP from ALANA HAIM, from the group HAIM.  She’s the one in the white bikini top and blue bottoms.)




Sexy Video:  Why didn’t this go viral immediately?  During the Miss California USA pageant on January 11th, Miss Beverly Hills CHANELLE RIGGAN lost her bikini top.




Here’s one from the “celebrities are just like us” file:  ROBERT DOWNEY JR. with his arms full of grocery bags and the receipt in his mouth.  And on a related note, here’s CHARLIZE THERON flipping off the paparazzi during a grocery run.




SALMA HAYEK looks all sexy and partially clothed in pictures from a recent movie nobody saw called “Everly”.  Even though she’s kinda beat up in some of them.  (WARNING!!!  There’s a good deal of BUTTCRACK in one of them.)




Victoria’s Secret made a Super Bowl commercial this year.  And here it is.







Tom Petty reached a deal to receive songwriting royalties for Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” because the chorus is similar to his “I Won’t Back Down”.  Smith said it’s a small price to pay for “Petty theft.”



Peter Frampton and Cheap Trick are co-headlining a summer tour:


. . . It starts on June 6th in California, and ends when somebody breaks a hip.




JAMES CAAN has filed for divorce from his wife of 19 years.  This is the THIRD time he’s filed for divorce from her.  The first two times they reconciled..They both sound stable..





While people in the Northeast U-S  were bracing for the blizzard yesterday, Craigslist was FLOODED with ads . . . by people looking for someone to hook UP with while they’re stuck indoors.  Some of the posts had headlines like “Seeking hairy man for snow play” and “Snow day cougar looking for hot cub.”




–12% of people think having an affair would strengthen their relationship with their partner.  These people are called Ashley Madison members.




–KFC introduced an experimental product in the Philippines called the Double Down Dog . . . it’s a hot dog infused with cheese, that uses a piece of fried CHICKEN for the bun.  Sadly, KFC says they have no plans to bring it to North America.




–Parents today are on a never-ending quest to find a UNIQUE baby name . . . even getting to the point where they’re finding ways to spell Kevin with a “q.”  Quevin . . . Queevin . . . Kequin . . . you get the point. So maybe this service has a chance . . . even if it’s WAY too expensive. A company in Switzerland will find you a baby name that’s 100% unique . . . not a SINGLE person in the world has the name.  But their service will cost you $35,000.


The company’s called Erfolgswelle . . . which doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. If you want a baby name that’s only unique in North America . . . but someone might have in another part of the world . . . it’s $20,000.


They say it takes about 100 hours and a staff of 12 people to come up with a list of 15 to 25 completely unique potential names for your child.




—  A 29-year-old guy in Pennsylvania was applying to become a state trooper earlier this month, and accidentally revealed that he slept with an UNDERAGE GIRL four years ago.  So now he’s facing four counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor . . . and he didn’t get the job.




–This is gross:  “Cheese” is not one of the 27 ingredients listed on a can of Cheez Whiz.  This is grosser:  “Whiz” IS.



–Scientists say an ingredient in dog food makes people live longer.  But since you have to eat dog food, those extra years will be lonely ones.



–A sex-themed park for tourists will open in Taiwan.  Visitors will spend all night waiting to enter the park and then get in and out of it in less than ten minutes.




1.  Check Out the “Stuck on a Lamp Post Prank”



A video called Stuck on a Lamp Post Prank is getting a bunch of hits on YouTube, because it shows how if you wrap someone’s legs around a lamppost and have them sit down cross-legged, it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get back up without help.



It’s actually a restraint technique they used in World War Two.  And unless you have massive upper body strength, you can’t lift yourself up high enough to unlock your legs.



Here’s something we should probably mention though:  If you try it on YOUR friend, just don’t leave them there . . . because they’ll DIE if you do.



After about 10 minutes, you start cramping up and pass out.  Then when you fall backward, it puts all the pressure on your ribcage, and you stop breathing.




2. A Guy Opens a Beer Bottle with His Butt



We’re not sure where this happened, but a video of a guy in jeans, opening a beer with his BUTT is blowing up on YouTube.  It’s not clear if the bottle’s a twist-off.  But he just sticks it between his cheeks, and pops the cap right off.



(Search for “Guy Opens Beer Bottle with His Butt Cheeks.”  Note:  Turn your speakers down, because the cameraman goes NUTS when he does it.)



THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: By doing a little bit each day, you can get a lot accomplished.