A Wild Wild Card Weekend!

┬áThe Vikings’ Kicker Blew It, Because the Laces Were Out

The Minnesota Vikings lost their playoff game to the Seahawks 10 to 9 yesterday . . . because with 22 seconds left, their kicker missed a 27-yard field goal. (Search for “Vikings Kicker Misses Field Goal and Loses Playoff Game.”)

The replay showed the laces were out, which reminded a lot of people of Ray Finkle, who missed a 26-yarder in “Ace Ventura”. (Here’s Jim Carrey visiting his house.)

There are also a bunch of videos making the rounds of angry Vikings fans reacting to the kick. (Search for “Poor Vikings Fans Shot the Saddest Videos.” Warning: Most of them include F-bombs!)

: The Bengals Had a Complete Meltdown

The Bengals lost to the Steelers on Saturday when they fumbled with 90 seconds left . . . got a 15-yard penalty for targeting a receiver’s head . . . and then got another 15-yard penalty when Pacman Jones tried to shove one of the Steelers’ coaches.

Once all that happened, the Steelers were in field goal range . . . made the kick . . . and won 18 to 16. (Search for “Bengals Have Complete Meltdown.”)

Jones posted a video after the game where he blamed the refs, and dropped five F-bombs in 12 seconds. Then he deleted it and posted one where he was a lot calmer, but someone else reposted the first video too. (You can watch both videos here.)

And the other big moment was the crazy touchdown catch by Steelers receiver Martavis Bryant, when he pinned the ball against the back of his leg . . . flipped forward . . . and still hung onto it somehow. (Search for “Bryant Goes Into Flip Mode.”