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Tidbits From Around The World


–See, this is why you should NEVER listen to your wife.  A guy named Hermenegildo Beltran-Meza from Placerville, in northern California, got into an argument with his wife recently.  She was mad that he was spending so much money on scratch-off lottery tickets.  But like any good gambling addict, he kept on buying the tickets . . . and he’d hide in the bathroom to scratch them off.  And then, last month . . . one of his tickets HIT and he won a $1 MILLION jackpot. So, he says, he got the courage to walk out of the bathroom and tell his wife. There’s no word on how she reacted, but they did say they’re planning to put the money toward their retirement.


— If you’re worried that the apocalypse is coming, Costco just started selling an “emergency food” kit that has 6,200 servings of canned food, which is enough for one person for a full year.  It costs $1,000, but it’s currently out of stock


—A billionaire named A. James Clark graduated from the University of Maryland in 1950, and passed away two years ago.  And the school just announced he left them almost a QUARTER OF A BILLION DOLLARS to be used for scholarships


—In a 1981 interview, TOM PETTY tried to come up with his own epitaph.  And the result was short, but perfect:  “He really liked rock ‘n’ roll.”


–President Trump has just passed Pope Francis in Twitter followers.  Once again, Trump’s in a news story involving a guy who kneels a lot.


–Billionaire Warren Buffett is buying a major stake in Pilot Flying J truck stops.  He plans to spend about $12 billion . . . and that’s just to clean the bathrooms.


–Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker are feuding.  Ladies, please.  Let me settle this.  You’re BOTH hot for grandmas

–Kate Winslet turns 42 today.  Later, she’ll have a piece of birthday cake that she could share with Leonardo DiCaprio . . . but instead, she’ll keep it all for herself.

Are You Dressing Up For Halloween?


Halloween is basically as big for ADULTS as it is for kids these days.  But is that a bad thing?



The “New York Post” staff just published an editorial saying that adults need to STOP wearing costumes on Halloween.



Quote, “We’re not saying you can’t get into the spirit . . . dress up your house, concoct a Halloween-themed dessert, or buy a pumpkin.  Then stop.  Give it a break.  Give the holiday back to the children.  Grow up.”



I’m not sure if their message is going to land, though . . . about HALF of adults say they’re planning on dressing up this year.