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Sport Shorts

SERENA WILLIAMS posted an open letter to her mom on Reddit, thanking her for being such a good role model.  She also said she didn’t know how she restrained herself when the haters would call Serena a “man” or make fun of how strong she was when she was growing up.

LEBRON JAMES will get the biggest paychecks in the NBA this season.  His gross salary is $33.3 million . . . but after you take out taxes, his take home pay is “just” $16.7 million. Players in Florida, Texas, and Tennessee have no state income tax.  However, they’re charged so-called “jock taxes” for when they’re playing in places that DO have local taxes.

Irish golfer DARREN CLARKE says TIGER WOODS is cheap . . . quote, “He didn’t quite pay for too many dinners whenever we were out, I have to say . . . he couldn’t even be COERCED into paying for dinners.

A defensive end for the Eagles named Chris Long is donating over a third of his salary to charity this year.  And he’s using the money to set up scholarships for kids in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, where white nationalists marched last month.

Anthony Scaramucci claims Tom Brady once dated Ivanka Trump before he married Gisele.  So add that to the list of The Top Surprising Revelations about Tom Brady.

He wants to play until he’s 45.  Because Gisele might be hot.  But she’s also REALLY annoying.

He’s still experiencing trauma from that one time he couldn’t get his hair to lay right.

He once “took a knee” to protest players with bad hair.

He actually spends the week folded up inside Bill Belichick’s wallet, and only comes out for games.


Are You Thinking Of Starting a Business?

The Top Reasons You Should Start Your Own Business


Since today is I Want to Start My Own Business Day, check out this list of The Top Reasons You Should Start Your Own Business.





You’re sick and tired of giving half your money to your pimp.


You can run it out of that part of the house you and the wife never use:  the bedroom.


If you’re self-employed, it’s fun to stay at home and sexually harass yourself.


If you want your business card to be a picture of your junk, then that’s what it is.


No one else will hire you.