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Growing The Game








In this weekly feature I’ll talk to some of the  young and talented amateur football players in this province. And what better way to kick it off then a chat with Hec Crighton Trophy winner,  U of R Rams QB Noah Picton.


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Me: So Noah have your accomplishments and being  named the top player in Canada sunk in yet?

Noah: Yes I enjoyed it for awhile but now I’ve put it in the past as I prepare for 2017. I don’t want to have any distractions. I’m sure when my playing days are done I’ll look back on 2016 with great pride but not now I have too much work to get done. But I’ll admit it was a magical ride going from 0-8 the season before and having lots of team success that culminated in that honour. It’s  definitely something the club can celebrate.

Me: When you got the award who were you thinking of?

Noah: Well first off I thought of all the great names that have won that trophy and what an honour it is to be mentioned with them. Then I thought about my dad Dean who helped me develop into the man and football player I am. He’s really been the biggest influence in my life.



Me: Who’s the better QB Dean or Noah?

Noah : (chuckles) Well I’ve talked to a number of people who watched both of us play and I’d have to say my dad is. Besides he’s still helping me pay the bills so I better say him!

Me: Where does Noah Picton’s game go from here?

Noah: I want to win the Vanier Cup! Personally I’m not looking to smash any records. I just want to play sound football, cut down on turnovers and lead the offence up and down the field.

Me: How does a small QB get the ball where it needs to be?

Noah: My anticipation of where my receivers are and when to throw the ball have always been my strong suit. I’m a student of game and I take pride in that and knowing what the defence wants to do against my offence.

Me: Last question. Does it bug you that because you’re a Canadian you most likely will not get a chance to continue your career in the CFL?

Noah: It’s a real tough pill to swallow but it’s a reality. Andrew Buckley in Calgary is trying to break that stigma and I’m cheering for him because he’s a really good quarterback. The biggest problem for us Canadian guys is the lack of training elite training. In the US they throw year round and have top level coaching. I think slowly but surely it’s getting better as the coaching is improving and so is the commitment to training. It might not be me but I do think we will see more Canadian guys get a crack in years to come.

(Thanks to Noah for the visit. Folks if you’re a football fan you’ll want to check in here regularly as  I’m launching my own football podcast very soon. It will feature Riders guests but also have a local flavour. I’ll hope you’ll give it a listen)