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The Making of a Dynasty

brady and belichick


In the era of free agency what the New England Patriots have done since 2000 is maybe the greatest sports accomplishment ever. I don’t like them but I think the Patriots have to be considered the greatest dynasty especially if they win next Sunday against Atlanta.


“USA Today” noticed that there are a lot of, quote, “eerie similarities” between this year’s New England Patriots team the Patriots team that beat the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 38 back in 2004.

There’s 13 . . . because 13 is such an “eerie” number.  (???)  Here they are:

1.  Both Patriots teams played, or will play the big game in Houston.

2.  Both played or will play an NFC South team in the Super Bowl.

3.  Both teams went 16-2 to get to the Super Bowl.

4.  The Super Bowl 38 Patriots were two seasons removed from beating an NFC West team (in that case the Rams).  The Super Bowl 51 Patriots are two years removed from beating an NFC West team (the Seahawks).

5.  Both Patriots defenses finished FIRST in the league in points allowed . . . meaning they allowed the LEAST points of any team.

6.  Both teams were the #1 seed in the AFC playoffs . . . and managed to avoid the #2 seed, the Chiefs, in the AFC Championship.

7.  Both teams finished first in the AFC East with a 14-2 record.  The Dolphins finished second with a 10-6 record both times.

8.  Both teams suffered their first loss of the season by being shut-out by the Bills.

9. During the 2004 playoffs, Tom Brady threw five touchdowns and two interceptions.  Entering Super Bowl 51, he’s thrown five touchdowns and two interceptions in the playoffs.

10. Before playing Super 38, the Patriots hadn’t trailed in a game since Week 12.  The current Patriots team hasn’t trailed since Week 12.

11. This year’s Patriots beat an AFC South team that plays in Houston (the Texans) in the divisional round.  The Super Bowl 38 Patriots beat an AFC South team that used to play in Houston (the Titans) in the divisional round.

12. Both teams beat the Jets in Week 16 . . . then another divisional opponent in Week 17 to finish the season with a record of 5-1 in the AFC East.

13.  And #13 is . . . these two seasons are 13 years apart.  (Mind BLOWN!  Just kidding.  I added this last one because I wanted to have 13, and couldn’t find any other similarities.  In 2003, Tom Brady DIDN’T miss the first four games because he was being punished for cheating.)

Glenn is in, Burris is out and Super Bowl fun!

kevin glenn


The Riders announced the signing of veteran QB Kevin Glenn. The 17 year vet, who has a history with head coach Chris Jones, is making his 3rd stop in Regina. I don’t mind the signing if he comes with a low price tag. I’ve never considered Glenn a starting QB but he is a great insurance policy in the player/coach role.


Meantime in Ottawa a great football career comes to an end as Henry Burris walks retires. Burris ends his career on top after leading the Ottawa Redblacks to a Grey Cup title last season.   The 41-year-old guided the Redblacks to a dramatic 39-33 overtime win over the favoured Calgary Stampeders in the CFL championship game. If you remember he  suffered a knee injury in the warm-up – but still threw for 461 yards and three TDs while rushing for two more en route to being named the game’s MVP. One game I will always remember is the 2004 West Final in BC when Smilin Hank played out of his mind in a losing effort. Of course that was the game Paul McCallum missed the 18 yard field goal.

super bowl 51

Online sportsbooks are always offering random Super Bowl ‘prop bets,’ which let you bet on all the nonsense that surrounds the game.  One site has already got their lines up, and here are 10 highlights . . .

1.  The odds that LADY GAGA has a wardrobe malfunction that, quote, “must expose an intimate part of the body” . . . 15-to-1.  That’s actually written into the description:  “Must expose intimate part.”  (???)

2.  There are odds on her hair color . . . ranging from the most likely ‘Blonde / Yellow’ at 1-to-5, to the least likely ‘Purple’ at 25-to-1.

3.  There’s been talk that she wants to do something on the stadium ROOF.  The odds of that happening are just 12-to-5, or about 29%.

4.  The odds that Gaga says the word “Trump” at any time during the Super Bowl halftime show . . . 9-to-5, or about 35%.  That seems like a bit of a trap bet.  She’s always compared to Madonna . . . but I don’t see this happening.

5.  Since the Atlanta Falcons are playing, the odds that any player does a “Dirty Bird” touchdown celebration . . . 10-to-13, or about 57%.  There’s a decent chance it’s done by a member of the evil Patriots, and that WOULD count.

6.  Over-under on the times ‘DeflateGate’ will be said during the broadcast:  2.5.  There’s no way it’s under, right?  I would set the over-under at 25.

7.  Over-under on the times ‘Dynasty’ will be said during the broadcast:  3.5

8.  Over-under on how many commercials Peyton Manning will appear in during the broadcast:  1.5.  That also seems low, Nationwide and Papa John’s seem like absolute locks.

9.  Over-under on the number of times Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen is shown during the broadcast:  1.5

10.  Odds that Joe Buck or Troy Aikman mention that Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th Round of the NFL Draft during the broadcast . . . 1-to-2, or about 66%.

(By the way, one sportsbook says no one wanted to bet on the Atlanta Falcons to win the Super Bowl back in September.  The only team that got FEWER bets was the Tennessee Titans, so that means more people bet on the BROWNS than the Falcons.  Although, those were probably small ‘lottery ticket’ bets to take advantage of the Browns’ long odds.)