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In The Trenches

This week In The Trenches Scott Schultz says good by to Taylor Field. In The Trenches is brought to you by Bennett Dunlop Ford.


Me; Scott what is your first memory of Taylor Field?

SS: Going to that field for the first time in the Rick Worman Football Camp. My coaches were Bob Poley, David Pitcher and Roger Aldag. And of course I remember driving in from Moose Jaw with my high school buddies and watching the games from the cheap seats.

Me: What was your first game as a player at that stadium like?

SS: It was Labour Day in 2003, it was the biggest game in my career to that point and of course it was just wild in the stadium. Two of my favourite memories are when I broke Spurgeon Wynn’s jaw and they were still attending to him as the half time show was going on around him. The other one was the black out game on August 18th 2007 when the storm hit. Right before the storm hit they left John Chick and me out on 3rd down and we blocked the punt and I recovered it in the pouring rain. I went over the stands and punted the ball into the crowd to celebrate. Well Kent Austin didn’t like that too much and he ripped me a new you know what! And then the light went out so I guess I got saved by the power outage….










Rock N Roll Ghosts!


Do you believe in ghosts? I don’t but neither did these rock stars now they do. In fairness I’m not sure it was paranormal activity or drugs!!!!

Ace Frehley from KISS says his Westchester, New York house was haunted, and that he’d seen things moving around. There were also TWO occasions where his wife and daughter were violently pushed down a staircase.

Alice Cooper had an encounter when writing songs with Joe Perry from Aerosmith at an abandoned house in New York. And they were SOBER at the time. Alice heard furniture being dragged in the basement, and when he went to investigate, he felt the pressure of a hand on his back.

Meat Loaf’s haunting happened when he was recording “Bat Out of Hell”. He was staying at a house with Todd Rundgren, and he saw a woman in white. Things ramped up to the point where the ghost even ripped the sheets off his bed.

Big Day For Hillary!!




Hillary Clinton turns 69 today. Here are The Top Things Hillary Clinton is Thinking Today on Her Birthday.



69 . . . Now if I can just make it through the day without Bill saying anything.

I suddenly have an urge to watch “NCIS”.

Don’t cough.  Don’t cough.  Don’t cough.  Don’t . . .

What to wear today:  pantsuit or pantsuit?

After I’m elected, my first order of business will be declaring Katy Perry’s rack a national treasure.

Hope I have the stamina to blow out all 69 birthday candles.

I wish I could eliminate wrinkles as easily as emails.

This week I speak with Riders defensive end Willie Jefferson. Pro-Files is brought to you the Saskatchewan Abilities Council Wood Products Division.


saskabilitiesabilities 2

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Me: You guys were away for almost 2 weeks on the road. What the best thing about that?


WJ: Just getting to know my new teammates and seeing how everybody interacts with each other. I had the same roommate for 2 weeks. Mak Henry was with me and he was awful ( laughs)

Me: Do you make your bed everyday?

WJ: When I’m at home yes, but on the road no. I let the cleaning staff do it because that’s their job.

Me: What is your biggest pet peeve?

WJ: Cleanliness for sure! I have an OCD type thing because I need clean when I get up and before I go to bed everything has to be in order.

Me: Take me through a Willie Jefferson morning…

WJ: Wakeup and brush my teeth and wash my face. Then I check Instagram, snap chat and facebook. Next I text my mom, dad, brother and girl and then go back to facebook and Instagram and eat something before I head out the door for practice.

Me: Who do you follow on Instagram or facebook?

WJ: I follow artists and athletes. I like Rick Ross, Chad Johnson and Colin Kaepernick. Oh and Vonn Miller too. He’s really entertaining.

Me: How long have you been playing football?

WJ: Since I was in 7th grade. I was very athletic and my mom and dad both played sports. My favourite athlete growing up was Randy Moss. I played offence a lot growing up.

Me: What made you switch to the other side of the ball?

WJ: A college coach thought I was big enough and strong enough so they moved me from tight end to defensive end..

Me: Any TV shows you like to binge watch?

WJ: I like watching Game of Thrones and Gotham

Me: If you weren’t playing football what other pro sport would Willie Jefferson like to play?

WJ: I’d like to play baseball because they make a lot of money and I like money. ( laughs)

Me: So who are you taking in the World Series, the Cubs or the Indians?

WJ: I don’t care because the Texas Rangers are out!


Tales From Taylor

This week on Tales from Taylor we speak with Superman Geroy Simon. It’s brought to you by Maaco Collision Repair.




Me: What are  your memories coming into Regina as a visitor?

GS: Oh the fans on our side were crazy. When I was with the Lions they threw batteries, beer cans and frozen pennies at us. In one game in 2007 we were losing and fortunately I scored a last minute touchdown to win the game and quiet the rowdy crowd.

Me: I think I know the answer to this question but I’ll ask it anyway. What were your favourite memories as a Roughrider at the stadium?

GS: Obviously it’s scoring 2 touchdowns in the Grey Cup when we win at home, that tops the list for sure. But also scoring a pair of touchdowns in the Labour Day Classic was special to me because all of those years in BC we never had a Labour Day game and I only had played in just the one as a member of the Bombers.

Me: What was it like for you to run out of the helmet as a member of the Riders that first time?

GS: Well Ballsy it was weird for me the first time because for so long I was the hated villain in Rider nation. But as time wore on wearing the Green and White and hearing that Bring Em Out song grew on me. At the start when I was with the Lions I hated it in Regina. Then I became jealous of the passion here. And finally it was, ” hey if I get a chance to come play here I’m going to do it!”

Halloween Costumes



Does it reduce me to a sex object? (If yes, proceed to checkout.)

What if I just stay home and tell everyone I went out as one of Hillary’s emails?

Hey, didn’t this place used to be a Blockbuster?

Will a Kevlar vest fit under my clown outfit?

Since I’ll be spending Halloween alone, should I go as Taylor Swift?

If I’m a girl between the ages of 18 and 35, what costume will most effectively make my stepdad regret that time he skipped my Christmas pageant?

Can I incorporate my herpes sores as part of the costume?

In The Trenches

Today Scott Schultz talks about the Riders 3 game winning streak and the latest shakeup in Rider Nation. IN THE TRENCHES is brought to you by Bennett Dunlop Ford. bennett



MB: Scott this team is finally starting to string some victories together, in your opinion why?

SS: Well they have been keeping a fairly consistent lineup and you can’t say enough about playing with the same guys. Continuity in football is so big because you rely so much on the man next to you. And it’s good to know the capabilities and limits of your teammates. The other big thing is they are making 4 or 5 plays a game that they weren’t making before. It’s too bad because I think it may be too late for this year.

MB: Before we talk about the trade today what do you think of the latest additions?

SS: Well obviously Willie Jefferson proved to be a very athletic and disruptive addition up front. Jeff Fuller is a big physical receiver who when he is on his game and healthy is a tough matchup. But that will be a key, can he stay off the trainer’s table? It looks like he has a thumb injury and is done for the season.  As for Henoc Muamba, he’s a very good football player that has a great birth certificate. When you land a player like that it’s like winning a lottery.

MB: The Riders made a deal sending Xavier Fulton and Justin Capicciotti to Hamilton for international receiver Tommy Streeter and national defensive lineman Linden Gaydosh – plus 2 picks. What are your thoughts?

SS: Fulton has been a beast here for years so it’s sad to see him go but like I always say it’s a business. Same thing with Capicciotti, good football player but never seemed to fit the system and he carries a huge paycheck. So obviously they are freeing up some cap space. Both of those guys get a chance to make some playoff cash and maybe win a Grey Cup. And for Cap he gets a fresh start which I’m sure he’ll appreciate.

MB: Do you feel good about the direction of this team?

SS: Early on I was on the fence and I don’t think this rebuild went as smoothly as they thought. But I like what I see now as there appears to be building blocks in place for next year and the move into that new palace.. You have to  get number 4 signed. No bigger move than that!


Where Are They Now

Today I speak with former Riders slotback James “Duke” Ellingson. Where Are They Now is brought to you by the Emerald Park Boston Pizza.



BP-Marco duke1

Me: It’s called Where Are They Now…so where do we find you today?

Duke: I’m in Ottawa, and I’ve lived here since Saskatchewan traded me to the Ottawa in 1990. I’m currently working as an analyst on the REDBLACKS broadcasts.  I do the pre-game, half-time and post game like you Ballsy.

Me: So how do you view the game as a media member as opposed to when you played?

Duke: As a player you know what goes on during the game and in the locker room so you can relay that to the listener. I realize watching now as a media member just how much bigger and faster the players are today. Sometimes I look back and wonder how I ever did it.

Me: Could James Ellingson get 1000 yards receiving today with way the rules are called?

Duke: Well maybe especially now since receivers can be off side at the snap of the ball because I wasn’t the fleetest of foot.

Me: I hate the fact the officials let the receivers run off side.

Duke: It’s the “Ray Elgaard” rule and it’s crazy how they just look the other way. Back in the day we had to be behind the line at the snap of the ball. A defensive lineman flinches and he gets called but a receiver can do no wrong or so it seems.

Me: Do you like this version of the CFL?

Duke: I don’t like the fact everything is run from the shotgun. You never see the QB line up under centre and nobody uses a full back. They are no  “I formations” and I believe that is why quarterback injuries are on the rise. On the defensive side they play umbrella coverage so teams have to nickel and dime things down the field and it eliminates a lot of big plays.

Me: How did you get the nickname Duke?

Duke: Ray Elgaard came up with it. My name sounds like Ellington and of course the great jazz musician was Duke Ellington, so Ray started calling me Duke and it stuck. Everybody but my wife calls my Duke.

Me: When I say 1989 season what comes to mind?


Duke: Greatest football year in my life, and I was proud to contribute here and there. It was a team that had so many great veteran guys and great veteran receivers.  I was apart of the greatest Grey Cup game ever played and I’m proud of that for sure!

Me: You Duke the Riders probably don’t get to that game without your performance in the playoffs.

Duke: Both Jeff Fairholm and Ray were injured on and off during the season at one point we didn’t think they’d be playing in the post season. It gave me the chance to get my feet under me and be ready for the playoffs.

Me: Did you wear those glass cutter gloves?

Duke: I sure did! Jeff brought them up from the USA and I was on board immediately as they were really sticky. I wore them that entire 1989 season and I took them to Ottawa after I was dealt. I was the only guy who wore them with the eastern Riders.

Me: If you had to write a letter to young James what would you tell him?

Duke: Great question Ballsy. I would say train really hard because the game is really tough played by big, fast, athletic men. I would also tell the young me to quit being so nervous and to just go out there and have fun. I always struggled with self confidence so if I dropped a pass it would turn into 3 bad plays. Just enjoy the moment because you’re getting paid to play a kids game!