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This week I speak with Riders punt Josh Bartel. Pro-Files is brought to you the Saskatchewan Abilities Council Wood Products Division.


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Me: Last year you didn’t play football what did you do?

JB: Worked on a construction site back home in Australia. I didn’t like it.. I like kicking footballs for a living.

Me: What do you like to do away from the field?

JB: I like to golf, me and a couple of the guys like Graig Newman  like to hit a few balls over at Aspen Links. If I could play any other sport professionally I’d be a pro-golfer.

Me: You played Aussie Rules football…worst injury?

JB: I injured my AC joint in my shoulder.

Me: Does it bother you when the teammates bug you about doing very little in practice?

JB: Hey now Ballsy, we do lots of work behind the scenes..(Laughs). Actually they should bug us we don’t do that much!

Me: How do you occupy yourself during the game?

JB: Well I do watch the game, but I like to go around and piss guys off!

Me: Best sideline prank this season that you have pulled.

JB: Well I loosened the top of the water bottle on Greg Jones and he spilled all over himself. He’s vowing to get me back.

Me: Favourite restaurant in Regina?

JB: Mr. Mike’s because we get 50 percent off

Me: 2 biggest Halloween costumes this year are supposed to be Donald Trump and Pokémon Go..what do you think?

JB: That’s dumb. Halloween wasn’t a big thing in Australia so I like the fact it’s celebrated here. I dressed up as a crocodile a couple of years in a row. I have some big plans for this Halloween but I’m not telling you.

Me: Make your bed everyday?

JB: Nope

Me: Biggest pet peeve?

JB: Besides answering your goofy questions? (laughs) Oh messy people.

Me: Says the guy who doesn’t make his bed.

JB: Hey nobody sees that and I’m just crawling into it again..





He had no intention of coaching the soccer team she’s cultivating.

They wanted to have sex with other people before President Trump blows up the world.

He realized he’s 52. So it’s time to buy a Porsche and skewer a parade of 21-year-old aspiring actresses, like every other d-bag in Hollywood.

She caught him in bed with another sunken-eyed corpse.

Recognition for the Rams!

rams logo
Rams break into CIS Top Ten for first time since 2012
TORONTO, Ont. – After recording back-to-back wins over ranked teams, the University of Regina Rams have broken into the CIS Top Ten this week for the first time since the 2012 season.
The Rams are ranked No. 9 in this week’s poll released by Canadian Interuniversity Sport on Tuesday morning. Their two-game winning streak includes a 41-38 home win over Manitoba on Sept. 8 and a 20-10 road win over UBC on Saturday.
“It’s definitely nice to be ranked, but we want to continually work on improving and can’t afford to spend too much time looking in the rear view mirror,” Rams head coach Steve Bryce said. “It doesn’t matter what we did last week if we don’t take care of business this week, and we have a good challenge ahead of us on Friday.”
Université de Montréal (3-0) is ranked No. 1 for the third consecutive week. The Carabins, who thumped Concordia by a 59-3 score on Friday, garnered 27 out of a possible 30 first-place votes.
The Rams are back at home on Friday with a game against unbeaten and No. 2-ranked Calgary (3-0) at Mosaic Stadium in what will be a matchup featuring two of Canada West’s three ranked teams.
CIS Top Ten – Week 4
1) Montreal (3-0) – 300 points
2) Calgary (3-0) – 266 points
3) Laval (2-1) – 238 points
4) Western (3-1) – 197 points
5) Wilfrid Laurier (3-0) – 178 points
6) Ottawa (3-0) – 159 points
7) McMaster (3-1) – 105 points
8) Saskatchewan (2-1) – 87 points
9) Regina (2-1) – 54 points
10) Carleton (2-2) – 38 points
Other teams receiving votes – UBC (12), St. Francis Xavier (9), Guelph (1), McGill (1).

Tales From Taylor

Today I speak with Wes Cates, the 2nd all-time leader rusher in Roughriders’ team history. Tales From Taylor is brought to you by Maaco Collision Repair.  


Me: Was the small town charm of Regina and Mosaic stadium appealing to you?

WC: When I first got into the league I wasn’t too impressed with fan base and the excitement around games in the CFL. But then I was traded to this small city Regina I fell in love with the game. The fans were amazing. It had a really college like atmosphere. It just felt like home, like the excitement you see in the USA.  I was excited every time I took the field here because  the fans cared!

Me: During that memorable 2007 season you played with a  foot injury. But nobody realized it was a broken foot initially right?


WC: I broke it in a game against Hamilton and they didn’t see anything on the x-ray, so I took some pain killers and a week off and it looked like it was getting better. In practice I’m running down the field and I felt a pop and I guess I re-broke the bone that was fusing back together. So I took a couple of weeks off and missed the West semi-final but I wasn’t going to miss anymore games.  I got three needles a game.  They would poke a needle in my foot until they found the spot and froze it in pre-game warmups.  Then I’d get another needle before kickoff and another at half-time.  So in the West Final and Grey Cup I could see my foot but I couldn’t feel it but it didn’t matter because I had to be apart of that championship run as a contributor.


In The Trenches

Today Rider Plaza of Honour inductee Scott Schultz talks about this special weekend in Rider Nation and previews the Riders/Eskimos matchup. It’s brought to you by Bennett Dunlop Ford.




Me: Is it hard to believe it’s been a year since you were inducted big man?

SS: Ya time flies for sure. If Ivan Gutfriend and Matt Dominguez are anything like me it will be a weekend they’ll never forget. Outside of winning a Grey Cup it’s the single biggest accomplishment in my sporting life for sure!

Me: What are your thoughts on the latest inductees?

SS: Ivan was a locker room anchor. He’s a guy who really was a key not only to getting us ready to play physically but he’s so instrumental in the psyche of a player. When you’re hurt you think the world is crashing down on you but Ivan was great and calming your nerves and explain your injury. And Ivan has 3 rings. That’s a great accomplishment! As for Matt when he was healthy he was a dominant game changing receiver. The guy was leading the league in receiving in 2007 when he got hurt. It was sad but also uplifting too because he didn’t sulk, he picked up his lip and helped the other receivers get ready for a championship run. Even though he wasn’t on the field he played a big part in winning that title.

Me: This team has been so close lately, is this weekend where they break through in the win column?

SS: Boy I sure hope so. But a football game is defined by 4 or 5 plays. Those are the plays we aren’t making right now. If we are going to beat the Eskimos and deal them a blow to their playoffs hopes we have to make 4 or 5 big plays. And play the game till the end because Edmonton doesn’t hold on to the lead!

Where Are They Now?

When I think about Grey Cup champions one person pops into my mind immediately and that is Hugh Campbell. Campbell has 10 Grey Cup rings, the first of which was won in 1966 as a player with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Gluey Hughy is our guest in today’s Where Are They Now feature brought to you by the Emerald Park Boston Pizza.



HC: The first one is always still the first one. What a special feeling. I’ll always remember the locker room afterward.  I remember they had the champagne and celebration set up in the Ottawa dressing room thinking they were going to win the game. What I remember most is the elation in our room after the game and people screaming at the top of their lungs that ” we are the champions!” What a sense of accomplishment, we did something that nobody could take away from us. Our team was really united, just a solid group of guys. I think Ken Preston and Eagle Keys probably never got the credit that they deserved for putting that team together against all odds because we didn’t have the finances like the other teams. I always enjoy getting together with the guys unfortunately I couldn’t make the 50th reunion at Mosaic Stadium this summer and let me tell you it broke my heart.

Hugh you went on to a great coaching career, how much did you learn from Keys and Preston in that respect?


HC: Ken always thought you could only spend as much as you made so look in the stands and see how many people are coming to your games and budget accordingly and it’s something I followed until I retired. I learned a lot from Eagle too. He taught me how to get the most out players. He brought the team together by showing each man he had a key spot on the team and that no one player was more important than rest of the team. He didn’t stroke your ego but he definitely was a player’s coach and that’s how I operated with the Eskimos during our great run.

Did Rider Pride as we know it start in the 1960’s?

HC: Well I wasn’t around before that so I can’t say for sure. I know the team was well liked before 1966 but when we won that championship the province went crazy. Before we won we’d get back to the airport and there would be a big group to greet us after a win. But when we won the Grey Cup and came back there was no one there and we were shocked! We didn’t realize the police blocked off the airport. The fans were lined up on a dark, cold winter night, cheering and dancing. To that point, I had never witnessed such craziness before with big signs on people’s lawns and music blaring. We realized right there it wasn’t just a team win, it was a win for the community! Whenever I bump into people old enough to remember that team I know they still share those great memories with us. One guy I’d like to mention from the team is Ed McQuarters. Now everybody knows George and Ronnie were the leaders. But McQuarters was unbelievable. This guy was a cut above everybody in the league. What a talented man. He was what coaches like to call a difference maker. When Ed joined the team our defence became a weapon instead of just trying to hang on for dear life.




Tales From Taylor

Today I take a trip down memory lane with former Rider defensive lineman Gary Lewis. Tales From Taylor is brought to you by Maaco Collision Repair.



Me: So Gary what was your first impression of the CFL and Saskatchewan?

GL: My first impression of the league wasn’t very good. I had just left training camp in the NFL and showed up in Ottawa and it wasn’t very good there so I was having second thoughts. I played one game there and was traded to Saskatchewan. I thought well I’ll give it a shot and see if it’s any better out west and thankfully it was a whole lot better!

Me: How did you find the atmosphere here in Regina?

GL: Well at Taylor Field it had a real collegiate feel to it for sure. When I got there I didn’t know what to expect. But that town and province really is warm and inviting and they support you win or lose. I’m from Oklahoma City and it reminded me of home!  One of my favourite Tales From Taylor was the 1988 playoff game against the BC Lions. It was damn cold and I wasn’t used to playing in weather like that but once you get out running around you got used to it. The crowd was really into that game because the Riders hadn’t been to the playoffs for 11 seasons. Unfortunately we froze up in the big moment because BC kicked our tails. However, it did set the table for our 1989 championship run. That is another big memory for me. After we won and came back to Regina the stands were packed on another cold day to celebrate with us! I’ll never forget that as long as I live!

Rams Win! Rams Win!


The University of Regina Rams scored two touchdowns in the final 95 seconds to upset the No. 8-ranked Manitoba Bisons by a 41-38 score on Thursday night in a wild Canada West game at Mosaic Stadium.

Third-year quarterback Noah Picton engineered two massive drives in the game’s final minutes, first leading the team on an 11-play, 87-yard drive that he finished off himself with a one-yard plunge. It looked bleak for the Rams after their onside kick attempt failed and Manitoba got the ball down to the Rams’ 24-yard line up by five, but Korey Greene’s tackle on Alex Christie jarred the ball loose and Zack McEachern pounced on it to give the Rams new life.
And the Rams offence did it again, starting from their own six-yard line. The big play was a Picton pass to Riley Wilson for a 49-yard gain and the nine-play, 104-yard drive was finished off with a touchdown pass to Ryan Schienbein on a 3rd-and-5 situation from 15 yards out.
Manitoba had one last chance with a heave towards the end zone, but there were only Rams in the vicinity and Joey Dwyer picked it off to seal the win.
“This might be my proudest moment so far as a coach,” Rams head coach Steve Bryce said. “Feeling a part of the Rams family for over 25 years and knowing how hard these guys have worked, it’s such an incredible feeling to come away with the win tonight.”
Picton finished with video game numbers in the win, setting school records in both completions (40) and pass attempts (60), throwing for a career-high 490 yards, and tossing four touchdown passes for the second consecutive week.
Mitchell Picton and Riley Wilson both hit the 1000-yard mark in career receiving yards in the win. Wilson had eight catches to lead all players with 127 yards, while Picton tied Schienbein for the game high with nine receptions and had 108 yards and two majors. Khalid Kornegay just missed hitting triple digits for the second week in a row, finishing with six catches for 94 yards and a touchdown.
Second-year running back Blake Anaka stepped in for an injured Jens Johnson and had 11 carries for a career-high 79 yards.
Danny Nesbitt led the team in tackles, finishing with seven solo and six assisted including one for a two-yard loss. Braedy Will had the team’s first interception since 2014 after picking off the ball in the end zone late in the third quarter, while Mason Rossler had five solo tackles, two assisted tackles, and a pair of pass breakups.
Manitoba quarterback Theo Deezar also had stellar numbers, finishing 30-for-49 for 457 yards and two touchdowns. Christie finished with a game-high 97 rushing yards, while Shai Ross had a team-leading 126 yards on just four receptions. Both Trysten Dyce and Jesse Walker had 80 receiving yards.
D.J. Lalama was everywhere for the Bisons defence, leading Manitoba in tackles and also registering a late sack fumble that Houston Rennie scooped up and turned into a 19-yard touchdown return. Tristen O’Meara was credited with four pass breakups, while Evan Foster had two tackles for loss including a sack.
With how the game finished, it’s a little hard to believe that the game was a defensive struggle for most of the first half. Neither team scored a touchdown until the two teams traded majors in the final three minutes of the second quarter – first an Anthony Dyck seven-yard reception for Manitoba, then a Mitchell Picton 16-yard touchdown catch with 11 seconds to go that sent the Rams into halftime with a narrow 13-10 lead.
The Rams scored two majors in the third quarter, both on 75-yard drives. Kornegay and Schienbein caught touchdowns from 10 yards out and 17 yards out, respectively, with Schienbein’s giving the Rams a healthy 27-14 lead heading into the fourth quarter.
But then Manitoba reeled off 24 unanswered points, starting with a conceded safety. Then Christie punched one in from a yard out to cap off a 10-play, 80-yard drive for the Bisons that got them to within one score. An onside kick caught the Rams napping and three plays later Manitoba was back in the end zone on a Cam Fox 28-yard touchdown catch that put Manitoba up 30-27. Rennie’s 19-yard fumble return touchdown put the Bisons up 38-27 and sent some fans towards the exits, but the Rams replied with those two huge drives to come away with a critical win for the program.
The Rams (1-1) will now prepare for a road tilt against UBC (1-0) next Saturday in Vancouver

NFL Is Back!

nfl logo

The NFL season kicked off last night with the Super Bowl rematch between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers. And this Sunday, there’s a full slate of games. If that bores the hell out of you, here are The Top Reasons You Aren’t Into the NFL.

You only like sports where they don’t keep score and everyone gets a trophy.

 The name of that one team is offensive to you. You know, the Giants. Because you’re 7-foot-4.

Colin Kaepernick disrespects the greatest country on Earth. Okay, the country just south of the greatest country on Earth.

 You’re still furious that Brett Favre never texted you that “junk” photo he promised.

You’re a baseball fan, so the game has way, WAY too much action.

You’re a Cleveland Browns fan, so you’ve never seen professional football.

You’re the one weirdo who actually likes spending time with your significant other.

Rams/Bisons Preview

rams logo
KICKOFF: Sept. 8 (7:00 PM)
SITE: Mosaic Stadium (Regina, Sask.)
CAPACITY: 33,427
RANKINGS: Manitoba #8, Regina NR
TELEVISION: Canada West Football on Shaw – Access7 in Regina
(Jim Mullin/PxP, Wray Morrison/CC, Mitchell Blair/sideline)
(Michael Ball/PxP, Marco Ricci/CC)
• This will be the first Thursday game that the Rams have played in their 18 seasons at the CIS level. All 137 of the U of R’s regular season games to this point have been played on either Friday or Saturday.
• This game features two of the reigning Canada West Players of the Week. Rams QB Noah Picton and Manitoba LB D.J. Lalama were both honoured by the conference on Tuesday.
• Both teams are coming off of Week 1 losses, as Manitoba suffered a 23-14 home loss to Calgary and the Rams were edged on the road by a 41-39 score by Saskatchewan in a game that needed overtime to settle.
PICTON EARNS OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Rams QB Noah Picton set career highs across the board last week, finishing the game with 471 passing yards, four touchdown passes, and 108 rushing yards. His 471 passing yards are the third-highest total in U of R history, while he also becomes just the second quarterback in Rams history to rush for at least 100 yards in a CIS game – Darryl Leason hit that milestone twice, both in a span of three weeks during the team’s magical 2000 postseason run.
GREAT DEBUT: Last week, Khalid Kornegay became the first Rams player to collect over 100 receiving yards in his first CIS game since Jason Clermont in 1999. Kornegay caught four passes for a total of 132 yards at Saskatchewan, including an 85-yard touchdown on the first possession of the second half. Clermont had 149 yards on Sept. 4, 1999 against Manitoba, which was not only his first CIS game but also the first for the Rams at the university level.
TONS OF YARDS: A pair of Rams slotbacks are closing in on 1000 receiving yards for their careers, and it would be three of them if Mitch Thompson wasn’t out for the year. Fifth-year veteran Riley Wilson comes into the week with 941 receiving yards, while fourth-year receiver Mitchell Picton is close behind with 921. A total of 14 players in the Rams’ history at the CIS level have registered at least 1000 yards, with four of them – Jared Janotta, Chad Goldie, Jason Clermont, and Jordan Sisco – breaking the 2000-yard mark.
SCHIENBEIN SCHINES: He had just three catches last year as a rookie, but SB Ryan Schienbein exploded for career highs in receptions (8) and receiving yards (151) last week while also notching his second and third touchdown catches of his CIS career. He had a 65-yard touchdown early in the second half, then caught a three-yard pass from Picton with just over a minute and a half to go. He also added 54 return yards (47 kickoff, 7 punt) to lead all players with 205 all-purpose yards.
INJURY REPORT: WR Davin Johnston (doubtful), RB Atlee Simon (questionable), LB Michael Stefanovic (questionable), DL Eric Wicijowski (out for season).
ON THE LINE: With Wicijowski out for the season after sustaining an injury last week, the Rams are likely to give second-year DL Matt Moore the start in his place. Moore, who had two assisted tackles late in the Saskatchewan game, dressed for four Canada West games as a rookie last season and is expected to make his first career start on Thursday.
ALL-TIME SERIES: Manitoba holds a 17-11 all-time edge in the 28 conference games played between the two teams and took both of the meetings last year, winning 34-19 in Winnipeg and following that up two weeks later with a 49-46 win in Regina. Manitoba has won four of the last five games against the Rams dating back to the 2013 season, though the Rams won each of the seven contests prior to that.