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In The Trenches

Today Scott Schultz breaks down last week’s game and looks ahead to the Labour Day Classic. In The Trenches is brought to you by Bennett Dunlop Ford.




Me: How can a team look so bad in the 1st half and play so much better in the 2nd half.

SS: Everybody will think they made all of these changes at halftime but that’s probably  not the case. Sure you can make some minor tweaks but really what it was as simple as the players doing their job and playing with more desperation.

Me: Well it starts with Darian Durant and he played like a leader

SS: Durant is the face of this team. In this rebuilding scenario he’s still the foundation going forward in my opinion.. That guy was moving around looking better than he has in the last 2 years. And that play early in the game when he gave up his body to try and get a first down, that right there is why you love “Doubles.”

Me: Well all you football types say the real season doesn’t start till Labour day so I guess that’s a good thing for this team.

SS: That is true and really is a game when you can throw the records out the window. If we can’t make the playoffs we might as well play spoiler and drag the Bombers down with us. But it won’t be easy because Mike O’Shea has them playing like world beaters. Calgary is rolling but quietly so are the Blue Bombers.

Me: You can bet Dressler, who is expected to play, has this one circled on his calendar.

SS: It’s been a tough start to the season for him injury wise but like you mentioned Ballsy this game can be considered a nice reset so to speak and a spark for the rest of the year. I expect a big game from Dress.

Me: It’s the last ever Labour Day Classic at this stadium, do you have a favourite either as a player or a fan?


SS: One that always sticks out to me was the 2007 classic when Kerry Joseph ran the ball in for a score and brought the house down. That really launched us to championship greatness.

Rams Fall in Medicine Hat

rams preseason


The University of Regina Rams had their first game action of the 2016 season on Thursday night, but lost 37-13 to Calgary in a neutral-site exhibition game in Medicine Hat.
The Rams went into halftime trailing by just 10, but the Dinos scored 20 of the first 23 points following the break to take a commanding 33-6 lead four minutes into the fourth.

Noah Picton got the start under centre for the Rams and completed 14 of his 21 passes for 141 yards. Seb Britton, who engineered a 104 yard scoring drive, completed five passes for 81 yards and a touchdown. Tyler Vieira was 4-for-9 and had 71 passing yards – most of which came on a 51-yard deep ball to Khalid Kornegay.

Kornegay finished with three receptions for a team-leading 94 yards.


After the game I talked with head coach Steve Bryce and he had this to say:

“Our group 1 battles very well. We go toe to toe physically very well with the Dino’s. We need to eliminate mistakes and we will be fine!”

(The Rams open the regular season September 2nd in Saskatoon against the U of S Huskies a game you can catch on 620 CKRM.)

mason nyhus

Speaking of the Huskies they held their Green and White scrimmage last night and a Regina boy turned heads again. Quarterback Mason Nyhus, a graduate of Riffel high school, has been the talk of training camp and he didn’t disappoint.  The freshman pivot completed 14 of 19 passes for 186 yards and 1 touchdown. According to my sources in Saskatoon, Nyhus is really pushing for a roster spot this season.




Tales From Taylor

This week we visit with long time sideline reporter Willy Cole. Willy patrolled the Riders bench for 28 years at Mosaic Stadium/Taylor Field. Tales From Taylor is brought to you by Maaco Collision Repair.



willy cole

Willy: The thing that really stands out in my mind  over the years is watching football players change with time. Players come and go, some stand the test of time like the Aldag’s and the Makowsky’s. The different characters and personalities on that sideline.  Aldag for example; Roger is the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet but when it’s game time it’s go time for number 44. He was so intense I thought there would be an explosion! Bob Poley is another great guy!  I remember one time when he got chopped at the knees by an opponent, it took 4 or 5 guys to restrain him. You get the best seat in the house to watch all the ups and downs of a football game.  As far as being a sideline reporter, well it’s not an easy job. The key component of sideline information in my day was the trainer Ivan Gutfriend. A player would go down and he would come to me and say ” it’s a thumb Willy or ankle Willy.” Sometimes he tell me to buzz off because he was too busy and you had to respect his job. Noboby talks to the players on the bench while the game is going on.  I was proud of the relationships I built on that sideline with the medical staff and great sideline officials. Once you build up that trust the job becomes a lot easier. I had  the time of my life at that stadium. In 28 seasons I only missed four games!

(Tales From Taylor can be heard on the Roughrider Game Day pregame show on 620 CKRM)

Where Are They Now?

Today we hear from  Dave Ridgway. Dave was in town last week as part of the Farewell season long celebration for this Mosaic Stadium. The Robo-Kicker joined Rod Pedersen on the Sportscage to talk about his time in Rider Nation. Where Are They Now is brought to you by the Boston Pizza in Emerald Park.




ridgway bobble head


Dave: I was in Meadow Lake about a month ago at a speaking engagement. It’s the first time I had been back in the province in 13 years. I have been treated so great here, after all it was my home for over 20 years.

RP: Do you ever get tired of telling the stories about the 1989 Grey Cup season?

Dave: It’s really flattering to be remembered. Many people play sports and are forgotten so it really is nice that people still hold you in high regard. The 1989 Grey Cup was the pinnacle of my career! It’s really nice that the game is still talked about as the greatest ever!

RP: I really liked the fact you played 14 seasons with one team. Were you happy to play here for that long or did you ever want to suit up for another team?

Dave: I had my chances to go elsewhere in fact at one point I sat down with Al Ford in Calgary one off season as I had received an offer from another club. It was like an itch, it got scratched and we moved on. At the end of my career I did have a chance to go to Montreal but once again I wanted to retire and be remembered as a Roughrider.

the kick art

RP: What was going through your mind with the game on the line in the 1989 Grey Cup?

Dave: Those kind of memories never leave. After Tony Champion made that incredible catch I knew that Kent would get us in a position to win the game. Then you walk on the field and you have to do your job. I looked at Suitor and asked him to talk to me about something other then the kick. Glen pointed out a nice looking patron in the crowd and we chuckled. Then Poley snaps it back, Suits puts in down and I punch it threw. And the rest is history.

RP: Could you make that kick now?

Dave: I don’t think any of us could re-enact that play again!!(laughs)

(Where Are They Now can be heard on the Roughrider Game day pre-game show on 620 CKRM)



Today we learn more about Riders safety Kevin Francis in Pro-Files. It’s brought to you by the Wood Products Division of the Saskatchewan Abilities Council.saskabilitiesabilities 2

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Me: Are you getting the hang of this safety position?

KF: I’m starting to feel more comfortable. When coach asked me to make the switch from receiver I was a bit nervous but I’m starting to find my groove. When you’re a safety you have to play fast and physical.

Me: You like to smack talk. Where does that come from?

KF: Number one I thank God for the opportunity to be out here. And then it’s about coming out and having fun and attacking the day.

Me: What do you feel is one thing you have to work on?

KF: Consistency for sure. Come to practices and games with the same energy and attitude.

Me: What is your biggest pet peeve?

KF: Messy people. I’m a clean guy. I like a neat space.

Me: Do you make your bed everyday?

KF: About 90 percent of the time.

Me: Are you caught up in the rage that is Pokémon Go?

KF: I actually just downloaded it and I’m going to start playing it. I see lots of my friends just walking around outside like zombies so I thought I’d join the crowd..(laughs)

Me: People have said it gives me an excuse to get outside. Does Kevin Francis need an excuse to go outside?

KF: Man I don’t need an excuse but people have told me it’s good exercise!

Me: Come on man you don’t need extra exercise!

KF: I think it’s bogus too but I got sucked in. I’ll just have to see if it lives up to the hype.

Me: If you weren’t playing football what would you be doing?

KF: Finish up my masters degree in computer science.

Me: Maybe you’ll make video games.

KF: Haha, that would be cool. I have always been amazed by the tech world.

Me:  Are you a video game guy? Do you have a favourite?

KF: I’m a Madden guy and I like driving games like Need For Speed.

Me: What type of car do you drive?

KF: Right now a Nissan Maxima

Me: Money is no object what is you dream car Kevin Francis?

KF: Probably a Buggati.

Me: Favourite holiday?

KF: Christmas. The best gift I ever received was my very first remote control toy racing car that my dad gave me before he passed away.

Me: How did your dad’s death affect you?

KF: It helped me get into football because I need something to help me channel my energy and focus. I’ve been playing football since the age of 9 and I love it!

(Pro-Files can be heard on the Roughrider Game Day pre-game show on 620 CKRM)



Tales From Taylor

Former Saskatchewan Roughriders Offensive lineman Ben Heenan is my guest today as he recalls his favourite Tales From Taylor. It’s brought to you by Maaco Collision Repair.




ben 1


Me: Ben you’ve had lots of great times at this stadium. There must be a couple that come to mind!

Ben: First off 2006 high school final Sheldon against Riffel. We had about 2000 fans come out and watch which was a big deal and our Spartan team went on to win and go take the provincial championship too. Later on with the U of S Huskies, it was my rookie year and we came down here and hung a licking on the Rams which always felt great! And of course you can’t beat winning a Grey Cup on your home turf!

Me: What do you remember most about that day?

Ben: Well Ballsy that whole day was special, but I remember coming out of the tunnel for warmups and the stadium was already full and electric! I’ll never forget the feeling with 2 minutes  to go and I knew we had the game in hand. I looked up in the crowd with Dan Clark and we talked about how we had grown up on this field and now we were Grey Cup champs!

Me: What do you remember about the on field celebration with family and friends?

Ben: I remember how happy everyone was especially when we got the trophy. I loved the time in the dressing room afterwards. I remember being one of the last guys to leave the stadium. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I remember reading a line that said for that moment in time Mosaic Stadium was the happiest place on earth and I couldn’t argue that statement.




Where Are They Now?

This week I speak with former Calgary Stampeders centre Brett Jones who is now trying to make the New York Giants. Where Are They Now is brought to you by our friends at the Boston Pizza in Emerald Park.




brett jones

Me: Brett is joining me from Giants camp. Thanks Brett I appreciate the visit.  Last year was cut short for you as you suffered that injury in Giants pre-season, what was that like for you as it was your first major injury?

Brett: Well it sucked but it’s a part of playing football, you just have to overcome it and I believe I did just that. So I’m looking forward to another camp with these guys.

Me: What did you spend your time doing?

Brett: I was at the U of R working out and taking a number of classes as I worked towards earning my engineering degree.

Me: Did it open your eyes to your football mortality. That this game goes so quick?

Brett: There is a only a small window to play this great game so you have to take advantage of it and enjoy the moments..

Me: Man are you pinching yourself, Brett Jones from Weyburn plays for the U of R Rams, then the Stamps are now is trying to make an NFL roster?

Brett: Everyday Ballsy!  It’s so cool to wakeup and come to the facility and be apart of this team. It’s not work I can tell you that!

Me: What do you like the best about football?

Brett: Football has always been a place to prove myself as a person that I could do it. In high school I was a low achiever and football helped me show people that I was an athlete and the game has opened so many doors for me in life! I’m so glad I played…

Me: Who turned you on to the sport?

Brett: It all started in pee wee football with my coach Kelly Bowman. and then with the Rams in Frank McCrystal, Bernie Schmidt, Jerry Orban, Tom McCallum and Sheldon Neald. All of those guys cared about me and wanted me to succeed.

Me: So you go to the Calgary Stampeders and you’re up for the Outstanding Rookie in the CFL at the awards banquet in Regina. What was it like winning in your backyard?

brett jones 1

Brett: That was so cool, it sure was an honour to take home the hardware in front of friends and family. I’ll never forget that day. The only thing that would have made that weekend better was playing in the Grey Cup.

Me: The next year you win the Outstanding lineman award, and a Grey Cup! What a 2 year stretch…

Brett: The time I had in Calgary was unreal. I love the NFL but I miss my time in the CFL. The Stamps are first class and John Hufnagel is a great guy.

Me: You were signed by Tom Coughlin’s coaching staff but now there’s a new man running the show, so Brett Jones has to prove himself again?

Brett: The NFL is a league where you have to prove yourself everyday. Pressure comes the territory.  I’m really looking forward to proving I belong here.

Me: Do you have any advice for the young guy reading this piece that wants to be the next Brett Jones?

Brett: One of the big things I realized at the end of high school and going into university was that “this is my life and I can make it as great as I want based on my choices. As it relates to football learn as much as you can and enjoy every practice and game because you never know when it ends!”


(Where Are They Now can be heard on the Roughrider Game Day pre game show on 620 CKRM)




In The Trenches





Me: Scott you’ve been involved in blowout losses before how much do you dwell on that 41-3 debacle? Or do you just burn the tape?

Scott Schultz: Well you look at the tape briefly and move on because in this league you don’t have time to hang your head.

Me: When you lose like that at what point in the game do you look up at the scoreboard and say this one is over?

Scott Schultz: Well there definitely have some mental gymnastics going on. If you’re a pro you can’t mail it in. We all know the game is over but you have to play hard and smart or you’re going to get hurt. I’ve seen lots of guys get hurt in garbage time.

Me: In today’s CFL the running game is non-existent. I mean why would you throw with all the pass interference calls. Would you like playing as a nose tackle now.

Scott Schultz: For sure, it’s easier to pass rush then to stop the run and every defensive lineman’s dream is to get to those weak kneed quarterbacks..

Me: Hey we know Darian is as tough as it comes. And he’s back tonight along with Dan Clark. Those are two huge additions.

Scott Schultz: Both of those guys bring talent and veteran savvy to the roster which is so important especially playing in Calgary where it’s always tough to get a win. Durant plays with a chip on his shoulder against the Stamps. I really think this is a game where his leadership can shine through. Dan Clark will give the Riders more stability with defense recognition and the line calls.

Me: The Riders have lost 7 straight regular season games in Calgary. How do they break that slide tonight?

Scott Schultz: No turnovers and no big plays and as we saw last week you can’t quit early against Bo Levi Mitchell, the BC Lions learned that lesson the hard way!


You can hear the full interview with Scott Schultz on Roughrider Gameday on 620 CKRM beginning at 5 pm.


Today we learn more about Rider defensive lineman Corvey Irvin  in our Pro-Files feature. It is brought to you by the Wood Products Division of the Saskatchewan Abilities Council.

saskabilitiesabilities 2


(The Wood Products Division of the Saskatchewan Abilities Council is the go to place for rough wood products.

We offer custom made pallets and crating for all your domestic requirements. If you need to export your product over seas, we can help with that too.

We also carry a full line of lath and stakes in a variety of sizes. From 2×2 stakes used for staking trees and concrete work, to 7/16” lath used in surveying.

The Wood Products Division is proud to be a supplier of quality products to Regina and area for over 35 years. Place your order by calling 306-569-6799.)

corvey irvin

Me: How often do you get called Cory in a day?

CI: Oh at least a dozen times. I get used to it but my mom hates it!

Me: Do you just let people call you by the wrong name, is it easier?

CI: If we’ve been around each other for a minute and you keep calling me Cory I’m gonna have to check ya.

Me: What’s the worst injury you’ve ever sustained?

CI: I tore my MCL in 2009 and I broke my foot once in college in my freshman year.

Me:  You were drafted in the 3rd round by the Carolina Panthers, what was that day like?

CI: Oh man it felt like I was in heaven. My dad always said you can go pro if you want to. And I achieved my goal which was just a blessing man. I will never forget that day!

Me: What did you buy with the signing bonus?

CI: I bought a 2008 Cadillac Escalade, gave some money to family and partied.

Me:  What do you think of Regina so far?

CI: I like it here, it’s really quiet, low key like my home town. When the game is on the place shuts down. I like that feeling as it gave me chill bumps.

Me: What does Corvey Irvin like to do away from football?

CI: I love watching the Food Network. I’d love to be on that channel. I also like looking up things on youtube.

Me: Like what kind of things?

CI: I like researching recipes for the family.

Me: If you invite Michael Ball over to eat….

CI: Who is Michael Ball?

Me: That’s me the guy interviewing you…

CI: Oh sorry man I had no idea..

Me: That’s okay Cory…(haha) my family barely knows me!

Me: Anyway you have me over for dinner what are you cooking?

CI: Oxtails with rice and peas and some spicy cabbage!

Me: You can only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

CI: Chicken wings…ranch lemon pepper.

Me: You could play another position in football what would it be?

CI: Oh man I’d love to be the safety, picking off passes and lowering the boom on people

Me:  Favourite CFL city to play in besides Regina?

CI: Winnipeg. It’s nice and the fans are loud and I always play well in Winnipeg.

Me: Lastly, in 10 years Corvey Irvin will be doing what?

CI: I want to be a master chef!


Tales From Taylor

Today I chat with Ben Cahoon, who became the 11 player to have his jersey retired by the Alouttes. Ben has some great memories of Regina and the Taylor turf. It’s brough to you by Maaco Collision and Auto Repair.



ben cahoon

Me: I was on the sidelines at the 2003 Grey Cup game here at Mosaic Stadium when your Alouttes  fell to Tom Higgins and the Edmonton Eskimos. One of the highlights for me was that one handed catch you made, classic Cahoon!

Ben: (laughs) I do remember that now, it took me a second to process it as you were talking about it. The only thing that would have made it better was if it was a game winning Grey Cup touchdown. It was a special catch. Somebody took a great picture of it and I have a copy. It’s a bitter sweet catch because you dream about that type of grab  in the championship game but unfortunately not winning was devastating.

Me: What do you remember about playing in Saskatchewan?


Ben: I remember crappy turf at the start of my career. Then they upgraded the field and the stadium which was nice! They have great fans in Regina, very passionate. They love to give you a hard time but with me they did it with class. They’d say, ” Cahoon we hate you but we wish you played for the Riders.” I always liked come to Regina because they care about the game!