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Today we learn more about Rider middle linebacker Greg Jones in our  ro-Files feature. It is brought to you by the Wood Products Division of the Saskatchewan Abilities Council.


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Me: You propose to your women on the field after winning the Super Bowl how long were you thinking about that one?


GJ: I originally was going to propose to her on vacation after the season but the opportunity arose at the Super Bowl so while Eli Manning was getting his MVP trophy I was down on one knee. I didn’t think it would become such a big deal. You can’t beat the day,  I won the big game and got my girl!

Me: So what is romantic night look like for Greg Jones?

GJ: Get her some flowers, take her to a restaurant and maybe some drinks with friends.

Me: What is your favourite thing about being a linebacker?

greg jones

GJ: Oh man being in the middle is cool. I grew up watching Monday Night Football with my dad and I said I always wanted to do that and it came true. I made a goal line stop on MNF against the Rams my rookie year. What a great feeling. I love being physical.

Me: Who did you grow up watching as your football idol?

GJ: I’m from Cincy, and I went to my first ever game it was the Bengals versus the Ravens and I watched Ray Lewis shoot down hill and make a tackle for a loss. I told my dad right there that is what I want to be! Since I was 8 years old it’s the only position I’ve ever played.

Me: If you could play any other position in the game what would it be?

GJ: Oh man, probably running back because my dad was a big fan of Walter Payton so I’d want to honour him by playing that position.

Me: Do you trash talk?

greg jones

GJ: Oh a little, I might call a big guy fat or something just to get under his skin but nothing disrespectful about his mom or woman

Me: Who is the biggest trash talker you’ve faced?

GJ: Richard Sherman of the Seahawks by a mile, the man can talk!

Me: What do you do away from the field?

GJ: When I’m alone I watch a lot of movies. When I’m with the family we take our kids to the pool or spray pads. They have a great time interacting with other kids and playing in the water.

Me: If you had to watch one movie over and over again what would it be?

GJ: Ballsy, I know you said one but I got two choices: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Ocean’s Eleven–the new one!

(Pro-Files can be heard on the Roughrider Gameday broadcast on 620 CKRM)


Where Are They Now?

Today we hear from one of the most popular Roughriders of all time Bob Poley. Where Are They Now is brought to you by the Emerald Park Boston Pizza.




Me: Growing up in Hudson Bay, not exactly a hot bed for football. How did you get turned on to the game?

Poley; When I got to highschool there was a guy named Gordon Brown, who taught and coached and fired up the 9 man football program and the rest is history.

Me: Coming out of high school you were highly touted so what made you choose the Regina Rams?

bob poley

Poley: It was 3 day camp in May and I got to meet Aldag and a bunch of other guys and I thought it was a good fit.  I told my dad I’d be home for harvest but I never made it and he’s still waiting for me.

Me: You played hockey with the Regina Pats too, I heard you once broke a puck with a slap shot. Is that true?

Poley: (laughs) No that isn’t true. I wacked away at the puck a few times. I was there to be a goon. I had a couple of fights, but I never got to beat anybody up as the refs jumped in to quick.

Me: You were a defensive lineman but you make the switch to centre on the advice of Ron Lancaster is that how it went?

Poley: That’s exactly right, he gave me the ball at training camp in 1979 and he said start throwing this back and if you can master it you’ll have a long career. At first I thought he was crazy and then I thought I’ll do what it takes and the next thing you know I’m the centre.

Me: 1979 and 1980 with Ron as the coach weren’t great years for the team but could you tell then he’d be a good coach?

Poley: Mike he was coaching when he played. When he took over he was saddled with older players and he knew there had to be change and he did it! And Ron took the lumps for the future success we had in 1981 and down the road.

Me: Were you shocked getting traded to Calgary after the 1984 season?

bob poley 2

Poley: Well when Jack Gotta came in as coach we were struggling, they were looking to bring their own guys in much like this year with the Riders. I was part of a package to go over there but it was easy for me because my old o-line coach Steve Buratto was in Calgary. It jump started my career but it was great to come back to Saskatchewan in 1988.

Me: Ya what was it like to get back here and win the Cup next to your good buddy Roger Aldag?

Poley: I can’t really put it into words what it means. Roger and I have a life long friendship and we went through some tough times with the Riders so it was great to come back here and win the thing together and then to bring it back to Saskatchewan for the championship starved Rider fans was really special.

Me: What’s running through your head as your getting ready to snap back the ball on that 35 yard field goal in the 1989 Grey Cup?

the kick

Poley: You know what it was the just the next play to me! It was my job and I needed to get it done. But looking back on it now imagine if I had sailed the ball over Suitor’s head. I don’t think they’d love me in Saskatchewan the way they do now!

Me: Any cool pieces of memorabilia in Polecat’s man cave?

Poley: I’ve given so much away to the kids. I do have one and it sits on the wall in my house and it’s a picture of me and Aldag carrying the Grey Cup!

Me:  How did you get the nickname Polecat?

Poley: I don’t know, I think it came from the moustache. It looks a cat mustache. Polecat is better than the nickname “NINER” that Aldag gave me because I only have 9 toes…

Me: Wait a minute, you only have 9 toes?

Poley: Well there’s another story, I was working up in a plywood mill in northern Saskatchewan one winter and a press fell on it an squashed one off. So I only have 4 on the left side. I tell my grand kids the dog got hungry so I cut one off to feed the dog.

Me: If you ever get tired of BC don’t hesitate to come back here, maybe you can join me on the radio.

Poley: Be careful Ballsy I could be gunning for your job!



In The Trenches

Today former Rider great Scott Schultz breaks down the Riders first win of the season. In The Trenches is brought to you by Bennett Dunlop Ford.



ME: Well what a dramatic way to win a ball game. It felt like an old time game at Mosaic with all that energy.

SS: Ya the fans were really into it. And you could tell the team was feeding off of it in the 2nd half.


ME: It helped that Trevor Harris went down early?

SS: Sure did, but remember Ballsy both teams had a backup in there. I thought Gale and Jensen had great games. In particular Gale made some really good decisions and he’s not afraid to throw the ball. It helps when you have a guy like Naman Roosevelt studding out! And the remarkable thing about Gale is he did it against the CFL’s top team. with a banged up offensive line and no running game at this point.

ME: What did you think of the defensive performance?

SS: Obviously it was shaky at times in the secondary but as the game progressed we cleaned some things up. I’m not a big fan of the 3 man front but I get what Coach Jones was trying to by dropping more guys into coverage with a young QB at the controls. And they got some sacks when they needed to and most importantly they finally closed a game out!

ME: Everybody want to be a kicked until the game is on the line. What kick by Crapigna?

SS: What a clutch performance. Your kicker needs to be clutch. What is he 5’6? He can boom the ball. They say it’s a game of inches and he had just enough last night.

ME: What can this win do for this team?

SS: I think it’s great especially going into Montreal where it’s always tough to play regardless of the Als record. I feel good about leaving Gale in there another week and giving Darian more time to rest too. This win is a real confidence builder. Hey Ballsy before we wrap this up I wanted to give a plug for the local guy Zach Evans. It hasn’t a great start to the year for him but man he was a beast last night with 2 sacks and a batted ball and what 6 tackles! I like good football and that was a great performance!

Thoughts On The RNC

DONALD TRUMP closed out the Republican National Convention last night by giving a 75-minute speech. It’s the longest acceptance speech by either party’s candidate in over 40 years. (For some reason, nobody seems to have data from before 1972.)

 Okay, so in the RNC gift bags they had little fetus figurines in them???

I jotted down some notes from last night’s speech

Donald Trump doesn’t look any less orange when HE controls the lighting.

Having three different families makes you a great family man.

The only people who are even worse dancers than white people are wealthy white people.

Hillary Clinton is responsible for everything bad that’s ever happened in the world.

Tales From Taylor

bob and rogerThis week Bob Poley shares with us some of his favourite memories from the Taylor Field turf. It’s brought to you by Maaco Collision Repair and Auto Painting.





Polecat: Well Ballsy when I first started playing there the natural grass at Taylor Field was just awesome. I won the 1976 national junior football championship on that field with the Regina Rams and what a thrill to come from behind at half-time and beat the Hamilton Hurricanes and hoist the little Grey Cup! Just playing on the field as a Saskatchewan kid is beyond words.


Me: You win the 1976 little Grey Cup with your close buddy Roger Aldag and then in 1989 you get to bring the real Grey Cup back to the stadium to celebrate. What did that feel like to do it again with Aldag?

bob and roger

Polecat: That feeling is something else, once Roger and I got ahold of that trophy we never let anybody touch the darn thing so they had to let us carry it into the stadium. What a cold day but the fans were all there and I’ll never forget it!  For a Gull Lake boy and a Hudson Bay boy it was  like winning a lottery.


In The Trenches

Time now for our weekly chat with former Rider great Scott Schultz as we tee up today’s match up with the BC Lions. It’s brought to you by our friends at Bennett Dunlop Ford.



Me: What do you make of the 3rd and 1 problems?

SS: It’s not as easy as it looks. It’s man on man, brute strength. Lets keep it simple and blow somebody off the ball!

Me: Were you surprised the Riders only rushed 3 guys at Mike Reilly most of the game last week?



SS: My opinion is you have to rush the quarterback especially Mike Reilly. They probably thought they could do it with three and it didn’t work as well as they thought so now as the season goes on you’ll see a more aggressive Chris Jones defence.

Me: How about being passive at the end of that last game?

SS: I think it was a mistake but you play the same way all game keep things in front of you and it’s unfortunate the way it turned out.

Me: Dan Clark looks off to me. I wonder do you think he’s feeling the pressure?

SS: Well Ballsy it’s not an easy position. You have to quarterback the o-line but the most important thing is getting the ball back to Darian. I think all and all he’s done a bang up job but he definitely needs to be more stout at times and he knows that.

Me: This group of linebackers looks good don’t they?

SS: Very athletic, cover sideline to sideline and fill gaps. They’ve got the makings of a really game changing group.

Me: How do the Riders win today?

SS: It’s time for a home win. We’ve seen improvements. But you know what happens when you lose around here people are grumpy and things boil over. I think we win today by protecting the football, playing fast and physical. Riders by 7.


Today we learn more about new Riders receiver Ricky Collins Jr. Pro-Files is brought to you by the Wood Products Division of the Saskatchewan Abilities Council.



abilities 2

(The Wood Products Division of the Saskatchewan Abilities Council is the go to place for rough wood products.

We offer custom made pallets and crating for all your domestic requirements. If you need to export your product over seas, we can help with that too.

We also carry a full line of lath and stakes in a variety of sizes. From 2×2 stakes used for staking trees and concrete work, to 7/16” lath used in surveying.

The Wood Products Division is proud to be a supplier of quality products to Regina and area for over 35 years. Place your order by calling 306-569-6799.)



Me: You wear number 3, does that number have any significance?

RCJ: I picked number 3 in high school. It’s my favourite number so whenever I can get it I do.

Me: How long have you been playing football?

ricky collins jr

RCJ; Since I was 10. My older sister and dad turned me on to the sport. They told me I’m pretty good and should seriously pursue it.

Me: Growing up which player did you look up to?

RCJ: Michael Irvin and Jerry Rice no doubt. I’m a Cowboys fan and I like Dez Bryant.

Me: How do you like Regina so far?

RCJ: I really like it, it reminds me of my hometown Tyler, Texas. It’s small and has a real homey feel to it.

Me: Do you have a big family?

RCJ: Yes sir! I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters.

Me: Are you the best athlete in the house?

RCJ:(laughs) Easily…without a doubt!

Me: What do you like to do away from the football field?

RCJ: I like to talk to my kids and  play 2K Sports games.

Me: How many kids do you have Ricky?

RCJ: I have 2 girls and 1 son

Me: Would you like your son to play this tough game of football?

RCJ: Ya I’d like him to play but I won’t force him the choice is his for sure.

Me: If Ricky Collins wasn’t a football player what would he be doing?

RCJ: Um, maybe a lawyer as I studied criminal justice in college.



Where Are They Now?

Joining me this week in the Where Are They Now feature is former Riders defensive back Chris McKenzie. It’s brought to you by Emerald Park Boston Pizza.BP-Marco

Me: How did you find your way from Arizona to Regina?

CM: One of  my college buddies played in the CFL and when I was a free agent in the NFL I asked him what it was like to play up here. He said it was great and I asked if he could help me out. He made a call and the next thing I know I’m Saskatchewan is calling!

Me: What did you think of Saskatchewan when you got here?


CM: It was cold, out in the middle of nowhere, and Regina isn’t a very big city. However, as you stay here and play here and get to know the fans it’s a pretty good place, I like it! I stayed here and worked for a pipeline company.

Me: What did you think of the big field and the pre-snap motion?

CM: It was like wow, you got all this room and these guys running full speed at you.  It was tough.

Me: What was your welcome to the CFL moment?

CM: Towards the end of my first year I had to replace an injured Eddie Davis and I was making play after play. It was a big game in the standings against Calgary so I was happy to make a difference.

Me: Who did you most enjoy or look forward to covering?



CM: Jamel Richardson or Geroy Simon because you knew playing against them no matter what they were getting the ball, they were going to talk smack. So you had to get your mind right and get your game right.

Me: Who took you under his wing?

eddie davis

CM: Eddie Davis, Tad Kornegay and Omarr Morgan for sure.

Me: Would you rather make a tackle, sack or interception?

CM: Everybody has to make a tackle, so I’d say an interception as a defensive back.

Me: If we were doing a scout report on Chris McKenzie what would you put on it?

CM: (laughs) Gee I’m not sure. I’d say cover guy who likes man to man defence.

Me: What made you quit your career in your early 30’s?

CM: I knew it was over when nothing in me had the desire to keep playing. You play so many years and your body is breaking down so you make a decision to leave early when the body and mind is healthy.

In The Trenches

This week Scott Schultz and I talk about the Shawn Lemon trade, the Riders D-LIne and what it takes to win in Edmonton. In The Trenches is brought to you by Bennett Dunlop Ford. bennett

Me: Scott what did you think of the Riders trading Shawn Lemon and given that they released John Chick in the off-season should they have done more  homework?


SS: I think it’s easy to be a Monday morning QB when it comes to this trade. He obviously didn’t bring to the field what they were looking for. So if that’s the case and you don’t like your playing time then so be it. If you don’t want to be here see ya later!

Me: How about AC Leonard, the coverted wide receiver, playing at d-end and getting 2 big sacks?

SS: I was a limited guy talent wise so I always marvel at the dudes who can play multiple positions let alone on both sides of the ball. Now that teams have film on him they’ll be able to game plan so it won’t be as easy but you have to give it to Leonard he’s a talented ball player.

Me: Darian played okay. I thought he got tired as the game wore on? What did you think?

SS: I agree Ballsy, but that is understandable seeing as how it was his first game action in 2 seasons. I know Darian well and we stay in contact. I know he won’t be happy with some of  his play. But he will be relieved that he made it through the game. That will help his confidence.

Me: What do the Riders have to do to win this game because it’s a tough place to play?


SS: Protect the ball! We saw last week  the Argos capitalized on our turnovers scoring 14  of their 30 points..So we have to do that tonight against the defending champs because they’ll be ready to pounce. And you are right Ballsy, I friggin hated playing in Edmonton. It’s not an easy place to play especially for the good guys! Having said all that I still got the Riders in a close one.

Tales From Taylor



This week I chat with former Riders great Roger Aldag about his favourite memories from Taylor Field/Mosaic Stadium. It’s brought to you by our friends at Maaco Collision Repair and Auto Painting. If you’ve had an oh-oh and want it perfect again better get Maaco!


Me: What’s your first memory of Taylor Field?

RA: My first memory was going to watch my brother Barry play with the Roughriders it was our first family trip from Gull Lake to the big city! It was the late 60’s the Riders played the Eskimos and I sat in the rookie section. I’ll never forget it!

Me: What about Roger Aldag’s first game on the Taylor turf?


RA: My first game would have been 1972 playing my first game with the Regina Rams. At that time it was a grass field. Early on in season it was great but as the season went along not so much.

Me: What do you remember about your first Riders game?

RA: Well I wasn’t really a Rider yet as I was going to training camp with the team as a Ram. It was a pre-season game and I got to play a few special teams and I want to say I dominated but I didn’t that’s for sure. I was just hoping for a little experience.

Me: What about that crappy turf?

RA: (Laughs) At first we thought the new artificial turn was great but after a few games we found out it was harder than the parking lot!

Me: What was it like after the 1989 Grey Cup when you returned to the stadium. What was that like?

RA: That was another moment a guy will never forget. It was freezing, but the west side stands were full. It was a special time to bring that trophy home with my good buddy Bob Poley. I have some mixed emotions about the old girl going down. I wish we could’ve won more this stadium but the memories are still great!