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In The Trenches


It’s time now for our weekly chat with former Rider great Scott Schultz as we preview tonight’s matchup between the Riders and Argos. It’s brought to you by our friends at Bennett Dunlop Ford.


Me: The Argos didn’t look so good in week 1!

SS: Ya it was a little dicey over there. You know they’ve been in the film room trying to correct their mistakes. And they’re spending extra time on their film because they don’t have any tape on the Riders because we were off in week 1. For that reason I think we have the advantage.


Me: That’s a really good point Scott, so how big of an advantage is that?

SS: I think it’s huge. The first couple of weeks is always tricky. It’s new to most everybody on the field so it’s going to come down to man on man battles and coaches will have to adjust on the fly big time in the first couple of weeks.

Me:  Would you like to have a bye in week 1?

SS: No I would like to play right away. Players can’t really get away from the game like you would in a week 9.

Me: Home openers are special. They have a special feel don’t they?

SS: For sure, especially since it’s the last ever one at this stadium. It’s the start of new season, you want to get the fans on board with the program right away!

Me: What things will you be watching for tonight?

SS: I want to see the d line get after old Ricky Ray. Pin their ears back at go, make his life uncomfortable.

Me: Who do you got tonight?

SS: The Riders win a tight one 27-24.

Me: If Darian stays healthy what is the Riders record this season?

SS: I’m saying 10-8 and 2nd or 3rd place in the West.






Where Are They Now?

This week I speak with one greatest Riders of all-time Gene Makowsky. It’s brought to you by the Emerald Park Boston Pizza.



Me: What was it like for a Saskatchewan boy to be drafted by the hometown Roughriders?

geno 1

Gene: I remember that day. It was in Saskatoon, it was 1995 so they did a bunch of events in the city leading up to the first Grey Cup here so it was a great memory.

Me: Who took you under his wing when you joined professional football?

Gene: The O line is always a tight group, but I’d say Mike Anderson. He is a Saskatchewan guy too, smart guy, family guy, great player, good work ethic.

Me: How about a coach who had an impact on your career?

Gene: That’s a tough question Ballsy, there are so many great coaches that helped me but if I had to pick one maybe my first coach with the Riders Pat Pearles. He was super intense and he really believed in me and gave me a ton of confidence.

Me: Gene you coach football at the amateur level now. What is key in your mind to being a youth coach?

Gene: Well number one you have to be passionate about the game. And I guess you also need to be able to teach technique too. One thing I like to coach is flag football because as a lineman type you don’t really care what the receivers do. These last few years I’ve had to learn a new side of the game and I enjoy it!

Me: You’ve got kids playing in football now, do you feel for the kids that they have to live up to your name in this province?

Gene: I don’t put too much pressure on them. I try and point them in the direction they want to go and help where I can. I’ve got 3 great kids and I hope they don’t feel pressure.

Me: Who is the smartest guy you’ve ever played with?

Gene: Oh great question! Probably most of the quarterbacks. It’s the hardest position in pro sports. You have to know what the other 11 guys are doing on your team plus dissect what the defence is doing. Other than that I’d say a guy like Jeremy O’Day. As a centre you have to make all the calls for line and recognize how the defence is lined up.

Me: Gene you’re a Canadian Football Hall of Famer, played the most games in team history and won a Grey Cup. Which of those feats is most important to you?


geno 2

Gene: You’re really putting me on the spot Ballsy! The reason you play is to win.  I waited 13 years to get a Grey Cup so while the other things are important nothing beats that day in Toronto!

Me: Would your career have felt unfulfilled if you didn’t win the championship?

Gene: You wonder if you’ll ever get that chance. And you’re jealous when you watch the game and you’re not playing in it, I got kinda bitter (laughs) . So ya I think my career would have been a bit unfulfilled had we not won. Thankfully I don’t have to worry about it!

Me: When I think of you I think of longevity. Is that what you’re most proud of?

Gene: I always wanted to be a guy coaches relied on. They say you’re two best abilities are dependability and availability. I think I gave those things to the Riders organization each season.





Today we go under the helmet to learn more about Riders defensive back Matt Webster.   Pro-Files is brought to you by the Wood Products Division of the Saskatchewan Abilities Council.saskabilitiesabilities 2

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matt webster

Me: Where can people follow you on social media?

MW: MattWeb20 on twitter, I’ll check it from time to time and post some pictures.

Me: You have a Queen’s tattoo just like Rob Bagg is that like a right of passage?

MW: To me it reminds me of the time I spent there and brotherhood

Me: How did you get into football?

MW: I’ve been playing football since grade 8. My dream was to play NHL hockey but then I realized I was pretty good at football so after high school I just gave up hockey.

Me: Who did you look up to in the NHL, favourite team?

MW: Calgary Flames are my team. I love Iginla, I love all the old school Flames player, like Al MacInnis and Hakan Loob, Phil Housley

Me: What about football, who did you look up to?

MW: I liked Champ Bailey back in the day when he was the best lock down corner in football.

Me: Besides uniform in sports that isn’t the Riders uniform is?

MW: Oh the Calgary Flames, flaming C now doubt about it!

Me: What do you like to do away from the field to get away from the game?

MW:  I like to golf, and hang out at home with my teammates.

Me: So you invite over for dinner tonight, what is Matt Webster making me?

MW: You and me Ballsy we’d get on the barbeque and cook up some steaks and chicken breasts.




In The Trenches

This week  Scott Schultz and I talk about the future of the franchise quarterback Darian Durant. In The Trenches is brought to you by Bennett Dunlop Ford.



Me:  At 34 years old and coming off of two major injuries I think it’s safe to say Darian Durant is at career crossroads. Would you agree?

SS: Durant will tell you he isn’t feeling any pressure but he is, he has to be feeling it! However, the key for a guy like that is to recognize it, and focus on the job at hand and play through it! I’m confident he’ll do a good job overcoming that type of adversity. Now some players can excel later in their careers just look at Henry Burris but that is an exception to the rule. So I think you’re right to say this a big year for him to show he can still be a starter. I think he’s a special enough guy to prove everybody wrong and play another 4 or 5 more years.


Me: Looking at the business side, Doubles took the pay cut in the off-season so if he has a big year Durant could get a nice raise!

SS: The business side of football is always lurking , as it’s the old ” what have you done for me lately mentality?” The team just wants to get the best bang for its buck! The best case scenario is he stays on the field for the whole year and if that happens everything will workout for both sides..

Me: I think Darian is going to get some big time help from Rob Bagg this year as he’s poised for a big season in the slot.



SS: I agree and I’m really happy for Rob after overcoming those knee injuries. Just 3 years ago it looked like his career was over but he comes back and wins a Grey Cup in that same season and now look at his career. He’s got all these off the field endorsement deals. Who knows maybe Durant and Bagg, two guys overcoming injuries, can lead this offence to the promise land!

(Scott Schultz and his In The Trenches segment can be heard weekly on the ROUGHRIDER GAMEDAY PRE-GAME SHOW ON 620 CKRM)








In our first installment of Pro-Files we learn more about Canadian defensive lineman Justin Capicciotti. It’s brought to you by the Wood Products Division of the Saskatchewan Abilities Council:

saskabilitiesabilities 2



The Wood Products Division of the Saskatchewan Abilities Council is the go to place for rough wood products.

We offer custom made pallets and crating for all your domestic requirements. If you need to export your product over seas, we can help with that too.

We also carry a full line of lath and stakes in a variety of sizes. From 2×2 stakes used for staking trees and concrete work, to 7/16” lath used in surveying.

The Wood Products Division is proud to be a supplier of quality products to Regina and area for over 35 years. Place your order by calling 306-569-6799.

justin c

Me: Just caught you coming off of a workout…What is your favourite piece of equipment in the gym?

JC: The Squat Rack

Me: How much can you squat:

JC: 500 lbs

Me: One thing on your bucket list?

JC: Travel somewhere tropical

Me: Dream Car:

JC: Old Chevelle

Me: Worst subject in school?

JC: Art

Me: Do you make your bed everyday?

JC: I don’t but my wife does!

Me: What do you put on your hot dog?

JC: Ketchup and relish and maybe honey mustard

Me: Favourite pigout food?

JC: Pizza…meat lovers…

Me: First concert?

JC: Sars Stock in Toronto with AC/DC and Rolling Stones. I was in the middle of the crowd

Me: You win the Grey Cup this season who is the first person that pops into Justin Capiccotti’s mind?

JC: Probably my little girl.





Where Are They Now!



Our first guest this season in Where Are They Now segment is a man who played 3 times with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in a 14 year career. Today we look back on the great career of fullback Shawn Daniels. It’s brought to you by our friends at the Emerald Park Boston Pizza.

shawn daniels1

Me : You played in Saskatchewan 3 times, when I say Saskatchewan what comes to mind?

SD: Flat! Actually when I showed up there it was the first time I had gone past Toronto so it was quite a shock, everything from the size to the pace of life!

Me: Your first season was the ’89 season what do you remember about that Grey Cup season?

SD: I had fun playing football and once again learning the Canadian game. I had Milson Jones showing me the ropes but then he got hurt so I had to step in. Thank God Tim McCray was patient with me.

Me: What was your relationship like with Tim?

SD: It’s a special relationship for sure. I’ve been a tailback and fullback so I get it. Some tailbacks don’t care where you block a guy and some guys like it done a certain way.

Me: You won a championship but lost two. What do you remember more?

SD: The losses for sure! Just like in a game–you don’t remember the catch or the run- you remember the drops and fumbles.


shawn daniels 2

Me: You were with the Ottawa Rough Riders when they folded in the mid 90’s what was that scene like?

SD: Very awkward, I remember that happening to the Alouettes when I was growing up in Montreal. So to be in the middle of something like that is very eye opening. It was very unsettling to never know if your cheque was going to bounce. It’s nice to see things vibrant it Ottawa again.

Me: Who else do you keep in contact with?

SD: Besides McCray, I keep in contact with Brian Walling and Lionel Vitale.

Me: Any lasting effects on your body from 14 years as a fullback?

SD: Turf toe is the only thing that still bugs me.. I suffered the injury initially playing on that crappy turf at Taylor Field.

Me: What are you doing now?

SD: I’m a teacher at an adult education secondary school in Montreal and I coach young teens in minor football.

Me: Give me one piece of advice for today’s young athlete?

SD: Play as many sports as possible. Adults take the fun away from kids by making them concentrate on one sport too early. Not every kid is going to grow up to be a superstar pro athlete!

Tales From Taylor

taylor field


It’s the last season for this Mosaic Stadium and each week we take a trip down memory lane with a different guest. Today I’m in conversation with the Riders Chairman of the Board Wayne Morsky. It’s brought to you by our friends at Maaco Collision Repair and Auto Painting..


Me: It’s the last season in this Mosaic Stadium, is it bitter sweet for you?

Wayne: It is we’ve had lots of great memories in this old stadium but next year we’re going to have an iconic stadium that will be the envy of Canada.

Me:  What are some of your fond memories from this old stadium?

wayne morsky

Wayne: So many of the memories are around the 2013 Grey Cup and I remember having the privilege of being on the field when they final gun sounded. And it was about 50 minutes later and I was looking up in the stands for the kids and I just remember it was like the game was still going as fans were cheering and there was pandemonium in the stands! I also want to talk about last year’s Labour Day Classic. It was so great to have the Mosaic company sponsor that card stunt. I was totally blown away with how successful it was and the passion and attention to detail from our fans. When the fans flipped the cards over to the Canadian flag I had a lump in my throat! It made me proud!

Me: Really what it comes down to are fans they make the stadium don’t they?

Wayne: Absolutely, when I have guests from the league come here they just shake their head in disbelief. I just tell them to stop trying to figure it out and just enjoy it!





In The Trenches



It’s back for another season as we have our first installment of In The Trenches with our good friend former Rider great Scott Schultz. It’s brought to you by our  friends at Bennett Dunlop Ford.


Me: For a team getting to know each other isn’t it better to have the camp in Saskatoon?

Schultz: There is something to be said for that Ballsy. It’s about getting together, travelling to Saskatoon together. The whole we’re in this together mentality.

Me: What do you think about the padded practices and the pace?

Schultz: I’ve never seen anything like it. Jones seems to be managing things well so good on him.

Me: How would your body be feeling at this point in camp?

Schultz: Nothing gears you up for training camp. You can train as hard as you want but nothing takes the place of the pounding of camp. A lot of ice tubs and massages!

Me: More pressure on Canadians or Americans in pre-season game 1?

Schultz: (Laughs) It’s tough to find a good Canadian so I would say it’s easier to  turn over Americans so it’s tougher on them for sure..

Me: Josiah St. John remains unsigned are you pro-player or pro-team in this case?

Schultz: All I can say is when I was coming back from the NFL my agent had some ridiculous demands that I didn’t know about. My head was maybe a little too big too. As I got older I started to do my own deals.  I  was able to reach some good common ground with management.

Me: Lastly, are you surprised Wally Buono is back on the sidelines?

Schultz: I have all of the respect for Wally, but there has to be somebody else who can coach. Do we have to recycle? It certainly doesn’t help the long term development of the league.