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Concert Etiquette

cells at concerts


I’m not a huge fan of ADELE  but hats off to her for cracking down on  rude behaviour at concerts.

ADELE was performing in Italy yesterday, and in-between songs she called out a fan filming the show. She said, quote, “I’d really like you to enjoy my show [live] because there’s lots of people outside that couldn’t come in.”

Here’s my two cents: Concert tickets can be really expensive, especially if you’re seeing someone like Adele . . . so there’s nothing wrong with taking a few photos or video clips to keep as mementos. That’s fair.  But too many people are just holding their phones up throughout the whole show . . . and for what? So they can upload it on YouTube? Most of the time the sound quality is terrible . . . and only five people watch it anyway, so what’s the point? JUST STOP IT!

Ballsy’s Athlete of the Week!

Nyhus wraps up High School Career with Record Performance

mason nyhus

North Saskatchewan defeated South Saskatchewan 52-29 when the top high school football players in the province met at the 32nd Annual Ed Henick Senior Bowl May 23rd in Saskatoon. Regina Riffel Royals quarterback Mason Nyhus was named South Saskatchewan MVP and set Senior Bowl records for Most Passing Yardage in a Game and Most Touchdown Passes in a Game. He was 17 of 28 for 295 yards with 4 touchdown passes in just over a half of work. It’s been a remarkable year for Nyhus. Named MVP of the Riffel Royals, Senior Bowl and Canada Cup, he also helped Canada’s Under-18 National Team to victories over the United States Under-18 National Team and Under-19 Select Team at the International Bowl. He’ll conclude the year as a member of Canada’s Junior Team that will compete in the Under-19 IFAF World Championship in Harbin, China. Canada opens the tournament against Mexico on June 30th. Nyhus, who was a highly touted recruit, has chosen to further his football career with the University of Saskatchewan Huskies.

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The North Wins Big!

football sask

The North defeated the South 52-29 at the 32nd annual Ed Henck Senior Bowl yesterday in Saskatoon. Riffel Royal QB Mason Nyhus had 4 TD’s to set an Senior Bowl td passing record and for his efforts was named the South MVP.



Should SEX be made an Olympic sport?




Rio 2016 athletes may have grounds to complain about sewer-infested waters, or half-empty stands. A shortage of contraceptives, however, is not bound to be a problem.

Olympic organizers are distributing 450,000 condoms (link in Portuguese) to athletes, Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo reports. In the interest of equality and variety, 100,000 of those will be female condoms, and 175,000 lubricant sachets will also be available.

That’s an Olympic record at the equivalent of 42 condoms per athlete. Presuming the athletes are paired with one another and using only one condom per encounter, that’s enough contraception for 84 encounters. During the 2012 London games, organizers handed out a third as many condoms as will be distributed in Rio. And only 100,000 condoms were given out at the 2014 winter games in Sochi.

Since the 1992 games in Barcelona, dispensing free condoms has become a tradition to promote the prevention of AIDS. The supply must come in handy, given the reports of free-wheeling sexual activity at Olympic villages. This year, the Australian team is taking no risks. It’s traveling with its own supplies of condoms with anti-viral gel.





Quit Worrying!



A recent survey found that many Millennials are concerned about their financial future. But that’s not all they’re losing sleep over. Here are The Top Things Millennials Worry About.

What if someone CALLS their phone? What do they do?!?

Are chicks they pick up at an NDP rally gonna demand they pay for everything?

The fact that in the future, they may have to go an entire day without receiving a trophy.

 They go through all that trouble of posting a picture of their vegan quesadilla and only get 112 likes!

 Getting an extremely chatty Uber driver.

A virus that destroys Tinder.

Someday their mom and dad will want the basement back.

Gospel According to Ballsy

mr complainer guy
Today I want to talk about that guy, MR. COMPLAINER GUY.. The one who is always pointing out every little mistake we make on social media and if we stumble on the air they have to post about how bad we suck. Never call in, never say it to our face. Just that one complainer guy who’s sitting there and waiting for us to slip up so they can pounce and try to make us feel stupid. And it’s instant too, not in an hour or even ten minutes later. NO, it’s right then. And you know that’s why they get up in the morning. So that they can scrutinize everything we do because they hate us..oh you’re not as good as Stern..thanks tips I don’t recall saying I was!! dont like Mr. Complainer Guy. Yet I love him because I know he’s listening. Every morning he tunes in and every morning I know that no matter what I do it will grate on his last nerve. I know if I make a mistake he will go out of his mind. And at the same time I know that if I do a great show, he will hate me even more. Oh… thanks for being you Mr. Complainer Guy and thanks for listening.

Friday’s Sports Shorts





The NFL Network launched its sixth annual ‘Top 100 Players’ countdown on Wednesday. And it’s unique because it’s voted on by the players themselves, not some random 65-year-old ‘analyst.’

So far, they’ve only announced the bottom 10 . . . #91 through #100. And the most interesting entry so far is Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, who’s #92. That’s pretty low, since a lot of people would consider him one of the league’s best.

In fact, just last year the players ranked him #7.

Luck didn’t have a good season last year. He struggled with injuries . . . missing nine games due to rib, shoulder, kidney, and abdominal issues. But even when he played he was out of sync . . . committing 13 turnovers in just seven games.

He also had the lowest quarterback rating of his career. Still, he’s only 26, and there’s no indication that any of his injuries will carry over into next season.





Game Three between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Atlanta Hawks is tonight . . . and even though the Hawks are down 2-0, they have a little extra motivation, because they didn’t like how the Cavs won Game Two.

The Cavs SCORCHED them from beyond the arc, with 25 threes. That’s an NBA record. Two teams have hit 23 in a game before, Orlando in 2009 and Houston in 2013. The Cavs did it in 45 attempts, which is an impressive 56%.

18 of the Cavs threes came in the first half, but even though they were up by about 30 points, they kept shooting them in the fourth quarter, clearly going for the record. The Hawks players did NOT like that.

Paul Milsap called it unprofessional, and classless. He said that if they were in Cleveland’s position, they would NOT have continued to shoot threes and run-up the score. Al Horford agreed, and said, quote, “We wouldn’t do anything like that.”

(It was silly watching the Cavs shoot three after three trying to get those last few at the end of the game, but to insinuate that it’s unsportsmanlike is B.S.)

(It’s the NBA playoffs, not Little League baseball. You don’t stop trying to score as much as you can so that the other team can make it closer and less embarrassing. Hey guys, if you don’t like it . . . PLAY SOME DEFENSE.)




Johnny Manziel has been ordered by a Texas judge to stay away from his ex-girlfriend. He shouldn’t have a problem with that, since she isn’t beer.