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Guys If You’re Over 40 Read This!

Basically EVERYTHING is politically incorrect these days, so when we get something that we’re allowed to judge, we’ve got to jump on it. And men’s terrible fashion choices definitely qualify.

A new survey found the average man loses his fashion sense at 53 . . . and 42% of them are PROUD of it.

The survey also found the top 10 things men over 40 shouldn’t wear.

They are: Hoodies . . . track pants . . . sports jerseys . . . white socks . . . baseball caps . . . leather jackets . . . white sneakers . . . band t-shirts . . . flip flops . . . and track jackets.

A few things that just missed the top 10 are leather pants . . . “funny” ties . . . bomber jackets . . . fanny packs . . . and, of course, Speedos.






NFL owners are discussing possible new rules for the 2016 season during meetings this week.  Some, like making every play reviewable, may be approved  but others will have a tougher time.  Here are The Top New NFL Rule Changes.


Whenever Tom Brady takes off his helmet, penalize him 20 yards for illegal use of handsomeness.


Personal fouls now include mean Tweets.

To try to make their games somewhat competitive, a touchdown scored by the Cleveland Browns will be worth 47 points.


All touchdown celebrations will be evaluated and scored by the judges from ″Dancing with the Stars″.


Head coaches of winning teams will still get Gatorade poured over them, but losing coaches will get doused with a container of Flint, Michigan water.


Post-game interviews will be subtitled.


The Washington Redskins must either change their name, or change their mascot to Donald Trump.





Spring Has Sprung!



Spring officially arrived yesterday. See if your excitement for the Vernal Equinox matches anything found on this list of The Top Reasons You Love Spring.

It’s finally time to get outside, head to EB Games, and buy the new “Call of Duty” so you can sit in the basement and play it for the next five months.

Who knows? Some kid hunting Easter Eggs may actually unearth O.J.’s real knife!

You can listen to the robins sing their beautiful songs . . . as you scrape their crap off your car.

Kate Upton wears less clothing.

It’s just not spring until you’ve paid $12 for a beer at a baseball stadium.

A creepy photo with a mall Easter bunny really brings your family together.

Tattoos..Be Healthy..Get One!


Go ahead and get that barbed wire bicep tattoo, that random Chinese character on your calf, and that sexy butterfly on your lower back. Don’t be ashamed. Those clichés are GOOD for you.

A new study out of the University of Alabama found that people who get a bunch of tattoos just might be HEALTHIER than the rest of us.

The researchers found that tattoos train your body to be tougher. When you get a lot of them, your body gets used to the pain and the stress, which makes your immune system stronger. And that makes you less likely to get sick.

The study also found that after you get your first tattoo, you’re MOST likely to get sick. Since your body isn’t used to that kind of stress, you’re REALLY susceptible to things like colds or the flu.

Now, this doesn’t guarantee a few tattoos will make you healthier. It was a pretty small study and your body might not react the same as other people’s. But if you’re looking for an excuse to get a sleeve tattoo, I’d say this works.  

And it’s also the perfect way to punish your dad for skipping your ballet recital!