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Why Aren’t You Watching The World Series?




The New York Mets and Kansas City Royals are facing off in the World Series . . . and it turns out you couldn’t care less.  Listen for your excuse on this list of The Top Reasons You Aren’t into the World Series.




It doesn’t feature boobies, violence, or incest.



You’ve already got something in your life that lasts forever and features no scoring called, “your marriage.”



Who cares about franchises that haven’t done a damn thing since the ’80s.  Plus you don’t want to lose your place in line for “The Force Awakens”.


If you want to see a bunch of fat guys on drugs run around in circles, you’ll visit the mosh pit of a Slayer concert.



You’re a Padres fan, so as far as you know, the baseball season ended in April.


You’re a Red Sox fan, so you’ve spent the past three months slowly drinking yourself to death.





andre monro


Today we go behind the scenes with the Riders Andre Monroe. Monroe talks about his sack dance, and his love for wrestling and french fries. Pro Files is brought to you by Partners In Employment and can be heard in the audio section.

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Tales From Taylor

damon allenThis week I take a walk down memory lane with Canadian Football Hall of Famer Damon Allen. Allen talks about his love for Saskatchewan and the rowdy fan base. It’s brought to you by Maaco Collision Repair and Auto Painting. The interview can be heard in the audio section.



Where Are They Now?


This week I speak with former Roughrider Cleveland Vann. Vann talks about his first impression of Regina and the CFL and why at the age of 28 he walked away from the CFL in 1980. It’s brought to you by the Emerald Park Boston Pizza. You can hear the interview in the audio section!



Ladies…Do You Do This?


I think we know what happened to those t-shirts you can’t find, bro.  You know . . . the ones that said “FBI: Female Body Inspector.”  And, “I Got Crabs at Joey’s Clam Shack.”



According to a new survey, 34% of women admit they’ve secretly thrown out some of their boyfriend or husband’s CLOTHES.



There are two main reasons.  One, to get rid of them so he’d stop wearing them.  And two, to free up more closet space for THEMSELVES.



Check out four other things they found . . .



1.  When couples share a closet, women take up the majority of it.  Shocker, I know.



2.   20% of couples have FOUGHT over closet space.



3.  5% are in a fight about it RIGHT NOW.



4.  And one-third of women have spread their clothes into the OTHER closets in the house.






The Answer:     “Star Wars” fans and rednecks.

The Question:  Name two people excited for trailers.



The Answer:     Movie theaters and on my skin when I see Lena Dunham naked.

The Question:  Name two places you find “Goosebumps”.



The Answer:     Lamar Odom and the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

The Question:  Name people who were in a coma recently



The Answer:     An immigration policy that actually makes sense and a decent hair stylist.

The Question:  Name two things Donald Trump needs..



The Answer:     Ghosts and Saskatchewan Roughrider fans.

The Question:  Name things known for going BOO!



The Answer:     The brothel Lamar Odom visited and Home Depot.

The Question:  Name two places where you can purchase a “hoe.”



The Answer:     Weight Watchers.

The Question:  What’s another name for security guards at 24 Hour Fitness?


Win The Day!






How about these Halloween Costumes?

Edgy Halloween costumes are trickier than they used to be. Because if you offend someone, you’ll probably be branded as a pariah on social media and lose your job.

So the costume companies are trying to help . . . by selling a bunch of TERRIBLE “edgy” costumes. Here are five of the worst offenders . . .

1. Sexy Pizza Rat. Can you dress up as a viral video and still look hot? This costume says . . . well, you can try. It’s basically a sexy mouse costume with two pieces of pizza sewn onto the hips.

2. Poop Emoji Mask. You’ve probably sent someone the poop emoji . . . why not wear it on your head?

3. Sexually Suggestive Italian waiter. It’s just a black apron with a fake bowl of pasta. But there’s a sausage that sticks out . . . so when you hold it right, it looks like the sausage is your junk. Women will definitely find it attractive.

4. Sexy Donald Trump. Basically a terrible wig, a red hat that says “make America great,” a blue blazer, white shirt, red tie, and short blue shorts.

5. “P” Magnet. It’s a large polyester magnet you wear around your neck with a few kittens attached. The innuendo is NOT subtle.(Huffington Post / io9)

Tales From Taylor

bobby j


Today I take a trip down memory lane with former Rider great Bobby Jurasin. Among other things, number 71 tells us what he thought when he first saw the old stadium. Tales From Taylor is brought to you by Maaco Collision Repair and Auto Painting and can be heard in the audio section.








macho harris


Today in my Pro-Files feature I speak with Riders linebacker Victor Harris. Macho talks about how he grew up wanting to be Barry Sanders but ended up being more like Deon Sanders. We also find out if Macho has a romantic side! Pro-Files is brought to you by Partners in Employment and can be heard in the audio section!


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Blue Jays Insanity and Rider News..

joey bats


We Canadians have a reputation for being overly POLITE . . . if you don’t count Justin Bieber. . But apparently that’s not the case if the baseball season is on the line.

The Toronto Blue Jays played the Texas Rangers in the deciding game of an American League Division series yesterday, and there was a weird play in the seventh inning.

When the catcher for the Blue Jays threw the ball back to the pitcher, it hit the batter’s bat and landed near third. And when the runner on third saw it, he ran home.

Before he got there, the umpire signaled batters’ interference and said it was a dead ball. But it ISN’T interference if the batter is IN the batter’s box at the time . . . it’s a LIVE BALL. So they corrected the call and ALLOWED the run.

That put the Rangers up 3-to-2, and the fans were FURIOUS. They threw beer cans and trash onto the field, and one beer from the upper deck hit a woman who was holding a BABY.

It took a while, but they eventually got the crowd calmed down enough to continue. The Blue Jays ended up winning, and advanced to the next round.

And surprisingly, the guy from the upper deck was CAUGHT. And he could be facing charges. A police Twitter feed announced, quote, “FYI: The baby [was] sprayed with some beer. Police have made an arrest and charges are expected.”

(Here’s video of the play, and here’s the woman with the baby. You don’t actually see them being hit, just the aftermath.)

( Is it a bad idea to bring a baby to a game like that? Baseball SHOULD be safe for families, but what about a playoff game where everyone’s more amped, loud, excitable, and drunk?)

(As for the call, you could argue it was unfair for the umpire to signal a dead ball and then go back on it, because the Blue Jays didn’t attempt to field it. But it doesn’t seem like they had any chance of throwing the guy out anyway.)


Jerome Messam and Kevin Glenn are no longer with the Riders.


The team sent Glenn to Montreal for a 5th round draft pick and then sent that pick along with Jerome Messam to Calgary for a 3rd round pick, a player off of Calgary’s negotiation list and kicker Tyler Crapigna (Cruh-pin-ya)


GM Jeremy O’Day says it was the organization’s thought Messam didn’t want to be here moving forward as he will be a free agent at season’s end. After doing a season worth of call in shows this seems to be what the fans want, let’s see the young guys play!


Win the Day! Ballsy


Where Are They Now?



This week I chat with former Eskimos lineman Hec Pothier. Pothier discusses his time with the 5 time Grey Cup champs and how he’s taken his football experiences to the classroom. Where Are They Now is brought to you by the Boston Pizza in Emerald Park and can be heard in the audio section.