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Pro Files



Today in my Pro Files feature for Partners in Employment I speak with Riders DB Tristan Jackson. Jackson talks about his number, his dream job outside of football and why he’s always smiling. You can hear the interview in the audio section.

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Where Are They Now?



Today in the Where Are They Now feature I speak with former Riders running back Tim McCray who was recently inducted into the Plaza of Honour. McCray talks about his first impressions of Saskatchewan and he reflects on  his memorable 1989 season. It’s brought to you by Emerald Park Boston Pizza and you can hear it in the audio section.





HollyWolf report

A business partner of JENNIFER LOPEZ’s first husband claims they’re going to release a private video from their relationship, featuring Jennifer, quote, “with a lack of clothing and in sexual situations.” Although Jennifer’s ex said four years ago that the video in question was NOT pornographic.

Kaley Cuoco is Getting Divorced after Less than Two Years of Marriage

KALEY CUOCO and RYAN SWEETING are getting divorced after less than TWO years of marriage. They made The Big Mistake in December of 2013, so they only made it about 21 months.

They released a statement saying the decision was mutual . . . and, of course, asking for privacy. She’s 29, he’s 28.

Kaley had a big weekend after announcing her divorce. She removed all pictures of Ryan from her Instagram . . . then on Saturday, she competed in an equestrian competition.

(NC-17) When RUSSELL WILSON finally gets to second base with CIARA, he’s going to find some serious nipples waiting for him. (WARNING! Nip-slip nudity ahead.)

Adam Sandler’s “Hotel Transylvania 2” made $47 million. Combine that with “Pixels” and this year alone his movies have made $47 million.

George Clooney and his wife celebrated their one-year anniversary. Which doesn’t sound like much, but remember that’s their ten-year anniversary in George Clooney-years.

In The Trenches



Today is a very special edition of In The Trenches with Scott Schultz as we talk about his career and his thoughts on being inducted into the Riders Plaza of Honour. It’s brought to you by Bennett Dunlop Ford and can be in heard in the audio section!



Man We Suck At Shopping!



A shopping app called Budget Sense just polled 1,000 people, and found that MEN spend more time shopping than WOMEN do.  And they spend more money.



The average guy spends three hours a week shopping, and $85 a month on clothing.  For women, it’s two-and-a-half hours, and $75.



That doesn’t mean guys secretly love shopping though.  It might just take them longer to pick stuff out, because they don’t know what they want.  In other words, they’re just BAD at it.  Here are four more stats from the survey . . .



1.  80% of us shop online at least once a week . . . spend an average of 36 minutes doing it . . . and search prices on three different sites before we buy something.  Guys are twice as likely to do their shopping online.



2.  58% spend at least an hour shopping in actual stores every week.



3.  67% of us have a shopping budget, but 75% of us don’t always stick to it.



4.  And 62% of women say they prefer shopping ALONE.  So you don’t need to let your wife or girlfriend drag you around the mall anymore.




The site put together a list of ‘The 10 Best Trios in Rock History’.



In some cases a fourth member was added at some point, or there was a touring member.  But the site was lax about that, and only considered the classic lineup.



Here’s the top 10, which is actually a top 11.



1.  Cream


2.  The Jimi Hendrix Experience


3.  Nirvana


4.  The Police


5.  Rush


6.  Green Day


7.  Sublime


8.  ZZ Top


9.  Blink-182


10.  A tie between Primus and Husker Du



Honorable Mentions went to:  Emerson Lake & Palmer, Ben Folds Five, Motorhead, Sleater-Kinney, Morphine, Dispatch, and Dinosaur Jr..

(Motorhead not in the Top 10?  And no Mountain?  “Mississippi FRICKIN’ Queen”??? has brief write-ups on each of them.)



The Players Tribune website has a feature called “What the (Blank)”, which is basically just a question-and-answer form.



One of the questions it asks is what the athlete’s dream job is, other than sports.  And Boston Red Sox star DAVID ORTIZ gave a pretty honest answer:  PORN STAR.



And remember, this guy’s nickname is already BIG PAPI, so he wouldn’t need to come up with a porn name.



He also listed his “guilty pleasure song” as “I Like Big Butt” . . . which the rest of us know as “Baby Got Back” by SIR MIX-A-LOT




The Associated Press Reported on the Death of “Yogi Bear” 



YOGI BERRA got no respect from the Associated Press.  They sent out a wire alert yesterday morning saying, quote, “New York Yankees Hall of Fame catcher Yogi BEAR has died.  He was 90.”  They corrected it later.



When Yogi Bear debuted in 1958, Berra actually SUED his creator, Hanna-Barbera.  But he later dropped the lawsuit.  And Hanna-Barbera claimed the similarity was just a coincidence, but nobody has ever believed that because Yogi Berra was such a household name at the time.



By the way . . . Berra got the nickname “Yogi” playing legion ball, because of the way he would sit cross-legged on the ground like a Hindu yogi, waiting for his turn at bat.  His real name was LAWRENCE.




Gisele Bundchen’s new coffee table book is $700:


. . . That seems inflated.


. . . It’s called “Football Games My Husband Didn’t Cheat In”.



81 years ago . . . In 1934, BABE RUTH played his last game with the New York Yankees.  The Boston Red Sox beat them 5-0.



65 years ago . . . In 1950, Jim Hardy of the Chicago Cardinals threw EIGHT INTERCEPTIONS in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles . . . the most interceptions in a single game ever.  The following week, Hardy threw SIX TOUCHDOWNS.



So Long Summer



Fall officially arrives tomorrow.  Hear why you’re so excited about that news with this list of The Top Reasons You Love Fall.

You’re a big fan of the annual “Romo Choke”.

Shorter days equal less time to be annoyed by Chad and Ballsy

It’s almost time to ignore Thanksgiving and start thinking about Christmas!

Sweat pants.  All day, every day.

You go from skipping workouts because it’s too hot . . . to skipping workouts because it’s too cold.

Fall means NFL football . . . and yet another chance to lose your weekly office pool to the receptionist who lets her cat make her picks.

Even your flu shot vaccine is pumpkin spice-flavored.

You’re Goth and the leaves are dying like your soul.




Okay, I’m sorry . . . I know the Super Bowl appeals to a wide range of people.  But this seems WAY out of the core demographic . . .

According to a British tabloid report, ONE DIRECTION is being considered for the halftime show, along with COLDPLAY.  They’d be joining BRUNO MARS, who’s already been asked to “curate” the show.

One D will supposedly use the performance to say goodbye to their fans.  They’re taking an extended break sometime next year.

Did you see that new DirecTV commercial?  “I’m Tony Romo” . . . “And I’m ‘Whenever the Cowboys Seem to Have Everything Going for Them, I Find a Way to Screw It Up’ Tony Romo.”

(Hey Dallas . . . I hear Tim Tebow’s schedule is pretty open.)

This must suck for Tony Romo.  Even Jennifer Aniston got a ring this year!

46 years ago . . . In 1969, the great WILLIE MAYS hit his 600th career home run in a game against the San Diego Padres.  Willie ended his career with 660 home runs.

The Jets had five takeaways in their 20-7 win in Indianapolis on Monday, three of which were by Darrelle Revis, who recovered two Colts fumbles and intercepted an Andrew Luck pass. Revis had never before had three takeaways in one game.

And that’s after the Browns had five turnovers against the Jets in the season opener for each team. The Jets are the first team since the 1992 Steelers to have five takeaways in each of their first two games of a season. The Steelers did that in Bill Cowher’s first two games as their head coach.

David Price threw seven scoreless innings against the Yankees on Monday to improve to 17-5 this season-he went 9-4 for Detroit and he’s now 8-1 in 10 starts for Toronto. Over the last 123 seasons (since 1893), only three other pitchers won at least eight games and had winning records for each of two different teams in one season: Hank Borowy (1945 Cubs and Yankees), David Cone (1995 Blue Jays and Yankees) and Bartolo Colon (2002 Indians and Expos).




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Today in the Pro-Files feature I speak with Riders receiver Ryan Smith. We talk about a number of things including his love for the province, the Rider Jersey and what he likes to do away from the field. It’s brought to you by Partners In Employment. You can check the interview out in the audio section.


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Tales From Taylor


Don Narcisse is my guest today in the Tales From Taylor segment brought to you by Maaco Collision Repair and Auto Painting. Narco talks about a memorable catch, his famous dance, his first impression of Taylor field, and the hard turf. You can hear the interview in the audio section at the top of the page…







Where Are They Now?



Today in this popular segment I speak with super scout and former GM Dan Rambo who has been in the front office of many professional football teams including the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Rambo talks about what scouts look for in a player and some of his great finds. It’s brought to you by Emerald Park Boston Pizza. You can hear the interview in the audio section at the top of the page.



Best App Ever!


Oscar Mayer released a dating app yesterday called Sizzl, and it only matches you up with other people who are obsessed with bacon.  So obviously it’s a marketing ploy, but it actually does match people based on their bacon preferences . . . like whether they like it thick-cut, maplewood, chewy, crispy, or burnt.


A high school senior in Pennsylvania named Kris Silbaugh was born without a left hand.  But he’s 6-foot-3, and runs a 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds.  So he made the varsity football team as a freshman . . . and last Friday, he caught a touchdown pass, and broke his school’s all-time RECEIVING RECORD of 910 yards.



Tom Brady has one of Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again!” hats in his locker . . . and apparently it isn’t just a meaningless gift.  (A reporter asked him about it, and he said he hopes Trump wins, and there’d be a putting green on the White House lawn for sure if that happened.)


Speaking of Brady… In case you needed more evidence that he has it pretty good — beyond the supermodel wife, four Super Bowl rings, and courtroom victory  — part of his Under Armour sponsorship deal in 2010 included equity.  If he kept all of his stock it’s gone up 800%



According to a list of ‘Facts You Don’t Know About Passing Gas,’ there are seven animals way more gassy than us:  Termites, camels, zebra, sheep, cows, elephants, and dogs.  Check out six other stats . . .



1.  The average person releases gas 14 times per day . . . or 17 quadrillion times over the course of your life.  And vegetarians do it more than the rest of us.



2.  That’s about 16 ounces of gas each day . . . or two cans of Coke.



3.  99% of it is odorless.  It’s just the 1% from sulfur bi-products you have to worry about . . . aka, hydrogen sulfide.



4.  Women do it as much as men.  No matter how much it may SEEM different, women are just as gassy, and release the same amount.



5.  It travels at 10 feet per second.  Remember that the next time you try to crop-dust in some discreet away.  Not gonna happen.



6.  You do it even after you die.  Dead bodies have been known to release gas that way for up to three hours after death.  (PositiveMed)