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In The Trenches


It’s Rider game day and that means time to go IN THE TRENCHES with Plaza of Honour inductee Scott Schultz. This week the Old 96er gives us his thoughts on the Riders sub par defence. He’ll weigh in on whether Coach Chamblin should have 2 job titles and how this team should stay  upbeat when it’s 0-5. IN THE TRENCHES  is brought to you by our friends at Bennett Dunlop Ford. You can listen to the interview in the audio section at the top of the page.






This week in our PRO-FILES feature I speak with Riders running back Anthony Allen. He definitely is one of the more interesting guys I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to. In this interview you’ll find out things you won’t see on a stats sheet. It’s brought to you by Partners in Employment. You can listen to the interview in the audio section.

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Where Are They Now?


This week in the Where Are They Now feature I speak with the associate head coach of the Green Bay Packers Tom Clements. Clements discusses his brief time in Saskatchewan, how he found out the Ticats had traded him to Winnipeg, and which QB he’d pick to win him one game Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre. It’s brought to you by the Boston Pizza in Emerald Park. You can hear the interview in the audio section.


Guys are you this creepy?




A recent survey asked more than 2,000 men if they ever stare at good-looking women when they’re at the pool or the beach, and 61% said YES.  As for the other 39% . . . come on, guys.  You’re not fooling anyone.



Of the guys who who’ve done it WHILE their girlfriend or wife was with them, 88% say they got caught.



But here’s the creepiest stat from the survey:  14% of the men admitted they’ve taken PICTURES of women they didn’t know at the pool or the beach.



About half of them were in relationships at the time, and most of those guys were with the person they were dating when it happened.



As far as their reasoning goes, 51% agreed with the statement, “I appreciated their beauty and wanted to remember it.”  (???)  And 32% said they took pictures so they could show their friends.



That’s despite the fact that most guys KNOW it’s wrong.  About 75% of them said they’d be angry if they found out another guy was secretly taking photos of THEIR wife or girlfriend.  11% say they’d feel proud.



JADA PINKETT SMITH’s 43-year-old abs and backside.  I’m just sayin’ . . .



Here’s LEONARDO DICAPRIO’s latest side action Kelly Rohrbach, doing what she does best.



(Technically, I don’t know if “looking good in swimwear” is literally what Kelly does BEST.  I’m just assuming that, which is very sexist of me.  Sorry, Mom.  You raised me better than that.)  (???)



LENA DUNHAM can work up a good sweat even when she’s not having sex with random dudes on her TV show.


A world record-holding bodybuilder has come out as a transgender woman.


I don’t know why KATE UPTON is laughing, but I’m glad she’s doing it topless.




The WNBA’s Tulsa Shock is relocating to Dallas.  If this affects you, you’re a member of the WNBA’s Tulsa Shock.


 A Fan Puked Over a Railing at a Red Sox Game, and It Landed on People



A guy at a Red Sox game in Boston puked over a railing during the National Anthem on Wednesday, and a TV camera caught it on video.  You can’t see what’s directly below him, but apparently other FANS were sitting there.



(Search for “Red Sox Fan Puking on People Below Him.” Warning:  It shows him puking in slow motion.)



Tom is scared of Gisele not the NFL



TOM BRADY’s four-game suspension has been upheld.  The NFL says Brady, quote, “engaged in conduct detrimental to the integrity of, and public confidence in, the game of professional football.”  That conduct includes destroying a cell phone even though he knew investigators wanted to examine it. The bad news is, his four-game suspension has been upheld.  The good news is . . . he’s in line to be the next U-S Secretary of State. Brady says “he’s done nothing wrong and neither have the Patriots.” Really Tom if you did nothing wrong why destroy the cell phone? What else is on the phone? Those are the questions I’d be asking Brady if I was his wife Gisele.



A website posted a picture of a guy with hair like Giants receiver ODELL BECKHAM JR. “performing” orally on a woman who is supposedly AMBER ROSE.  But Beckham Tweeted, quote, “No offense to youngin, but my hair is 10 times better than that.” video (The denial comes at the 1:15 mark.  In case you forgot, Beckham is the guy who made that insane, one-handed catch last year, in his rookie season.)


In addition to the N-word, video has now surfaced of Hulk Hogan using gay slurs.  In related news, Donald Trump just found his running mate.  Hogan hates men who get oiled up, strip off their elaborate leather costumes to reveal tiny briefs, and roll around with other muscular men.  Unless you hit an old-fashioned tin bell with a tiny hammer before and after.


19 years ago . . . In 1996, 35-year-old CARL LEWIS shocked the world by taking the Gold medal in the long jump at the Atlanta Olympics.  It was his NINTH Gold, and it made him one of only two athletes ever to win the same event at four straight Olympic Games.


push up bra



I’ve got the results of a new survey on men’s favourite types of LINGERIE.  Based on how it looks on WOMEN, not themselves . . . that would be an awesome survey.



Their favourite type of bra is the PUSH-UP bra.  That’s followed by a regular bra . . . a bustier-type bra . . . a strapless bra . . . and a sports bra.



Men’s favourite type of women’s underwear is the THONG.  That’s followed by regular briefs . . . bikini briefs . . . boy shorts . . . and finally, no underwear.



Since “no underwear” only got 4% of the vote, we have to assume that means 96% of men prefer a woman actually wearing underwear.



Sexy Pictures of Famous People 



1.  It feels like it’s been too long since KATY PERRY unleashed the girls.  So here they are in a photo shoot for “Vogue Japan”.




2.  BEYONCÉ’S breasts are bustin’ loose, and I’m cool with that.






In the early ’70s, an 18-year-old TOM HANKS wrote a funny letter to director George Roy Hill, asking to be discovered.  He told him, quote, “My looks are not stunning. I am not built like a Greek God, and I can’t even grow a mustache, but I figure if people will pay to see certain films . . . they will pay to see me.”




On “Live! With Kelly and Michael” yesterday, the show was offering a trip to a caller if she could answer a trivia question.  After MICHAEL STRAHAN read the question, the caller asked for a clarification . . . but he misheard her and thought she’d answered it correctly, so he gave her the trip. (Here’s video.  Skip to the 1:16 mark.)


Last year, we heard that DAVID FAUSTINO was developing a “Married with Children” spin-off, featuring his character, Bud Bundy.  Well, he’s still at it . . . and now, all of the old cast members are interested in making appearances.


(Don’t get TOO excited yet.  They’re still trying to put together a pilot, so for now, it’s just an IDEA.  That said, if they work out the legal stuff, and the whole cast is willing to pitch in, Netflix or some network will want this show)




At INSANE CLOWN POSSE’S annual Gathering of the Juggalos last weekend, a blindfolded woman drank some vodka . . . after it was poured on an obese man’s back, and passed through his BUTT CLEAVAGE.  It’s unclear if she fully understood what she was participating in . . . or cared.



Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin was busted for DUI.  Cops knew he was drunk when he told them he was a successful singer.



Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas finalized their divorce.  Details are under wraps.  And thanks to the surgery, so is Melanie’s face.




The survey also found 12% of men think a push-up bra is false advertising . . . around 90% of men vastly underestimate how much nice lingerie costs . . . and 8% would end things with a woman if she didn’t wear underwear he liked.



Two Magicians Did a Magic Trick in the Background of a News Report



A reporter in England was outside Parliament recently, doing a segment about healthcare reform.  And in the middle of it, two magicians showed up in the background and did a MAGIC trick.



It wasn’t some lame card trick either.  They carried a table in . . . one of them got inside a box . . . and they make it look like they squeezed his head and feet together, like the rest of his body wasn’t there.



(Search for “Magicians Young & Strange Hijack Sky News.”  They start at :11.)


A Girl Dropped a Baby to Catch the Bouquet at a Wedding



A video of a girl dropping a BABY to catch the bouquet at a wedding is going viral.  She looks like she’s in her teens.  According to the video, it was her little sister and she’s okay.  Another woman caught the bouquet though, so it was all for nothing.



(Search for “Flower Toss Wedding Fail)



Is G n R Finished?

DISTURBED has a song about marijuana called “Fire It Up” on their upcoming album.  Singer DAVID DRAIMAN says, quote, “95% of the songs I’ve written in my life, I’ve written them while high . . . it helps me be able to perceive everything a little bit more clearly



Concerned onlookers in Germany caught Shia LaBeouf’s heated argument with his girlfriend on camera.  It’s Shia’s biggest on-camera embarrassment since everything else he’s done.



In an old biography of DONALD TRUMP, there’s an allegation that he raped his wife IVANA in 1989, while they were still married.  Donald’s attorney denied it yesterday, and added the truly asinine statement, quote, “By the very definition, you can’t rape your spouse.” WTH!



PUDDLE OF MUDD singer WES SCANTLIN has been arrested AGAIN.  This time for DUI in Minnesota, after leading cops on a 100-mile-per-hour chase.  He was almost four times over the legal limit. 


Guitarist DJ Ashba has quit Guns N’ Roses after six years.  When he handed in his resignation, Axl was like, “You can’t quit now . . . we’re one-fifth of the way through our next album!”



Caitlyn Jenner hopped onstage at a Culture Club concert.  Also making a surprise appearance at a Culture Club concert:  someone under 45.




Someone broke into ROB SCHNEIDER’s house and stole some expensive items, including a 1951 WILLIE MAYS rookie baseball card worth $175,000.  But a source says the card is so rare, it’ll be next to impossible to sell.  They also got two more Willie Mays cards. Luckily, those were kept separate from the rest of Rob’s baseball card collection, which the thieves did NOT find.   . I just have this to say to the thief:  Please return the stuff before Rob is forced to make more movies! The only thing more valuable in Rob’s life is Adam Sandler’s charity.




An Angels fan brought a “Trout Net” to a game, and MIKE TROUT hit a grand slam right into it.  (Full Story)




The Arizona Cardinals have just hired what is apparently the NFL’s first female coach.  Jen Welter, 37, will join the Cardinals coaching staff for the summer. Welter will help coach the team’s inside linebackers during training camp and the preseason. Welter’s role isn’t a long-term job, as she’ll be a coaching intern during the summer, but it’s still a likely NFL first and has the potential to lead to further opportunities. Prior to likely making history, Welter played rugby at Boston College and has 14-plus years of football experience, mainly with the Women’s Football Alliance’s Dallas Diamonds.  (Full Story)




Former NBA star Lamar Odom hit the Crazy Horse strip club in Vegas over the weekend.  Which might mean Lamar is starting another kind of “crack” addiction.





No one has worn the No. 45 for the Boston Red Sox since Pedro Martinez left in 2004, and no one will ever wear it again.The Red Sox will retire Martinez’s jersey in a pregame ceremony before today’s game against the Chicago White Sox. The ceremony comes just two days after the legendary Red Sox pitcher was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y. The Red Sox have never retired a pitchers uniform. It’s been seven years since the Red Sox retired a jersey number. Boston retired Jim Rice’s No. 14 at Fenway Park on July 28, 2008 after he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. It’s been seven years since the Red Sox retired a jersey number.  Boston retired Jim Rice’s No. 14 at Fenway Park on July 28, 2008 after he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.


Tuesday Tidbits…..


A 63-year-old woman got caught shoplifting at a Walmart in New Jersey back in December.  And in addition to ten days of community service, a judge banned her from setting foot in ANY Walmart for the rest of her LIFE.  She’s appealing, and says she’s already defied the order by going to more than one Walmart this month.




A 30-year-old guy in New Jersey got pulled over last week, and his face was covered in COCAINE.  But he said it wasn’t drugs . . . he’d just eaten a powdered DONUT.  Shockingly, the cops didn’t buy it.  He also had a loaded gun in the car, so he’s facing drug charges and unlawful possession of a firearm.





A guy in Vermont got a DUI on Sunday.  Then while the cop was talking to him, his friend put the car in reverse . . . crossed two lanes of traffic . . . almost plowed into the cop car . . . and HE got a DUI too.




:  This sounds like something from a movie, but an escort in West Virginia got attacked earlier this month . . . fought back . . . and took the guy out.  And it turns out he might be a SERIAL KILLER.  When police searched his car, they found handcuffs, an ax, a machete, a sledgehammer, bulletproof vests, knives, bleach, trash bags, shovels, and a list of ten other women.



According to a study, couples who DRINK together are HAPPIER together.  It’s because couples who have the same vices and habits tend to be content in their relationship . . . and the strongest correlation is with alcohol.



Guys will do anything for hot women, I present to you now proof!


A pilot flying from London to New York is in trouble, because he invited an ex-porn star into the cockpit, gave her champagne and cigarettes, and let her sit on his knee and push buttons while the plane was on auto-pilot. 








No Where To Go But Up!

coach c


The general sense I get from the fans following our call in show last night is they want to keep the Riders head coach but they want to fire the defensive co-ordinator. The problem is he’s the same guy and I don’t see Corey Chamblin turning over the keys to his defence. Chamblin didn’t lose his coaching ability overnight but I’m wondering if he’s bitten off more than he can chew. It’s a full time job running the defence not to mention the whole football team! And I believe running the defence is hampering Coach C’s in game strategic planning. In the fourth quarter yesterday, Hamilton was flagged for no end on a play where they threw an incomplete pass. Instead of declining the penalty and making the visitors scrimmage 2nd and 10, the Riders took the penalty and gave the Ticats an extra play. That extra play turned into a pass to Andy Fantuz which set up a first down on the Riders 2 yard line. In my opinion, unless the Ticats are on the fringe of field goal range there is no way you take that penalty. I just wonder if Corey would see the game differently with a little less on his plate.

Word from Riderville is QB Kevin Glenn will have his passing arm evaluated today. If he’s out for any extended period it’s lights out for 2015 and therefore team officials should shift their focus to developing a game plan for next year and beyond.


One last thought, kudos to Rider Nation!  A crowd of over 31 thousand turned out last night. Four home games in a month and this 0-5 team averaged over 30 thousand fans for each one,  you don’t find that in any other market in this league! But Rider fans now is not the time to jump off the bandwagon. This team needs you now more than ever!








This week my special guest host Phil Andrews talks with Rider offensive lineman Dan Clark and gets you some information you won’t find on any stats sheet. It’s Pro-Files for our friends at Partners in Employment. You can hear the interview in the audio section.


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Tales From Taylor

al ford

This week on Tales from Taylor we take a trip down memory lane with former Rider player and executive Al Ford. Al reminisces about his journey from the Lions Band to football great and finally to Riders GM. It’s brought to you by Maaco Collision Repair and Auto Painting. You can listen to the interview in the audio section.







Where Are They Now?

rocky dipietro


This week on Where Are They Now? I speak with Canadian Football Hall of Famer Rocky Dipietro. The former Ticats slotback talks about a 14 year career that included 5 Grey Cup appearances. Rocky reflects on the special ’89 season, how his career ended and what he’s up to right now. To hear the interview go to the audio section. It’s brought to you by our friend’s at Emerald Park Boston Pizza.