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Women And What They Think About Their Balcony!



“Elle” magazine surveyed 7,000 women about their BREASTS, and the results should be very enlightening for men.  And for women too, actually.  Here are the six highlights . . .



1.  11% of women have named their breasts.



2.  About one in six women have had a boyfriend try on one of their bras . . . allegedly just for fun.



3.  29% of women have stuffed their bra . . . and 30% have worn a sports bra to intentionally flatten their chest.



4.  60% have looked at their breasts while they were bending over, and thought they looked like cow’s udders.



5.  21% have held different pieces of fruit trying to figure out which one was the most similar to their boobs.



6.  19% have strategically lied next to a guy so their larger breast would be closer to him.




Wayback Burgers is a small fast food chain, and like a lot of companies, they pulled a mildly amusing April Fools’ Day joke:  They announced a new milkshake made with CRICKETS.



But then something weird happened . . . people actually WANTED it.  We’ve all heard about how crickets could be a good source of protein, so I guess people were intrigued by drinking them.



So Wayback tested a shake made with chocolate-flavored cricket powder and Oreos at a store in New York, and they had a line around the BLOCK for them.  So now they’re selling them for REAL.



It’s called the Oreo Mud Pie Cricket Protein Milkshake, and you can buy it starting tomorrow.  It’ll be available until September . . . unless it’s super popular, in which case they’re planning on making it permanent.



Oh, and while they’re doing weird stuff with shakes, they’re also going to test out a Jerky Milkshake . . . which includes barbeque sauce, maple syrup, and Slim Jims.





LORI LOUGHLIN will be 51 next month.  It simply isn’t fair.




Here’s IRELAND BALDWIN topless in the sand, with her dog.





RUMER WILLIS posted a picture of her mom DEMI MOORE, calling her “the cutest human.”  It’s kind of hard to disagree.




Here’s OLIVIA MUNN showing off her sword-fighting skills with her boyfriend AARON RODGERS in the background, probably being a little less serious.




I don’t really care that EMILY RATAJKOWSKI’s bikini top and bottom don’t seem to match.  Do you?





FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR. and MANNY PACQUIAO are the top-earning celebrities on this year’s Celebrity 100, thanks to their extremely-lucrative but not-terribly-exciting fight.  Floyd earned $300 million for it, and Manny pocketed $160 million.  KATY PERRY is third on the list, earning $135 million over the past year.  In related news, while you’re trying to find away to upgrade your 1996 Toyota Corolla , Floyd Mayweather Junior is always 1 step ahead of you. How do you upgrade from a $3.8 million Ferrari?? Easy … you get a $4.8 MILLION super car to take its place … at least, that’s what  Mayweather‘s planning to do. according to TMZ Sports.

Sources close to the boxer say he’s  close to closing the deal on an ultra-rare sports car called a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita … one of only THREE of its kind in the entire world.

The car is lightning fast … 0-60 in 2.9 seconds … and tops out at 250 miles per hour!



-How many home runs can you hit in 5 minutes? New MLB HOME RUN DERBY will answer that question..



-The NFL has posted an opening for the Director of Investigations. The position requires the candidate to control social media, archive computer programs and read an air pressure gauge. (I’m assuming that last part)




“Beat the Champions” at 8:00 p.m. on Fox.  A one-hour special where amateur athletes go up against Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, NBA star Scotti Pippen, and Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin for a chance at $100,000.



They have the option of handicapping the pros for each of the challenges, but that costs them a piece of the prize money.  Comedian Finesse Mitchell is the host.



NFL Lineman J.J. Watt Tackled a Fan Who Ran on Stage at the Zac Brown Band Show



This kind of looks like a setup . . . but even if it is, it’s pretty well done.  A fan jumped onstage during the ZAC BROWN BAND show on Sunday in Milwaukee, and was immediately tackled by Houston Texans defensive lineman J.J. WATT.



The fan “squares up” like a receiver preparing to get hit, so maybe he knew it was coming.  Still, he gets up pretty slow.  J.J. posted the video on Twitter and captioned it, “Nobody messes with @Zac Brown Band.”  J.J.’s from Wisconsin, if that matters.









Rider Nation is still reeling from Saturday’s loss to the Bombers.  Indeed things look bad with the face of the franchise Darian Durant lost for the season with that ruptured Achilles. How good does that Kevin Glenn signing look now? As Luc Mullinder mentioned on our post game show Saturday, “this is the best team Glenn has played with since the Bombers in 2007. So it’s possible for him to be successful.” I do believe the Riders have the weapons for Glenn to be successful and I like what I saw from Jacques Chapdelaine in terms of play calling. Rider fans just have to hope that the offensive line remains healthy.

One other injury not being talked about is the apparent concussion sustained by National middle linebacker Shea Emry.  If he is lost for an extended period that would be a massive blow to a defence that struggled Saturday. I don’t see the Riders playing that badly on defence again this year as that was the worst display of tackling. Give Bombers running back Paris Cotton credit as he ran low and hard. But the Riders defence did its part to make him look like the next Walter Payton ( memo to Macho Harris, it’s called a form tackle, try it sometime).




A Guy Tricked People Into Thinking He Was Drafted By The NBA



If you search for a video called “Guy Pretends He Got Drafted In the 2015 NBA Draft,” that’s exactly what you’ll find.  He’s a writer named Connor Toole . . . but he’s also 6′ 10″.



So he wore a suit, wandered around New York after the draft with a Utah Jazz hat, pretended he’d been drafted, and partied with people.  Don’t miss the part where he makes out with a random blond.  (It happens at 2:31.)




25 years ago . . . In 1990, a major league record was set when TWO NO-HITTERS were pitched on the same night by two different pitchers in two different leagues . . . the Oakland A’s DAVE STEWART and the L.A. Dodgers’ FERNANDO VALENZUELA.




A British man won the World Toe Wrestling championship for the 12th time. So is this guy in the hall of fame!



Japan is pretty strange when it comes to sex.  They get-it-on less than any other country, yet they’re also some of the most DEVIANT people on the planet, with their octopus sex cartoons and used underwear vending machines.



So we can’t even begin to figure THIS out.  Apparently women in Japan are falling in love with a HANDSOME GORILLA.



He’s a silverback gorilla named Shabani, and he’s at the Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya, Japan.  He’s extremely muscular, and also manages to pull off an intense, sexy model look that makes it seem like he’s seducing you.



The zoo officials say they’ve seen a big increase in female visitors ever since photos of him started circulating on social media.  Women usually call him “ikemen,” which is a term for a good-looking guy.



Shabani was born in Australia, and his old zookeeper is a guy named Allan Schmidt.  He’s not surprised about what’s happening now because, quote, “The Japanese are crazy . . . they love their fads.”



Fortunately none of the women have done anything to act on their love, like jumping into his pen . . . so far.  (Huffington Post




Sexy Pictures of Famous People 



1.  SOFIA VERGARA was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding, and yeah, she looked kinda hot.  (Scroll down for pictures of Sofia and Joe Manganiello having a hot date at an indie pro wrestling match.)



Meanwhile Sofia attended the premiere of “Magic Mike XXL”, and was greeted by pro-life protesters who want her to let her frozen embryos live.




KANYE WEST was interrupted by a stage crasher at a British music festival, tried to do a little bit of QUEEN’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and informed the crowd that he is, quote, “The greatest living rock star on the planet.”




An Egyptian TV show pulled off an EXTREME prank where they tricked PARIS HILTON into thinking she was dying in a plane crash.  The video seems legit . . . and afterward Paris Tweeted, quote, “Scariest moment of my life.  I really believed the plane was going to crash, and we were all going to die.” Once airborne, the plane went into a nosedive, and everyone freaked out.  At one point, a guy threw open a backdoor and jumped, dragging a passenger with him. Someone tried to hand Paris a parachute, but she flipped and screamed, “I don’t want to jump!”  Shortly after that, the plane landed safely, and the host revealed the prank. The video is online, but some versions have been pulled from YouTube.  As of last night, you could find UNCENSORED video, here.

(This prank is SO over the top that it’s worth questioning, but there’s nothing in the video that suggests it’s fake.  Paris’ reactions seem genuine, and she’s NOT a good actor.  But this seems like an incredibly risky prank. What if Paris was hurt physically or mentally by this “near-death experience”?  How were they able to avoid being SUED by her people?  And did she sign off on having them use the footage for their show. Paris hasn’t said anything about this beyond that one Tweet.)



It Sounds Like Tom Cruise is Coming Back for “Top Gun 2” 



A producer on the upcoming “Top Gun” sequel dropped a very strong hint that TOM CRUISE is on board.  He said, quote, “There is an amazing role for Maverick in the movie, and there is no ‘Top Gun’ without Maverick, and it is going to be Maverick playing Maverick.”



He also revealed a bit about the plot . . . quote, “It is very much a world we live in today where it’s drone technology and fifth generation fighters.  It’s really exploring the end of an era of dogfighting and fighter pilots and what that culture is today.”






In The Trenches


It’s time for our weekly chat with Rider Plaza of Honour Inductee Scott Schultz as we go In The Trenches for Bennett Dunlop Ford.


Me: It’s kind of odd starting the season against the Blue Bombers?

SS: It is odd. The hate boils to the top early and we’ll be happy to kick their butts out of town again!



Me: Last time this happened Corey Holmes returned the opening kickoff  for a TD in 2005!

SS: C Murder was a hell of a player. It was right when he was starting to emerge as that all purpose weapon. That’s a fond memory!

Me: With the way PI is being called now it’s makes the pass rush much more important doesn’t it Schultzie?

SS: 100 percent correct. It’s critical for the big guys to get to the passer and negate all the advantages the offensive has with the rule change.

Me: It’s a very interesting Bombers team coming in here especially on the O-Line with the additions of Stanley Bryant and Dom Picard?

SS: Ya you know they’re trying to fix things at that position but I really think they will struggle with our front four today!

(To find out the rest of Scott’s thoughts on the game go to the Audio section)




Partners' Logo

This week we go under the helmet with former Rider and current Indianapolis Colts O-Lineman Ben Heenan as I ask the Grand Coulee product some off the wall questions. It’s Pro-Files brought to you by Partners in Employment.



Me: You’re at an ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET what is the first thing you go for?

BH: A second plate!

Me: Favourite meal?

BH: Chicken wings.

Me: Best flavour?

BH: Buffalo Wings

Me: Who’s your favourite athlete of all-time and you can’t say Ben Heenan?

BH:  Growing up I watched a lot of hockey. My favourite team was the Mighty Ducks and my favourite player was Paul Kariya!

Me: Hey Ben what do you think of the football tradition of butt slapping?

( to find out Ben’s answer to that and other questions check out the interview in the audio file)










How Do You Spend Your Day?

BABY just analyzed Census data to figure out how the average North American spends their day.  Here’s the full breakdown . . .



Sleeping, eight hours and 48 minutes.


Working, three hours and 36 minutes.  That’s because weekends and unemployed people pull the average way down.


Watching TV, two hours and 49 minutes.


Doing stuff around the house, one hour and 46 minutes.


Leisure activities like surfing the internet, one hour and 29 minutes.


Eating and drinking, one hour and 10 minutes.


Personal care, including showering, 47 minutes.


Shopping, 44 minutes.


Taking care of and helping other people, 43 minutes.


Socializing and communicating, 43 minutes.


Activities like going to church, 33 minutes.


Education, 25 minutes.


Exercise and sports, 17 minutes.


Communicating over the phone, text, and email, eight minutes.



(That comes out to about 24 hours and nine minutes, because of rounding.)





It’s REALLY easy to start a conversation with someone when you’re both walking dogs.  Especially when they break the ice by aggressively smelling each other’s sphincters.  So this makes a lot of sense . . .



A new survey found one in five people say they’ve gotten a date while they were walking their DOG.



The most common place they’ve met someone is at a park . . . on the sidewalk . . . and at the beach.



The survey did find that 25% of people say they’d be turned off by someone walking a dog that didn’t fit their personality . . . like a guy with a little poodle, or a woman with a giant Rottweiler.



But as long as your dog matches you, it really SHOULD help you meet someone . . . 52% say they like approaching people with dogs because they’re usually friendlier, and 46% say they’re more attractive.




Come rub sun tan lotion on your grandma’s inner thighs.


Honey . . . I can’t remember where I buried the kids.

It’s not even noon and that’s the third hypodermic needle I’ve stepped on today!


Don’t worry, I brought my iPod.  Now who’s ready for some Nickelback?!?

Can you put some suntan lotion on my bacne?







Tales From Taylor

John Gregory helped coach the Saskatchewan Roughriders to their 2nd Grey Cup championship in team history. This week we ask Gregory to recall some of his favourite times from Taylor Field/Mosaic Stadium. It’s brought you by our friends at Maaco Collision Repair and Auto Painting.




Me: When you think about Taylor Field what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

JG: We had old crappy turf when I first got there, it was like playing on black top. We got so many darn injuries because of it. Opponents hated to play there as much as we did. But then thankfully we got some new turf!



Me: What made the old stadium so special?

JG: The fans for sure no question about it! When I first started coaching there we didn’t get many fans. I give Bill Baker and his staff credit for all the things they did to get people in the stands.

Me: What do you remember about that regular season game in 1989 when you had the game won against the BC Lions and somehow found a way to lose?

(To hear the rest of John’s memories check out the interview in the audio vault.)





A 54-Year-Old Personal Trainer Gives Fitness Tips on YouTube



One of the most popular fitness people on YouTube is a 54-year-old trainer named Scooby Werkstatt.  He runs a YouTube channel called Scooby1961 that has more than 200 million total views, and posts new workout tips a few times a month.



And he’s all about stuff you can do at home for free.  One of his most popular videos is called Home Ab Workout, where he shows you how to do crunches the right way.





Exes Asked Each Other Questions While Hooked Up to a Lie Detector



The website got a bunch of former couples to sit down and take lie detector tests . . . and let THEM ask each other the questions.



One question was whether or not the women had snooped through guys’ phones, and pretty much ALL of them had.



Apparently they didn’t want to focus on whether or not they cheated though.  In the video, only one woman asks about it, and the guy admits he DID make out with someone.  But she doesn’t seem all that surprised.



(Search for “Exes Ask Each Other Questions While Hooked Up To A Lie Detector.”  The cheating questions start at 1:43.  Warning:  Major F-bombs at 2:15 and 2:39.)





Puppies Running for Dinner . . . Every Few Weeks Until They’re Full Grown



A video called Pups Running for Dinner has already gotten millions of hits this week.  At least once every few weeks, their owner put a camera in the kitchen, and recorded the same shot of them sliding across the floor when they run in for dinner.



So they’re 11 weeks old when the video starts.  But by the end of it, they’re nine months and pretty much full grown.


Where Are They Now?

This week we feature a player who had a short but impactful career in Saskatchewan. This week we speak with former Riders receiver Mark Guy. Where Are They Now? brought to you by our friends at the Emerald Park Boston Pizza.



Me: Mark where do we find you today?

MG: You find me in my hometown of Olive Branch Mississippi. It’s about 10 miles outside of Memphis. I work for a beverage company making the retail soda cans. We produce 7.3 million cans a day!


mark guy


Me: How did your journey take you to the CFL?

MG: I started in a camp in Shreveport, Louisiana. I worked out for Dan Rambo, it was a one day workout and I guess I did really well because they signed me. When I got home I pulled out the encyclopedia to look up Saskatchewan.

Me: Did you have a tough time pronouncing Saskatchewan?

MG: No it’s not that hard to do! At least I found it easy.

Me: What did you think of our city and province?

MG: I really enjoyed it. I miss the air, weather and people. Actually I’d still be a Canadian if my wife didn’t pull me back here to Mississippi.

Me:  You are really polite. Where did that politeness come from?

MG: I got it from my mom. She was a subtle, meek person. My dad was a bit different! My mom instilled that humble attitude in me and I can’t change it.

( To hear the rest of Mark’s thoughts on his career and the ’89 Grey Cup check it out in the audio vault)








Pete Rose Going To The Hall? I Wouldn’t Bet On It


A New Notebook Shows Pete Rose Bet on Baseball as a Player

PETE ROSE has been trying to get his ban from baseball lifted . . . but this definitely isn’t going to help. ESPN got its hands a notebook that shows he bet extensively on baseball in 1986 . . . when he was still a player. That’s a big deal.

Pete has always denied gambling during his playing days. But then again, he initially spent 15 years denying that he gambled at all . . . before 2004, when he finally admitted that he bet on the game when he was a MANAGER.

The notebook was obtained during a raid of a former “Rose associate” in 1989. The raid had nothing to do with gambling, it was part of a mail fraud investigation. It had been under seal all this time. It’s not clear how ESPN obtained it.


“ESPN the Magazine” has revealed the 24 athletes who are appearing naked in its annual Body Issue . . . but no one on the list could trump candy-coated baseball player PRINCE FIELDER, who was featured last year.



The NFL players on this year’s list are:  New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Indianapolis Colts offensive linemen Anthony Castonzo, Jack Mewhort, and Todd Herremans . . .



The basketball players are:  Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love, L.A. Clippers center DeAndre Jordan, and Phoenix Mercury center Brittney Griner.



There’s also Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper . . . hockey player Tyler Seguin of the Dallas Stars . . . U.S. Women’s soccer player Ali Krieger . . . and U.S. Men’s soccer player Jermaine Jones.



And this year’s tastefully naked Olympians include:  Gymnast Aly Reisman, swimmer Natalie Coughlin, field-hockey player Paige Selenski, hammer-thrower Amanda Bingson, and heptathlete Chantae McMillan.



The ‘Body Issue’ will be online July 6th, and it’ll hit newsstands by July 10th.





SEAN “DIDDY” COMBS was arrested yesterday after he allegedly tried to assault a coach for the UCLA football team.  Sources say the guy was being hard on Diddy’s son Justin during a practice, so he went to talk to him.  Things got heated, and Diddy allegedly swung a kettlebell weight at him.  He missed, but was still arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. Diddy’s people say it was Alosi who lunged at Diddy first, and Diddy only picked up the kettlebell and held it up to defend himself. Alosi does have a reputation for being a JACKASS.  When he was a coach for the New York Jets in 2010, he was suspended for TRIPPING a Miami Dolphins player on the sidelines. Then again, Diddy isn’t exactly known as a Man of Patience and Peace, either.






It isn’t easy to be a Cleveland fan . . . the city has never won a Super Bowl or an NBA title, and its last World Series win came 67 YEARS ago. So naturally, Cleveland fans complain about their teams a lot online . . . but when they do, they use EXCEPTIONAL grammar. The automated proofreading company Grammarly did a study to find out which baseball fan bases are the WORST at spelling, grammar, and punctuation. They found that New York Mets fans were the bottom-feeders, at 13.9 mistakes per 100 words.  Fans of the Philadelphia Phillies were the second worst, followed by the Houston Astros, the Kansas City Royals, the New York Yankees, and the Detroit Tigers.  Jays fans came in at 13 with 7.3 mistakes per 100 words..Jays fans can’t spell playoffs.


On the flip side, Cleveland Indians fans were the MOST proper, only making 3.6 errors per 100 words.  Fans of the San Diego Padres were the next best, followed by the Chicago White Sox, the Chicago Cubs, the Seattle Mariners, and the Milwaukee Brewers.



The study was based on 150 comments from the news section of each team’s official website . . .with an average of 10,500 total words per team



ROB GRONKOWSKI says he has never touched a dime of his NFL contract money or signing bonus.  He lives off what he makes from marketing.




A 22-year-old in China was eating ice cream last week, when a friend jumped on her back and made her accidentally swallow the SPOON.  It was five-and-a-half inches long, and metal, but doctors were able to get it out.  And the X-ray is great. Metro / Daily Mail)




Two People Got Video of a Weird Light in the Clouds . . . Was It a UFO?



Someone near Indianapolis got video of a weird light in the sky earlier this month, and people think it was a UFO.  It’s not like other UFO videos though, because you don’t actually see an object.



It’s just a bright light behind a cloud that keeps panning around the sky like a spotlight.  Some conspiracy theorists think it was a cloaked UFO, and others think it’s part of some government program to control the weather.



But it might just be something called a “sun dog” forming, where ice crystals make it look like there’s a halo around the sun.  And in one of the videos, the sun is behind a cloud right next to it, so that seems like the most logical answer.



Plus, someone in Illinois got footage of it where it looks even more like that’s what’s happening.  (Search for “Crown Flash – QuadeM13” and “Strange Lights Over Shelbyville, IL 06.12.15.”  The footage in the first video is more dramatic, but it includes uncensored profanity.)





Is This Mountain Lion Trying to Play with a Housecat, or Eat It?



A comedian named Tom Mabe recently saw a mountain lion in his backyard, and started recording after it walked right up to his sliding glass door.  Then it pawed the glass while his cat just sat on the other side staring at it.



Apparently his cat is FEARLESS.  (Search for “Brave Pet Cat Stands Up to Mountain Lion.”)




Charlie Sheen Isn’t Winning

CHARLIE SHEEN unleashed the WARLOCK yesterday, firing off an epic Twitter rant against his ex-wife DENISE RICHARDS.



It all started when he called his OTHER ex-wife Brooke Mueller a, quote, “Sexy rock star whom I adore” . . . and said Denise is a, quote, “heretic washed up piglet shame pile.”  (It appears he deleted the Tweet, but you can see it here.)



(Careful!)  Then he moved over to TwitLonger, where he REALLY unloaded.

He called Denise, quote, “a shake down piece of [crap], [bleep] face & worst mom alive.”



The names didn’t stop there.  He also called her a “leaky diaper” . . . a “terrorist sack of landfill rash” . . . and a “leaky and malaria riddled puddle of [crap] stink decay.”



He insulted her acting ability, saying, quote, “[B-word] couldn’t act hot in a fire or wet in a pool.”



An Agreement Between Marvel and Sony Said Spider-Man Had to Be White and Straight 



Those leaked emails are still biting Sony in the backside.  A newly-released agreement between Marvel and Sony Pictures reveals that Sony had very strict orders when it came to the onscreen depiction of Spider-Man.



For instance, he had to be CAUCASIAN AND STRAIGHT.  He also couldn’t have sex with anyone under 16 . . . couldn’t smoke or abuse alcohol . . . couldn’t sell or distribute illegal drugs . . . and couldn’t use foul language beyond PG-13.



These rules went into effect in 2011.  “The Amazing Spider-Man”, starring ANDREW GARFIELD, came out the following year.


 Here’s Why We Hate The Word Moist


If you ask someone what word they hate the most, there’s a good chance they’ll go with “MOIST.”



Psychologists at Oberlin University in Ohio and Trinity University in San Antonio decided to study it, and figure out why more than 20% of people say it’s their least favorite word.



They found that the more someone’s disgusted with bodily functions, the more they dislike the word.



And when it’s paired with anything sexual . . . or even just random words . . . it subconsciously reminds people of uncomfortable, embarrassing, or foul moments with their own body or someone else’s.



But apparently it’s still an okay way to describe food.  Even people who hate the word don’t seem to mind it when it’s in a dessert context, like “moist cake” . . . they just hate it in every other situation.  (Mental Floss)




Here’s a story about pee and burning that ISN’T related to the terrible decisions you made in a back alley Tijuana brothel in 2002.



The CDC just released a statement on why you sometimes get red, itchy, or burning eyes when you go swimming in a pool.  We all assumed for years that it was a reaction to the chlorine, right?  Nope.



It’s actually because of all the people PEEING in the water.



It turns out that chlorine binds itself with the bacteria it’s trying to kill . . . and that includes all the bacteria in your pee and your sweat.  Those chemical bonds are irritants that can sting your eyes.



There’s really nothing you can do to avoid it . . . but you CAN be part of the solution by showering before you swim.  And, you know, having the basic human decency not to pee in a pool.




At the Golden State Warriors’ victory parade, MC HAMMER and the mayor of Oakland rode on top of a metal snail that shot fire from its antennae. Oakland didn’t even get a parade after the Athletics won the World Series in 1989 because of the earthquake. And the Warriors haven’t won a title since 1975. So you can understand if they went a bit over the top for Steph Curry, Draymond Green and one of the best team’s the NBA has seen in years. That being said, when was the last time MC Hammer and the mayor of Oakland needed an excuse to roll down the street in a fire-breathing, steampunk snail car? Never, that’s when.




ALEX RODRIGUEZ hit a homerun on Friday night for his 3,000th career hit.  That’s a major milestone . . . he’s only the 29th player in baseball history to hit that many.  So naturally, he’d like that ball. But the Yankee fan who ended up with it has NO intention of giving it up.



The guy’s name is Zack Hample, and he’s a well-known “ballhawk”, who’s snagged more than 8,000 balls in 51 major league stadiums since 1990.  He even wrote a book called “How to Snag Major League Baseballs:  More Than 100 Tested Tips That Really Work”, as well as two other books about baseball. He said the team offered him a package that included . . . quote, “All kinds of memorabilia . . . bats, jerseys, signatures, the chance to meet A-Rod, the chance to have my own press conference, [and $1,500 V.I.P.] tickets.”  But he said no.



Hample says he doesn’t think A-Rod automatically “deserves” the ball back, and adds that he doesn’t know what he’s going to do with it yet.  He might keep it in his collection, he might sell it, or he might do something with a charity.



One expert claims the ball could be worth $200,000, but no one really has any idea.  (Here’s a photo, here are some videos, and here’s a clip of him talking about it.)