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A Night To Remember For This Weyburn Boy!

brett jones


I’d say Brett Jones’ CFL career is off to a nice start! One year after being selected rookie of the year,  Jones was named the Top Lineman in the CFL at the annual awards ceremony last night in Vancouver. It’s hard to believe the 23 year old Weyburn product was taken 16th in the 2013 Canadian Football League draft. It’s the second straight year a Weyburn boy and former U of R Ram has been chosen top lineman with Brendan Labatte earning the nod last year. I’m hearing Jones is interested in NFL opportunities.


In other news from last night, B-C Lions linebacker Solomon Elimimian became the first  defensive player to capture the C-F-L Most Outstanding Player honour. Elimimian also went home with the defensive player of the year award. Running back Jon Cornish of the Calgary Stampeders is the C-F-L’s top Canadian, Toronto kicker-punter Swayze Waters was named top special-teams player and Edmonton’s linebacker Dexter McCoil picked up top rookie to round out the awards.


Saskatchewan Roughriders President and CEO Jim Hopson has been honoured with the Hugh Campbell Distinguished Leadership Award for his contributions to the Canadian Football League, the game of football and Canada’s sporting culture. Hopson took over the Riders in 2005 and during his tenure the team has become the model franchise in the CFL. Hopson, a former Regina Ram, certainly has done his part in making Regina a desirable place for players.




More than half the Canadians who took part in a recent online survey agreed the Grey Cup is an important national symbol but less than half that number plan on watching and younger Canadians are even less inclined. Overall, 47 per cent agreed “the Grey Cup is an important part of Canadian culture and identity” and another six per cent went even further, agreeing that it “defines Canadian culture and identity.” The response to the poll, which was conducted by the Angus Reid Institute and distributed to The Canadian Press, was fairly evenly split between men and women with men holding a slight edge but only 39 per cent of those between 18 and 34 were sold on the significance of the event. But when it comes to actually watching the CFL championship, only 24 per cent overall said they will definitely watch Sunday. Support in general for the Grey Cup and CFL was stronger in Western Canada and strongest of all in Saskatchewan.

Prediction: CALGARY 37 HAMILTON 20


And the Hec Crighton Trophy goes to……

andrew buckley

Congratulations to Calgary Dinos QB Andrew Buckley as he was named the top player in CIS Football.  Buckley was at the controls of the country’s most powerful offence as the Dinos became the first team in Canada West history to break the 5,000-mark in total offence. He had a 64.3 completion percentage, 2,175 yards in passing and 18 touchdowns while throwing only four interceptions, fewer than any other QB in Canada West.



Rick Seaman has been honoured as the 2014 Football Canada Gino Fracas Award recipient presented to the CIS Assistant Coach of the Year.  Seaman has been an assistant with the Regina Rams for 31 years, joining the team as a receivers coach in 1984. Under Rick’s tutelage , the Rams have enjoyed a talented group of receivers including future professionals Chris Bauman, Jason Clermont, Chris Getzlaf, and Jon Ryan and All-Canadians Shane Ostapowich, Brenden Owens, and Addison Richards.

Rick was my coach for 4 years and I absolutely love that man. His preparation and knowledge are unmatched. But what I really like about Rick is that he genuinely cares about his players off the field. Congrats buddy, it’s a well deserved honour!


And finally, Rams star receiver Addison Richards has been chosen to play in the East-West Shrine Game. The East–West Shrine Game is an annual postseason college football all-star game played each January since 1925 and matches teams of players who attended college in the Eastern United States against those schooled in the Western United States. The game and the practice sessions leading up to it attract dozens of scouts from professional teams. Since 1985, Canadian players playing in Canadian University Football have also been invited. Boy I’d love to see the Riders select the Sheldon Williams grad in the upcoming draft!








Happy Thanksgiving America

American Thanksgiving is today…Did you know that one in six male turkeys die before reaching the slaughterhouse?  For more things you didn’t know about them, here are The Top Interesting Facts About Turkey.




The males are larger and more colorful than the females . . . just like in West Hollywood.



On Thanksgiving Day, it has literally nothing to be thankful for.



Male turkeys puff up their bodies to attract a mate.  They also lie about their height on Internet dating profiles.



They’re twice as big as they were 75 years ago.  Which makes them a perfect symbol for America.


Turkey doesn’t actually make you sleepy.  Unless, of course, you eat it while chugging a handle of tequila to cope with your insufferable in-laws.





I like San Fran, Dallas and Chicago.

TODAY’S RECORD . . . on this day in 1966  the highest -scoring NFL game happened  (113 points: Washington Redskins 72, NY Giants 41)




Just over four thousand tickets remain for Sunday’s Grey Cup in Vancouver. Some people are suggesting  fans are tired of lining David Braley’s pockets as his team’s have hosted 3 of the past 4  games. Pardon me? That line of thinking is really flawed. David Braley is a big reason why we made it to Grey Cup 102. People do I need to remind you that Braley ,who used to own the Hamilton Tiger Cats, owns two teams in the is league. Without his wallet this league would be dead. Guys like Braley, Ti Cats owner Bob Young and Als owner Robert Wetenall should be praised not blamed.





83-year-old former “Star Trek” actor William Shatner is hoping to use crowdfunding on to publish a book explaining the mysteries of modern technology. “Catch Me Up” is intended to help the older generation come to grips with smartphones, email, and the Internet. It features stories of real people who’ve changed their lives by learning new tech skills. Those who donate money receive an array of benefits ranging from a mention on the book’s website ($1) to a table at Shatner’s annual charity gala ($10,000). The campaign, which ends in January, aims to raise $50,000. It’s already about halfway there.



TOP CELEB SEARCHES OF 2014: Based on queries from 100 million global users … 5. Joan Rivers 4. Kim Kardashian 3. Jay Z 2. Jennifer Lawrence 1. Robin Williams The IAC company notes that searches for Bill Cosby have spiked recently, but despite the large volume of negative press surrounding him, he’s not a sure bet to make this year’s top 10.


ODD THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN SENT INTO SPACE: Space is littered with cultural artifacts and bric-a-brac from space missions over the past 6 decades. Amongst the trash … • A recording of “Across the Universe” by The Beatles. • “Johnny B Goode” by Chuck Berry. • “Up In the Air” by 30 Seconds to Mars. • Luke Skywalker’s “Star Wars” Lightsaber prop from 1983. • A ‘Buzz Lightyear’ astronaut action figure from “Toy Story”. • The ashes of “Star Trek” actor James Doohan, who played ‘Scotty’ on the TV series. • The ashes of Gene Roddenberry, the creator of “Star Trek”. • Dirt from the pitcher’s mound at NYC’s Yankee Stadium. • 100,000 Craigslist ads, including ‘Free kittens to a good home’. • A tandoori lamb chop. • A corned beef sandwich. • Lots and lots of vomit bags.





Tell Your Boss You Hate Him (Her)…

horrible bosses

If you’ve got a terrible boss, it goes against every instinct to march into their office, slam your hand on the desk, and say, “You KNOW I hate you, right?”  But apparently that’s what you SHOULD do.

Take this advice at your own risk, of course . . .

A new study out of Michigan State University found that the best thing you can do if you hate your boss is lay your cards out and ACKNOWLEDGE that you don’t get along.  And if you’re a boss and you don’t like an employee, same deal:  Let them know.



The researchers found that when a boss and employee were open and honest about their relationship, it led to the employee being more motivated and working harder . . . even if the boss and employee hated each other.



Once you and your boss stop wasting energy trying to FAKE that you get along . . . or stressing and complaining about each other . . . you can just focus and get stuff done.


This isn’t part of the study, but we think there’s another potential bonus from all this.  If you’re more motivated and working harder, maybe you’ll get promoted and take your boss’s job.  Then you’ll REALLY stick it to them. 





If you’ve got a terrible boss, it goes against every instinct to march into their office, slam your hand on the desk, and say, “You KNOW I hate you, right?”  But apparently that’s what you SHOULD do.



Take this advice at your own risk, of course . . .



A new study out of Michigan State University found that the best thing you can do if you hate your boss is lay your cards out and ACKNOWLEDGE that you don’t get along.  And if you’re a boss and you don’t like an employee, same deal:  Let them know.



The researchers found that when a boss and employee were open and honest about their relationship, it led to the employee being more motivated and working harder . . . even if the boss and employee hated each other.



Once you and your boss stop wasting energy trying to FAKE that you get along . . . or stressing and complaining about each other . . . you can just focus and get stuff done.



This isn’t part of the study, but we think there’s another potential bonus from all this.  If you’re more motivated and working harder, maybe you’ll get promoted and take your boss’s job.  Then you’ll REALLY stick it to them.





— BILL COSBY has dropped 2,612 places on the list of the Most Trusted Celebrities.



Last year he was THIRD on the list, and in the company of celebrities like BETTY WHITE, TOM HANKS and BRIAN WILLIAMS. Today, he’s #2,615 . . . in the neighborhood of MANTI TE’O and his fake, dead girlfriend.


Cosby made a similar drop on the list of celebrities people think would make good product spokespeople.  He WAS fifth on that list . . . now he’s at #2,746.


On the plus side, people are still buying Jell-O, despite his close association with it.  He actually hasn’t worked with them since 2010, but he was a regular pitchman for them from 1974 to 2003.


Bill was also previously associated with Coke and Kodak, and doesn’t seem to be damaging those brands, either.



Some people think JOHNNY DEPP has lost his COOL at the box office . . . but Johnny says he doesn’t care anymore.  He explains, quote, “Not giving [an eff], that’s the total liberation.  Being game to try anything . . . [You can] sit there and stare at the clock in fear of your ultimate demise . . . or you just live.” The only thing Johnny is scared of is a shower…



ALFONSO RIBEIRO won “Dancing with the Stars”SADIE ROBERTSON finished second, and JANEL PARRISH came in third.


–HBO will air the first fully-authorized KURT COBAIN documentary sometime next year.  It’s called “Kurt Cobain:  Montage of Heck” . . . and it will include concert footage, previously unheard songs and never-before-seen home movies, recordings, artwork, photography, journals, demos, and songbooks..



–Robin Thicke is now dating a 19-year-old supermodel.  “So I guess he’s into older chicks,” shrugged Leonardo DiCaprio.


–At Miley Cyrus’ birthday party, she and her guests rode two-at-a-time on a giant penis.  I was shocked.  I had no idea she was friends with Jon Hamm.


–ABC canceled John Stamos’ new show before they aired even one episode.  Apparently after realizing it’s 2014 . . . and they were inexplicably doing a show starring John Stamos.




Here are three new things to worry about . . .



1.  Fake fur might be worse than real fur.  Obviously, cute and furry animals have to die to make a real fur coat . . . but will our CHILDREN die because of FAKE fur?  Some studies have found fake fur makes a terrible environmental impact.



It takes three times the energy to make fake fur . . . plus it involves a lot of chemicals and products like nylon that take up to 1,000 years to decompose.  (Daily Mail)



2.  Friendly doctors could kill you.  If the BILL COSBY scandal hasn’t taught you that friendly doctors can be bad for your health, maybe THIS will.



A new study out of England found two-thirds of doctors who try to be friends with their patients have trouble telling them the truth about their health or making objective decisions about how to treat them.  (The Australian)



3.  Wi-Fi might be making you sick.  You know how happy you are when you go to a place and it has free Wi-Fi?  There might be a BIG downside.



Up to 5% of people suffer from something called electromagnetic hypersensitivity, and Wi-Fi signals can cause those people headaches, nausea, and pain.  And since Wi-Fi is getting MORE widespread, it’s only going to get worse for those people




BONO and U2 top “GQ” magazine’s annual list of the “Least Influential People of 2014.” And yeah, it was because of that unpopular stunt with Apple, where they dumped their new album into your iTunes, whether you wanted it or not.

Some sports figures made the list:

6) NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who botched the Ray Rice situation, in addition to numerous other domestic abuse cases


7)  ESPN talking head Stephen A. Smith, who argued that Rice’s fiancée could be at fault, if she did something to, quote, “provoke wrong actions.”


8)  Dwyane Wade, whose declining skills played a role in LeBron James’ decision to leave the Miami Heat


–There are some great ODELL BECKHAM JR. memes out there . . . but I think my favorite one features Odell acting as CONTRACEPTION.


–Adrian Peterson says he’ll never use a switch again.  It’s not all good news for his kids.  He still plans on taking them to Vikings games.









Is This The Greatest Catch of All-Time?



The New York Giants lost to the Dallas Cowboys last night, but believe it or not, it was a great game that went right down to the last few seconds.



And one of the reasons it was so competitive was the Giants’ rookie receiver ODELL BECKHAM JR.  He had 10 catches for 146 yards and two touchdowns.  And one of his TD catches was very likely THE greatest catch in NFL HISTORY.



Beckham was actually being interfered with, but he was able to shrug off the defender, reach WAY over his head and catch the ball ONE-HANDED.  He didn’t even palm it . . . he grabbed it with THREE FINGERS.  He never even used his other hand, even when he went to the ground.



It was so sick, the Internet went INSANE.  Everybody from LEBRON JAMES to RICHARD SHERMAN to injured Giants receiver VICTOR CRUZ Tweeted about how awesome it was.  And Cruz may have just lost his job to this guy.  (!!!)



What’s even more amazing about this catch is that earlier in the game, they showed a video of Beckham making similar, one-handed grabs during his pre-game warmup.



(Check out video and several Tweets here.  And these pictures will give you an even clearer picture of how INSANE this catch was.  And here’s the warmup video.)


I still think David Tyree’s catch on his helmet falling backwards  in the Super Bowl is still the greatest catch.  High on the list is Tony Champion’s catch with broken ribs in the 1989 Grey Cup!




Five more women have come forward with allegations against BILL COSBY, including MICHELLE HURD, from such shows as “Law & Order”, “Gossip Girl” and “90210”.  She says Cosby was inappropriate with her when she did stand-in work on “The Cosby Show”.  In all, 17 women have publicly accused Cosby.  And there are more who have yet to reveal their identities.



A former NBC staffer says that he used to help BILL COSBY make secret payments of thousands of dollars to eight different women in the late 1980s.  And he has receipts from money orders that supposedly prove it.



KATHIE LEE GIFFORD opened for Cosby for two years in the late ’70s, and spent a lot of time with him.  She says she saw no evidence of his alleged bad behavior.  But she’s not saying she doesn’t believe it happened.  (Full Story)




Sources say that when Cosby would appear on the “Letterman” show, he would make all the young, female interns and assistants sit in the green room and watch him eat curry.  (???)


BILL COSBY briefly addressed the allegations against him before a show Friday night in Florida.  He said, quote, “I know people are tired of me not saying anything, but a guy doesn’t have to answer to innuendos.  People should fact check.  People shouldn’t have to go through that and shouldn’t answer to innuendos.”  And he got a standing ovation after the show.



KATY PERRY ranted on Twitter about an invasive run-in with the Australian paparazzi.  She said the photographers wouldn’t leave her alone unless she let them take a photo of her in her bikini . . . and that it was “perverted and disgusting.”  One of the men allegedly stripped naked while pursuing her, because Katy said she had pictures of his, quote, “tiny penis and rather large gut.”

(In related news, the NFL confirmed yesterday that Katy is doing the Super Bowl Halftime show.)



The new “Hunger Games” movie made $123 million over the weekend: . It gave audiences a way to see Jennifer Lawrence in a totally new way:  Clothed.



Country singer Billy Gilman came out of the closet:

. . . First Ty Herndon . . . and now Billy Gilman?  Country music hasn’t been rocked by a pair like this since Dolly Parton.





1.  An NFL Player Pretended a Football Was His Newborn Daughter . . . Then Broke Down in Tears During His Postgame Interview



A wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts named T.Y. HILTON welcomed his first child yesterday morning, a girl named Eugenia.  And during his post-game interview, he broke down and started to CRY while he was talking about her.



He also caught a 73-yard touchdown pass during the Colts’ game against the Jacksonville Jaguars yesterday . . . and celebrated by cradling the football in the end zone, like it was his baby.



(Search for “Emotional Hilton on Scoring TD for His Newborn Daughter” and “T.Y. Hilton Rocking Baby to Sleep.”)







2.  Santa Stinks Up Someone’s Bathroom in a New Ad for “Poo-Pourri”



Poo-Pourri” is a product you spray in the toilet to prevent you from stinking up the bathroom.  And a new ad for it just went viral . . . because it features SANTA having an emergency bathroom issue while he’s leaving presents under someone’s tree.



Three kids walk in on him in their bathroom, and tell him he’s stinking up their whole house.  And it’s actually kind of weird, because it’s three little girls standing there . . . watching an old man use the CRAPPER.



Then at the end, their mom is sitting on his lap singing . . . while he’s still in the middle of using it.



(Search for “Even Santa Poops.”  The first kid walks in on him at :23, and the mom part starts at 2:11.  WARNING:  Bathroom humor and the word “a**”.)




3.  A News Crew Accidentally Showed a Drug Deal on Live TV



This happened last year, but it just started making the rounds.  A news crew in Worcester, Massachusetts was doing a report on all the snow they’d gotten.  (Worcester is pronounced “Wuss-ter”.)



And in the background, you can see a DRUG DEAL go down.  Two guys walked into the shot, exchanged money for a bag of what looked like white powder, and then left.  (Search for “Drug Deal on Live TV.”  They show up at :15.)






Here are three new things to worry about . . .



1.  Sugar ruins your life.  A new study from Emory University in Atlanta found sugar doesn’t just make you gain weight.

It also makes you more depressed and anxious . . . makes your brain worse at responding to stress . . . and is linked to conditions from heart attacks to dementia.  (Health Canal)




2.  Hand dryers are worse than towels.  A lot of bathrooms have switched to hand dryers . . . and that’s good for the environment.  But it might be bad for YOU.


Researchers at the University of Leeds in England found hand dryers just spread germs around the bathroom.  In fact, there are about 27 times more bacteria in the air around a hand dryer than around a stack of towels.  (The Telegraph)

3.  Being “skinny fat” is more dangerous than being obese.  Researchers have found people who are “skinny fat” are in MORE danger for diseases than people who are obese.


It’s because they don’t THINK they have potential problems, so they don’t get treatment or develop any healthy habits.  (Daily Mail)



Director MIKE NICHOLS died of a heart attack on Wednesday.  He’s the guy who made “The Graduate”.  He was one of the only people to have won the EGOT . . . where you’ve won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony.  He was married to DIANE SAWYER from 1988 until the time of his death.  He was 83.

Four women came out yesterday with new accusations against BILL COSBYLOU FERRIGNO’s wife says he tried to assault her at his house in 1967, but she got away.  An actress from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” says Bill forced himself on her in the green room of “The Tonight Show” in 1971.  And a nurse from Florida and a woman from Pittsburgh say he drugged and assaulted them.

 Bill Cosby’s lawyer recently said supermodel Janice Dickinson is a liar.  Case in point, she refers to herself as “SUPERMODEL Janice Dickinson.”




A 34-year-old guy in England tried to rob a grocery store last week by whipping out a PICTURE of a gun.  The employees weren’t particularly intimidated and stalled the guy while they called the cops, and he was arrested.




A 43-year-old janitor in Iowa was cleaning a public library a few weeks ago, and stopped to look at PORN on one of their computers.  But then he panicked . . . and wound up STEALING the computer and destroying it.  The police easily traced it back to him, and he’s been charged with theft.




A guy in Arkansas recently gave a woman his life savings and signed over the deed to his house . . . after she convinced him she was Alison Krauss, even though she looks nothing like her



There’s a new gender-neutral sex toy called the Transformer that men and women can BOTH use.  Apparently it bends into different shapes so it can do different things




Two guys in California are trying to raise money online to produce a probiotic supplement for women . . . that makes their lady parts smell like PEACHES.



There’s a new realistic “Normal Barbie” doll that’s based on the exact height and shape of the average 19-year-old woman.  Meanwhile, Ken still doesn’t have a penis.



An Ohio lawyer is accused of hypnotizing women in order to have sex with them.  He refused to comment, saying he was too busy preparing Bill Cosby’s defense



Someone in eastern Russia was at a handball match recently . . . yes, a HANDBALL match . . . and started shooting video of the woman behind them cheering.  But the way she cheered was more like a weird, terrifying scream.  She actually sounded like those “goats screaming like humans” videos.  And the people next to her were screaming too, so in the video it sounds like a whole HERD of them.


A video of three old ladies smoking weed for the first time is huge on YouTube right now.  It was shot in Washington State, where it’s legal.  All three of them look to be in their 60’s or 70’s.  But they’re definitely a little HIPPER than your average 70-year-old.  (At one point they start playing Cards Against Humanity, and it gets surprisingly dirty.  The best part is probably near the end though, when they can’t stop laughing, and one of them can’t follow what anyone’s saying.  Ultimately, two of them liked it, and the third said she didn’t really feel much.  She was pretty giggly about it though













For the first time since 1984 the Rams organization will be led by someone other than Frank McCrystal. The search for the new coach is well underway and the job is attracting plenty of candidates, including some with pro experience. I’ve been told  Kavis Reed, Paul LaPolice, and Gary Etcheverry have expressed interest. Former Rams QB and current Stamps assistant Mark Mueller and Leboldus Golden Suns coach John Foord are high on the list of candidates too.



The Pill is so common today, most women probably meet their husbands when they’re already on it.  And apparently that leads some women to have a rude awakening when they STOP taking it one day . . .

They realize YOU’RE UGLY.



A new study out of Florida State University found women on the Pill are more likely to give less attractive dudes a chance . . . because their bodies aren’t looking to reproduce.



If they WERE looking to reproduce, they’d instinctively target better-looking men, because good looks are a sign of good genes.



And the study found that when women who married less attractive men finally go OFF the Pill, they wind up less satisfied with their sex lives . . . and their marriages overall.



But if a woman marries a guy who’s good looking, the opposite happens.  Once she goes off the Pill, she’s actually MORE attracted to him and has a better sex life and a better marriage.



So the conclusion here is . . . marry an attractive woman when she’s on the Pill and prepare for her to inevitably be disappointed one day . . . but ride the good times while you can? 





A Guy Made a Million Dollars This Year Playing “Call of Duty”



“Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” came out earlier this month.  And if you play any of the “Call of Duty” games online, you’re probably like most people . . . and die ten times for every kill you get.  Here’s one of the people killing you.



Matt Haag is a 22-year-old professional video game player who goes by the screen name “Nadeshot“.  His YouTube page has 1.4 million subscribers, and he’s so good at “Call of Duty”, he’s set to make a MILLION DOLLARS this year, just from playing it.



About $700,000 of that is from YouTube revenue and live streams on the website Twitch.  But he’s also sponsored by Red Bull, and makes hundreds of thousands of dollars playing in “Call of Duty” tournaments.



Which he says he’s EXTREMELY thankful for . . . because three years ago, he was working at McDonald’s.




A Squirrel Stole a Guy’s GoPro, and Dropped It From a Tree



A guy in Montreal recently attached a piece of bread to his GoPro camera, because he wanted to get some up-close footage of a squirrel.  Which he DID . . . because the squirrel stole the camera off the ground and climbed up a tree with it.



It dropped it a few seconds later, once it was done with the bread.  But the footage is pretty cool.  (Search for “A Squirrel Nabbed My GoPro.”  It grabs the GoPro at :30.)




DAVE CHAPPELLE says he wants to spend a year guest-starring on every TV show . . . quote, “I’d be a zombie in ‘The Walking Dead’.  A corpse on ‘CSI’.  I’d be the first black guy to [eff] Olivia Pope on ‘Scandal’.”  He’s also thinking about, quote, “Going coast-to-coast on my motorcycle and having random barbecues all over America.” Which celebrity would you like to have a bbq with?  I’d like to break bread with Wayne Gretzky, Sammy Hagar, Will Smith, Pope Francis and George W Bush.



Are there any 14-year-old girls out there, with $280,000 in the bank, and in the market for a house in Canada?  If so, this is your ticket . . .



JUSTIN BIEBER’S grandparents have their three-bedroom house in Ontario, Canada up for sale.  Justin supposedly spent most of his childhood there.


And here’s the kicker:  Several rooms were recently updated, but Justin’s room has been left INTACT . . . to the point where it’s still decorated the way he liked it, with the logo of the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs on the bedding, curtains, and wallpaper.


Gwyneth Paltrow recently said it’s important to age naturally.  Anything you’d care to add, Renee Zellweger?



Larry King turns 81 today.  I hope.  It’s still morning, after all.


A female student at a college in Australia was just busted for running a live online sex show . . . using the public computer in the school LIBRARY.  She wasn’t expelled . . . instead, the school had her see a counselor and had the entire area of the library STEAM CLEANED.



A 27-year-old guy in New Jersey asked a cop for a ride to BURGER KING on Sunday around 1:30 A.M. . . . and the cop actually said okay.  He just needed to pat the guy down before he got in the car.  The guy agreed . . . and when the cop found marijuana in his pocket, he was arrested.



Doctors at UCLA announced yesterday that they’ve found a cure for “bubble boy” disease . . . that’s where you’re born with no immune system.  A doctor who’s been studying it for over 30 years figured out a way to remove stem cells from bone marrow, genetically modify them, and transplant them back in so patients develop a normal immune system.



A guy in Germany was arrested recently for posting ads in local newspapers to rent out his house.  But he didn’t actually plan on renting it . . . he just wanted people to show up so he could answer the door NAKED


MORE TROUBLE WITH TEXTING: Who knew? Texting can put more than 60 lbs of pressure on your spine. According to a new study from New York Spine Surgery & Rehabilitation Medicine, bending your head at a 60-degree angle to send and receive texts distresses your cervical spine, the part above the shoulders. The head naturally weighs 10-to-12 lbs when upright, but bending the neck causes gravity to pull on it, putting the effect of more weight on the spine. And with typical users spending an average 2-to-4 hours per day with their neck bent for texting, all that extra weight adds up. Researchers say loss of the natural curve of the spine may lead to wear & tear, early degeneration, and possible need for surgery. ( I ask again … please put down the phone.)



Don’t let aging get you down. It’s too hard to get back up.


What Do You Want For Xmas?




According to a new survey, 40% of people say their kids are their favourite people to shop for at Christmas.  And dads came in dead LAST.  Only 2% said their dad is their favourite person to shop for.  Here are five more stats from the survey.



1.  Overall, the top five presents we’re planning to buy people are gift cards, clothing, toys, video games, and electronics.  54% of us are HOPING to get gift cards this year, and 45% want cash.



2.  The top three things men think women want are clothing, jewelry, and gift cards . . . and women think guys want gift cards, cash, and tools.



3.  14% of married men plan to give their wife something kitchen-related.  Which might sound like a bad idea . . . but 26% of women say they WANT something for the kitchen.  On the flip side, 31% of women think men want tools, but only 21% of men actually do.



4.  50% of kids will buy presents this year.  On average, they’ll shop for four different people.



5.  32% of people who plan to shop on Cyber Monday will be doing it in person at a store . . . NOT online.




1.  Costco’s $1.50 hot dog-and-soda combo is so popular that the Costcos around the country serve 100 million hot dogs a year . . . that’s four times more hot dogs than all of the Major League Baseball stadiums combined.



2.  Big Bird almost died in space.  Caroll Spinney, the puppeteer who plays Big Bird, was invited to fly on the Challenger as Big Bird to get more kids interested in NASA . . . but the costume couldn’t fit, so he didn’t go.



3.  Jimi Hendrix and Joe Pesci were in the same band in the 1960s . . . although about five years apart.  Early in both of their careers they played guitar for a band called Joey Dee and the Starliters.



4.  It’s possible to be “de-knighted” in England . . . if you’ve committed a crime and are sentenced to at least three years in prison, the king or queen can de-knight you.  Five people have been de-knighted in the past century.




In honor of today being Mickey Mouse’s 86th birthday, here are The Top Things You Didn’t Know about Mickey Mouse.



Minnie’s gonna be sorely disappointed when they finally get married and she learns the REAL reason his voice is so high.



He always pals around with that Disney character who never wears pants:  Miley Cyrus.



The reason he never takes off his gloves is because he’s a raging germaphobe





Three Roommates in Florida Play Video Games in Eight-Hour Shifts, and Make Thousands of Dollars



Playing videos games as a career is becoming more and more realistic for kids.  The Associated Press just did a big story on three roommates in Florida who make thousands of dollars a year doing it.



They’re all in their mid-to-late 20’s, and run a channel on the website called StreamerHouse . . . where they play games all day long, non-stop, while up to 20 different cameras record them.



The way they do it is, one of them plays an eight-hour shift . . . then another one takes over for eight hours . . . then the third one does the same.  So it’s kind of like a reality TV show about guys who do nothing but play games.  And it never ends.



A lot of the money they make comes from ads and subscriptions.  But their fans also donate money, order pizzas for them all the time, and send random presents, like guitars.  Just last month, one fan gave them SIX GRAND.



By the way, none of them have college degrees.  And they admit that playing video games is the only way they could POSSIBLY make as much money as they are.





  An Italian Guy Can’t Pronounce “Worcestershire Sauce”



A video of an Italian guy trying to pronounce “Worcestershire sauce” is the big thing on YouTube right now.  Something about hearing him mispronounce it over and over again is pretty entertaining.



(Search for “How to Pronounce Worcestershire Sauce.”  He also intentionally mispronounces “sauce” at :59.)




  A Little Kid Tries to Whistle, and Doesn’t Even Come Close



How old were you when you first learned how to whistle?  Someone posted a video of their toddler trying to do it . . . and it’s more spit than whistle.  (Search for “Little Boy Attempting to Whistle.”)




  A Turkey Spins Around in Circles Until It Gets So Dizzy, It Falls Over



Supposedly, turkeys aren’t quite as dumb as most people think they are . . . but I’m not buying it.  There’s a video on YouTube of a male turkey trying to mate with a female, which starts running around in circles to get away.



So the male just spins in place for almost a minute straight trying to catch it . . . until it finally gets so dizzy, it just falls over.  (Search for “One Dizzy Turkey.”  It starts spinning at :23 and falls at 1:08.)




1 A Drunk NFL Player Tried to Use Gum to Buy Things from a Store 



This past weekend, the Jacksonville Jaguars were on their Bye Week . . . and starting cornerback DWAYNE GRATZ spent his time off getting TANKED.



Gratz was arrested at 5:53 A.M. in Miami Beach on Sunday morning for disorderly intoxication and trespassing.



He was so hammered that he tried to use BUBBLE GUM to purchase items from a store after realizing that he was out of cash.  When it didn’t work, he argued with an employee . . . and refused to leave until the cops came and arrested him.


2 Do you know what you’re going to be doing in 13 years?  GIANCARLO STANTON does.  He’s going to be playing for the Miami Marlins.



Giancarlo and the Marlins just agreed to a RIDICULOUS 13-year, $325 million contract.  That breaks down to an average of $25 million a season . . . more than $154,000 per game . . . or more than $17,000 per INNING.



The deal also includes a clause that prevents the Marlins from trading him . . . although Giancarlo can opt out in six years . . . if he’s crazy enough to want to.



Not surprisingly, this is the most lucrative deal for an American athlete.



It tops the 10-year, $292 million deal Miguel Cabrera agreed to with the Detroit Tigers in March . . . and the 10-year, $275 million deal that the New York Yankees are now regretting giving Alex Rodriguez before the 2008 season.



The Marlins’ payroll this past season was $52.3 million, the lowest in the majors.  Giancarlo made a team-high $6.5 million in 2014.



(If you don’t really follow baseball or remember who Giancarlo is, he’s one of those two guys who got hit in the face by a pitch back in September.)




BALLSY’S THOUGHT FOR THE DAY…Many people lose their tempers merely from seeing you keep yours.



A New Grey Cup Champ in 2014

Well I was way off with a CFL Semi-Final predictions as both B-C and Saskatchewan lost. Below are some of my thoughts following yesterday’s action:


Division Semifinals - BC Lions v Montreal Alouettes

Montreal 50 BC 17

— I think Mike Benevides may have coached his last game with the B-C Lions

—Kevin Glenn may have played his last game in the CFL. I guess my buddy Luc Mullinder was right…Glenn isn’t a big game QB.

West teams are 2-6 in cross over games. I didn’t think the travel would be a huge problem but apparently it is!

—Kudos to Tom Higgins and Jeff Garcia for turning Jonathan Crompton into a promising young QB.

—What a turnaround for Duron Carter. Early this season Carter was pouting and many of his teammates wanted him released. Now number 89 is a big reason the Als are one win away from the 102 Grey Cup. And SJ Green is playing like  the best receiver in the game again.




–It sure looked like neither team wanted to win this game.

–At one point I wondered if  Kerry Joseph thought he was still playing for the Eskimos. (4 completions, 5 INTS). Seriously though,  I am happy Kerry got to come back to Rider Nation and close out his career with some meaningful playing time. Thanks KJ!

–Unless Mike Reilly finds a new foot the Eskimos are finished because they aren’t beating Calgary with Matt Nichols..

–Andre Proulx didn’t cost the Riders the game but whenever I watch a game he’s officiating I never get a sense he’s in control.

–Diamond Ferri shouldn’t have been flagged for hitting Matt Nichols.

–As soon as the clock hits zero November 30th league officials need to remove the coach’s challenge for pass interference.

–What a game by the Riders defence in particular Foley, Brackenridge, Brown, T-Jack and Chick.

–Our special teams are anything but SPECIAL.

–Where did Jerome Messam go?

–Heading into 2015 the Riders need a middle linebacker, a big physical receiver, a back up QB and new kickers. Rider Draft Pick Johnny Mark of the Calgary Dinos deserves a serious look. The Riders also need to make a serious draft day play for 6’5 215 lb U of R Rams WR Addison Richards.

–Congrats to Regina boy Jordan Yantz and the Manitoba Bisons. The Bisons QB helped lead his team to a 27-15 Hardy Cup win over the heavily favoured Calgary Dinos. The Dinos turned the ball over 10 times on the way to their first home loss in 42 games. Manitoba moves on to play Montreal. The Carabins upset Laval 12-9 in O-T in the Dunsmore Cup. It’s the first loss for the Rouge et Or on home turf in 71 games.




JOSE CANSECO’s reattached finger didn’t stay reattached for long.  On Friday he Tweeted, quote, “I was playing in a poker tournament last night and my finger fell off.”  Then he Tweeted a DISGUSTING picture of the finger before it fell off, with the caption, “Maybe I will sell it on eBay.

After all that finger hit 462 home runs.”  (He took the VERY GRAPHIC picture down, but you can see it here.)





LANCE STEPHENSON of the Charlotte Hornets took flopping to a whole new level when he SLAPPED HIMSELF IN THE FACE and drew a foul.  (Full Story)





46 years ago . . . In 1968, NBC outraged football fans by cutting away from the final minutes of a NEW YORK JETS – OAKLAND RAIDERS game to begin its very special presentation of “HEIDI” on schedule!  (Fans missed seeing the Raiders come from behind and score 14 points in the final 65 seconds to beat the Jets, 43-to-32. These days Raider fans are hoping they cut away from the games as soon as possible, they haven’t won a game in one calendar year)






Was This the Hardest Hit in the NFL This Season?



The St. Louis Rams upset the Denver Broncos 22 to 7 yesterday.  And the game featured one of the hardest hits of the season.



A wide receiver for the Broncos named EMMANUEL SANDERS was diving for a ball, and got absolutely CRUSHED by Rams safety RODNEY MCLEOD.  Sanders ended up with a concussion, and McLeod got flagged for unnecessary roughness.



(Search for “Emmanuel Sanders Leaves Game After Brutal Hit.”  It shows replays from a few different angles starting at :35.)





There’s a new book called The Sonic Boom, about how sound and music affect us when they’re used in visual media.  More importantly, it includes the REAL story behind six famous movie sounds.



Darth Vader’s breathing in the “Star Wars” movies was created by someone sucking air through a scuba mask.  And the lightsabers are a combination of the motors in an old projector and TV interference through an unshielded microphone.



The roar of the T-Rex in “Jurassic Park” was a mixture of a Jack Russell terrier, a whale, lions, alligators, tigers, a koala, and a baby elephant.



The rolling boulder in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” was a Honda Civic rolling down a gravel driveway.



Spider-Man’s web shooting is a combination of a cat spitting, the crack of a bullwhip, and a “processed model rocket launch.”



Linda Blair’s spinning head in “The Exorcist” was achieved by bending an old, cracked wallet with credit cards in it.






DAVE GROHL doesn’t care how much people pay to stream his music, he just wants them to hear it.  He says, quote, “Give [people] your music.  And then go play a show.  [If] they like hearing your music, they’ll go see a show.  To me it’s that simple.”




The new version of the charity single “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” was recorded over the weekend.  It’s for Ebola this time.  Participants included Bono, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Chris Martin, Sam Smith, and Robert Plant.



BONO was injured during a bicycling accident in Central Park . . . which means that U2 will NOT be doing its five-day residency on “The Tonight Show” this week..










The BC Lions are trying to become the fourth straight team to win a Grey Cup on home turf but they don’t look primed to accomplish that goal. The Leos lost their last two regular season game by a whopping 70-19 margin.

If the Lions are to win this game they must run the ball to keep Montreal’s pass rush off of QB Kevin Glenn. and force Alouettes’ QB Jonathan Crompton to beat them with his arm. Crompton was 8-2 as the starter but he completed just 58 percent of his passes with 11 TDs and 8 INTS. This a quarterback driven league and judging by that I’m taking Kevin Glenn over Jonathan Crompton

B-C Lions 26-18



It’s a battle of the back-ups as the Riders travel to Edmonton for the West Semi-Final. It’s the 1st time in a decade that these teams have met in round one of the playoffs . On that cold November afternoon in 2004 Henry Burris and the Riders won 14-6 at Commonwealth Stadium.  Sunday’s game will have a similar feel temperature wise with a game time high of -10 celsius expected.

The hot topic in both camps this week has been about the quarterback position. With Mike Reilly out,  Matt Nichols will line up under centre for the Eskimos. Nichols, who is 0-5 as a starter, will lead a potent offence that boasts the league’s top receiver in Adarius Bowman and explosive tailback John White.

The defending champion Roughriders are going to start Kerry Joseph. It must be a remarkable feeling for the 41 year old who sat in my control room last year at this time and told me he was looking forward to retiring as a Rider. So far this season Joseph has completed less than 50 percent of his passes with 4 TDs and 5 INTS.

I believe the Riders win this game based on 4 things:

– the Roughriders lines will out play the Eskimos on both sides of the ball.

-Weston Dressler.

– Kerry Joseph’s playoff experience

– it’s tough to  take away the title from the CHAMPS!

Riders 27-23




BROOKE SHIELDS has a new book coming out called “There Was a Little Girl”.  And in one part she talks about how ANDRE AGASSI was hooked on METH in the early part of their relationship.  Which might have contributed to THIS event . . .Brooke did a guest spot on “Friends” where she had to lick MATT LEBLANC’s hand.  And Andre got so jealous he stormed off the set. Brooke says, quote, “He said I made him look like a fool . . . and he got in his car and drove all the way to Vegas.  Once there, he smashed all of his tennis trophies, destroying them in a rage.”





JOSE CANSECO was so inspired by this week’s comet landing, he went on a Twitter rant about how we could use comets as intergalactic taxi cabs, and that such a thing would be, quote, “the key to our survival.”  (There’s a trucking company in British Columbia, called Comet Transport.  If I was their marketing guy, I’d totally make their motto:  “Comet Transport:  The Key to Our Survival.”)





LEBRON JAMES has a three-week-old daughter, and just like a normal parent, he’s waking up a lot in the middle of the night.  So he live-Tweeted his daughter’s latest sleepless night, which involved him carrying her around, while they listened to old-school jams like George McCrae’s “Rock Your Baby”  followed by Michael Jackson’s ‘Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough’.





A Cricket Announcer Watches a Ball Sail Over the Fence and Hit His Car



Earlier this month, a cricket announcer named Ian Smith was calling a game on live TV in New Zealand, when a player crushed a ball over the fence . . . and it landed on his RENTAL CAR.



Or at least he thought it was his car at first.  By the end he wasn’t sure, because he could only see the top of it from where the press box was.  But you could clearly see a big dent on the roof.



(Search for “Jesse Ryder Six Dents Commentator’s Car.”  It shows the dent at :19.  By the way, a home run in cricket is called a “boundary six”, which is SO lame.)




 The Grizzlies Beat the Kings On a Buzzer Beater With .3 Seconds Left



There’s a lot of NBA left to go, but in the pros it rarely gets more exciting than this.  The Memphis Grizzlies were playing at home last night against the Sacramento Kings, and they were down one point in the fourth quarter . . . with .3 seconds left.



Then forward Vince Carter inbounded to guard Courtney Lee . . . who was left totally open under the basket . . . and he did a lob-style layup to beat the buzzer and win the game.  (Search for “Grizzlies’ Nail-Biting Buzzer-Beater.”)


Check Out Bill Murray’s Hidden Cameo in “Dumb and Dumber To”



BILL MURRAY has a cameo in “Dumb and Dumber To”, as a meth cook.  His name is Ice Pick, and he’s the roommate Harry got when Lloyd was in the hospital.  You won’t recognize Bill, because Ice Pick never shows his face.



Director Peter Farrelly says, quote, “Since you never see Ice Pick, we were thinking, ‘Hey, we should get someone who’s iconic to do it.  And who’s more iconic than Bill Murray?’



“Any time you have Bill on the set, everybody is happy.  So, we wanted to bring Bill in just so we could hang around him.  Like everyone else in the world, I’m nuts about that guy.”  (Here’s a clip featuring Ice Pick.  The movie opens TONIGHT.)




If a woman approaches you and says, “You look tall and intelligent . . . want to have sex?”  Be careful . . . she might just be after your SWEET, SWEET DNA. Apparently some women are now gravitating toward ‘NATURAL insemination’ . . . where they have sex with a stranger while they’re ovulating, JUST so they can get pregnant.  Artificial insemination is where women go to a sperm bank, pick a dude’s stuff, and have their eggs fertilized with it.  But that’s so expensive and impersonal. “20/20” tracked down a few guys who advertise their natural insemination services online.  They both say they’re healthy, in good shape, and have impregnated MANY women who like the genes they’re putting out there.

And obviously, they both do it for FREE.  The woman gets their seed . . . they get to have some quick sex and move on. “20/20” also talked to a few women who’ve gone this route.  One woman says, quote, “I thought he was cute, but I had to keep reminding myself, ‘This is a donor, not a date.’



Jennifer Lawrence recently said she’s a terrible singer.  Which is a little surprising given how healthy her lungs look.

Matthew McConaughey is open to being in a “Star Wars” movie: . When they heard this, Disney immediately created a character for him to play:  Obi Wanna-Doobie.


Today is World Diabetes Day.  World Diabetes Day takes place only two weeks after we pump trick-or-treaters full of sugar.  For more on this, Google “irony.”



The latest fashion craze is “lumbersexuals,” men who walk around sporting old backpacks, dirty clothes, and unkempt facial hair.  Boy.  Who knew our new program director  was such a trendsetter?!?





Nice Try Cleveland…

Earlier this week, KYRIE IRVING and KEVIN LOVE of the Cleveland Cavaliers got some attention for their elaborate handshake, that ends with them pretending to SMOKE A JOINT.  But the Cavs say we have it all wrong:  They say they’re just, quote, “quickly sharpening the end of an imaginary mustache.”  It’s total B.S., but we kind of admire the Cavs for trying to make it work.  (Here’s video of the handshake.  Here’s video of Kyrie talking about it yesterday, beginning two minutes in.  Obviously, this is all tongue-in-cheek. This NEEDS TO BE the birth of a new euphemism for smoking pot:  “Dude, you wanna go out back and sharpen the end of an imaginary mustache with me?”  Brilliant!!!)



YAO MING may not be in the NBA anymore . . . but he’s still a HUMAN GIANT at seven-feet, six-inches.  And that makes some everyday things difficult, like simply getting into a car.  In a new video Yao tries unsuccessfully to get in the passenger side of an SUV.  He eventually settles for the backseat.  TMZ has video


KOBE BRYANT just set the record for the most missed field goals in NBA history . . . with 13,418 missed shots.  In honor of that “achievement”, someone put together a list of dubious sports records.  Our other favorites on the list are:



• Most NFL Interceptions:  Brett Favre, 336


• Most Major League Baseball Strikeouts:  Reggie Jackson, 2,597


• Most turnovers in NBA history:  Karl Malone, 4,524


• Most penalty minutes in NHL history:  Tiger Williams, 3,966



(You can check out more here.)



Are the Seattle Seahawks serving their fans watered-down beer?


What if I told you that the Seattle Seahawks may be selling watered-down beer at their home games? That would be outrageous, right? I mean it’s one thing to charge a shade under $10 for a plastic cup of beer. But to lie about the alcohol content? That’s downright un-American. According to a report from KOMO News, something is amiss in this regard at CenturyLink Field.

KOMO News worked with a lab in Seattle that can test alcohol content, and of the 6 beers they tested from samples taken from CenturyLink Field, each of them graded out with less alcohol than advertised. Budweiser was the most egregious, grading out at 4.4% alcohol by volume despite being advertised at 5%. Oh, the humanity!!!

Other brands that were tested were Stella (5.0% advertised/4.8% tested), Bud Light (4.2%/3.9%), Redhook (5.2%/4.8%), Shocktop (5.2%/4.7%), and Bass Pale Ale (5.1%/4.5%).

A representative from Anheuser-Busch questioned the test and data, saying that the beer at the stadium is the same beer you purchase at bars and restaurants, and their own test of the beer “found no irregularities” in alcohol content. Hmm.

matt nichols

Matt Nichols has been named the Eskimos starting quarterback for Sunday’s semifinal against the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The team said Mike Reilly will be available to play, but he was limited in practice  and seems to still be bothered by an unspecified injury. So Rider Nation how does that news make you feel about playing the Eskimos Sunday?

robb bagg


big bird




                              THE TOP THINGS WE’VE LEARNED

                                    FROM “SESAME STREET



The Count had wispy facial hair and a monocle way before you hipster dirt bags.



Bert apparently gets his eyebrows from the same workshop that makes Martin Scorsese’s.


If Bert and Ernie can be so openly gay, there’s no reason for Hugh Jackman and Kenny Chesney to stay in the closet.


The fact only he can see Snuffleupagus is proof Big Bird did acid.

It is the one street in an American city without a Starbucks on it.


The Cookie Monster isn’t as fun now that he’s lost his foot to diabetes.





The ten most fun cities in the world are:  Berlin . . . London . . . Paris . . . New York . . . Tokyo . . . Hamburg, Germany . . . Rome . . . Vienna, Austria . . . Barcelona . . . and Istanbul, Turkey.




Europe’s version of NASA landed an unmanned spacecraft on a COMET yesterday, for the first time ever.  Apparently it bounced when it touched down, so it didn’t anchor to the ground like it was supposed to, and could drift off into space.  But it’s already sent back a ton of photosSure enough, the first images from the comet show six the way a Sasktoon company was instrumental is developing the spacecraft.



Good News Update:  People online ended up raising about $24,000 to buy a car for James Tully.  He’s the guy in Pennsylvania who kept getting stopped by police while he was walking to work, because he looked like cop-killer Eric Frein.  James used about half of the money to buy a 2007 Subaru Outback, and he’s using the rest to pay bills.



A Texas woman had surgery to reduce her Triple-N breasts to Double-D cups.  Asked why she did it, she said, “It was just something I needed to get off my feet.”



Sexy Pictures of Famous People 



1.  Here’s EVA LONGORIA in a bikini.  And you are welcome.



2.  Check out a gallery of random celebrities hanging out together, including Johnny Cash with Ray Charles . . . Christopher Reeve with Danny DeVito . . . Shaq with Arnold Schwarzenegger . . . and Robert Downey Jr. with Sylvester Stallone.



3.  JULIANNE HOUGH looks pretty awesome in “Shape” magazine.



4.  Here’s HEIDI KLUM getting naked for Sharper Image.  Enjoy a video of her photo shoot here.



5.  Some guy in Sweden has the most amazing “Predator”-themed house.