Public Enemy #1

boBo Levi Mitchell is one of 60 CFL stars in Regina for the inaugural CFL week. I had a chance to sit down with the Calgary Stampeders star quarterback and I have to say I like the guy.


Me:  How does it feel to be here in the place where you are usually public enemy number 1?

BLM: Ya, I’m not their favourite person out here but it’s awesome. It seems like there is more media here than a Grey Cup. I’ve always said Saskatchewan fans are the best in the league. You want to be hated. It’s fun to be yelled at in the visiting park. And the new stadium looks great, I can’t wait to play in it and try and quiet the crowd!

ME: You’re a new dad?

BLM: I sure am and man am I ever excited. I think it fits me well. I’m having fun and there’s nothing better than her wandering eyes locking on you and she smiles or giggles or poops on you!

ME: Are you good at changing diapers?

BLM: The fastest, I’m the best!

ME: Who taught you?

BLM: I practiced on my 2 nephews, so I perfected that skill, in fact the wife hasn’t changed one diaper when I’m around.

ME: Your daughter’s name is ELE is there any significance behind that choice.

BLM: Just  ELE–Everybody Love Everybody. We need that in the world right now.

ME: Have you re-lived the end of that Grey Cup?

BLM:  Only about 3 thousand times. It’s a painful way to end the season. I’m going to bottle that feeling and use it as motivation this year.

ME: What would you have done differently at the end of that game?

BLM: Oh gosh man I can’t answer that. I got a little hot headed and wrongly called my coach out after the game. But it’s because I’m selfish on the football field in that I’m confident in my ability and I want the ball in my hands.  Don’t get me wrong I believe in Buckley and Messam too but I believe in me.  If you look at the tape we had scored a touchdown on the exact same play going the other way. So we thought we’d flip sides and catch them adjusting  but they fell into being the right position and made a helluva play!

ME: So a new dad on the road I imagine you a getting some much need rest?

BLM: No way Ballsy I was up till 4 am playing poker at the Casino with Matt Nichols. We won some money because poker is my game. I was going home early but this fan sat down beside me. He is a long time season ticket holder here and he started talking about Moon, Flutie and Conredge Holloway and I just love those old stories so I stayed up late.


CFL Week Kicks Off

kevin glenn


Veteran QB Kevin Glenn was front and centre at day 1 of the inaugural CFL week in Regina. I asked the Riders quarterback what he thought when he heard Vince Young had signed with the team.

KG: I wasn’t overly shocked when I heard and I didn’t think it was ridiculous. I wouldn’t want to people to question the team signing me. You know kind of  like why did they sign that guy he’s in his 17th year, it’s his third time here he’s old news! We all have to still go out and compete for the job. It’s just another name and I’m not taking anything away from Vince Young the person because I don’t know him but we are all just football players trying to make a squad. Honestly the first thing I was thinking was if Vince Young makes our team we will get more exposure in the U-S and then more of my family and friends can watch ME play. ( laughs)

Me: Is this Kevin Glenn’s team to lose then?

KG: I wouldn’t say that. What I would say is that I’m confident enough to know that I can go out and be a starter in this league if I do what I need to do. After that it’s up to Chris Jones and his coaching staff. If it’s not Kevin Glenn then I have to support whoever they put on the field just like I’ve done all my career. But I’m really excited and may the best man get the job. Now get out of my way because I going across the parking lot to look at the new stadium!


It’s An Opportunity Not A Comeback!

vince young

That’s how the newest Rider described his latest chapter in football.

The Vince Young era in Rider Nation has officially begun. The Riders announced the signing of the former Texas Longhorns star today. Young, 33, is returning to professional football after having last played in a regular-season game in 2011 with the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles.

“He certainly can make all the throws, he’s got a tremendous arm,” said Chris Jones, the Riders’ coach/GM. “But I think it’s much more than just his physical tools.

“He brings a lot of intangibles that winners bring. And his record in the NFL speaks for itself as he was 31-17 as a starter. And I don’t care what league you are playing in that’s pretty good!”

For his part, Young had a gracious and humble tone at the press conference.

“I know we’ve got a lot of good quarterbacks on the roster so I’m here to compete,” Young said. “The main thing is I want to tell my teammates that it’s not all about Vince.

“I don’t want them to think I’m coming here big-headed . . . it’s all about the team, it’s all about the city and whatever we can do to win.”

Young  will come to camp and compete with 37 year old veteran Kevin Glenn,  Canadian Brandon Bridge and Americans G.J. Kinne, Jake Waters and Bryan Bennett.

I had a chance to chat with veteran CFL coach Gary Etcheverry about this signing. Etch has an interesting perspective since he spent half of last season as a consultant with the team. ” If Young is going to be successful it will be with this coaching staff,” said Etcheverry. ” I think if they allow him to be the Vince Young we remember from his Texas and Tennessee Titan days then he has a chance to be successful. There are lots of moving parts here. It appears he’s motivated so that’s a great sign. Can he get back into game shape and how quickly? And how fast does he pick up the 3 down game? A lot of it is going to come down to coaching.  I would like to add to have a winning record in the NFL isn’t easy so he brings a great winning background to the table. And if he gets going look out because over half of the linebackers in this league won’t be able to tackle him!”

Some Rider fans wanted the team go YOUNG at quarterback. It looks like they are getting their wish.



What’s On Your Bucket List?

bucket list



What do you want to do before you die? I want to retire somewhere warm like Hawaii.  Some think tank looked a Facebook profiles to determine the most common bucket list items.
1.Learn an instrument ( I’d like to be able to play the drums)
2.Run a Marathon ( No thanks)
3.Go streaking ( nobody wants to see that)
4.Defy Gravity.  Doesn’t matter what you do, skydive, parasail or fly across a canyon.  ( Even though I’m afraid of heights I’d like to do this)

5.Visit every continent – All of them even Antartica.
6.Climb a Mountain
7.Visit the Amazon Rainforest: Since it’s slowly disappearing before our eyes, see if before it’s gone.
8.Take a Road Trip across Canada
9.Make Love Somewhere You’re Not Supposed to
10.Seeing the 7 wonders of the world.

Red Tuesday!

red tuesday



Today is “Red Tuesday”… The day you’re most likely to get DUMPED!

Today is “Red Tuesday”… The day of the year you’re most likely to get DUMPED, because it’s exactly one week from Valentine’s Day.

The cheating website did a survey, and found 30% of people have broken up with someone a week before Valentine’s Day.

80% said the main reason they did it was so they wouldn’t feel guilty FAKING their way through Valentine’s Day next week.

And 55% said they broke up with the person face-to-face . . . 28% did it over the phone . . . 12% did it over text . . . and 5% did it on social media.

What the Patriots Can Teach All Of Us!

brady and belichick


Like them or not the New England Patriots are the greatest sports dynasty in the history of sports. In the era of free agency, which is designed to keep teams from being dominant they’ve stayed at the top of their of sport. Here’s a few things that I picked up on yesterday watching the pregame hoopla. ROBERT KRAFT owner of the Patriots said something at the end of his interview. he said “Most people don’t finish the last 5 to 10 percent of any task.” He said, “We learn to finish and work hard to finish and that’s why we are successful.” You know when you are running and that last lap or that last mile is usually the hardest because you can see the end is near and you start freaking yourself out? It just made me think to follow through more. I also heard  Kraft say that JEALOUSY AND ENVY is a disease and they work hard to be the recipients of those two things. They want people to be jealous of them and to envy them. I am personally so jealous of Tom Brady that I want him to lose. Then, there’s Bill Belichick the head coach. He said something so basic that the entire team and office staff live by. DO YOUR JOB. That’s all. He says all day long and on the sidelines during the game to remind his team to DO YOUR JOB. What that means to me is to not get lazy and to not think the other person will cover for you. Like them or not we can all learn from the Patriots. And remember your life isn’t over till the final whistle, so keep at till the end!

How about this prop bet?


bush coin toss

You can place a bet on just about ANYTHING concerning the Superbowl, but so far, this one seemed to slip through the cracks. Perfect! 

Will President George H. W.  Bush drop the Superbowl coin during the coin toss?”

Yeah, it’s probably disrespectful and a little mean, but c’mon!
He’s 92 years old. He’s in a wheelchair. He was just released from a 2 week hospital stay– including time in the ICU. I’m saying this MIGHT not go as planned. (Picture Mr. Burns from the Simpsons).

Bush did a coin toss at the Lions/Texans game this past October. Guess what? He flipped it into his lap and had to do it again. There you go, now go out and make some money!!! But remember to share….


Are you going to a SuperBowl Party?

super bowl 51


Sunday at the Turvey Centre The Wolf, Ducks Unlimited and Budweiser are hosting a Super Bowl 51 party. $69.50 gets you in plus all the food and drinks you can handle. We will have designated drivers on standby as well. Get your tickets online at www.ticketor/turveytickets. It’s going to be a blast and should be a great game!  You should come to our party because the other ones will be horrible!



If you’re going to a Super Bowl party, you expect it to rock.  But, it might suck.  Here are The Top Signs You’re at a Bad Super Bowl Party.

If you leave, even temporarily, you’re barred from coming back in without extreme vetting.

You’re the only one there who isn’t just watching the game for Lady Gaga.

After eating half a bowl of what you thought was guacamole, you realize it was actually last year’s cheese dip.

It doubles as a baby shower for Beyoncé.

There’s a swear jar.

Ben Roethlisberger just followed your girlfriend into the bathroom.

The guy in the Raiders jersey just realized the pate knife is perfect for stabbing.

No one’s interested in joining your Oscar pool.

Your liberal friends keep insisting that the Russians are hacking the scoreboard.

There’s no halftime orgy.

It’s Ground Hog Day!




Punxsutawney Phil and Wiarton Willie make their annual appearances today.  And you know that if they see their shadows and return to their hole, we’ll have six more weeks of winter-like weather.  But here are The Top Things You Didn’t Know About Groundhog Day.

Whether Wiarton Willie sees his shadow or not, you’re an idiot for thinking it matters.

It opened the door for other adorable weather predictors.  Like Jeff the Pig Spleen eating weather expert.

Like everyone else in Ontario, Willie is lured from his home with methamphetamine.

This will be the first year Phil refuses to leave his hole because of who’s in the White House.

If the groundhog sees his shadow, it’s four more years of protest marches.

Amazingly, “Gobbler’s Knob” is the name of Punxsutawney Phil’s home . . . and NOT a bar frequented by Andy Dick.

To many Americans, Punxsutawney Phil is a national icon.  To many rural Americans, he’s a tasty entree.

The Making of a Dynasty

brady and belichick


In the era of free agency what the New England Patriots have done since 2000 is maybe the greatest sports accomplishment ever. I don’t like them but I think the Patriots have to be considered the greatest dynasty especially if they win next Sunday against Atlanta.


“USA Today” noticed that there are a lot of, quote, “eerie similarities” between this year’s New England Patriots team the Patriots team that beat the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 38 back in 2004.

There’s 13 . . . because 13 is such an “eerie” number.  (???)  Here they are:

1.  Both Patriots teams played, or will play the big game in Houston.

2.  Both played or will play an NFC South team in the Super Bowl.

3.  Both teams went 16-2 to get to the Super Bowl.

4.  The Super Bowl 38 Patriots were two seasons removed from beating an NFC West team (in that case the Rams).  The Super Bowl 51 Patriots are two years removed from beating an NFC West team (the Seahawks).

5.  Both Patriots defenses finished FIRST in the league in points allowed . . . meaning they allowed the LEAST points of any team.

6.  Both teams were the #1 seed in the AFC playoffs . . . and managed to avoid the #2 seed, the Chiefs, in the AFC Championship.

7.  Both teams finished first in the AFC East with a 14-2 record.  The Dolphins finished second with a 10-6 record both times.

8.  Both teams suffered their first loss of the season by being shut-out by the Bills.

9. During the 2004 playoffs, Tom Brady threw five touchdowns and two interceptions.  Entering Super Bowl 51, he’s thrown five touchdowns and two interceptions in the playoffs.

10. Before playing Super 38, the Patriots hadn’t trailed in a game since Week 12.  The current Patriots team hasn’t trailed since Week 12.

11. This year’s Patriots beat an AFC South team that plays in Houston (the Texans) in the divisional round.  The Super Bowl 38 Patriots beat an AFC South team that used to play in Houston (the Titans) in the divisional round.

12. Both teams beat the Jets in Week 16 . . . then another divisional opponent in Week 17 to finish the season with a record of 5-1 in the AFC East.

13.  And #13 is . . . these two seasons are 13 years apart.  (Mind BLOWN!  Just kidding.  I added this last one because I wanted to have 13, and couldn’t find any other similarities.  In 2003, Tom Brady DIDN’T miss the first four games because he was being punished for cheating.)